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    Dallas CAST - Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing Played by Julie Gonzalo on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Gonzalo (Hugh Dillon/

    Birthday: September 9, 1981
    Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Julie Gonzalo
    Height: 5' 8"


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    The Enemy Of My Enemy.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    After the doctor, Rebecca gets her car from Southfork. Chris tells her he found what they needed and drives off. At home later, Tommy tells her Chris is using his laptop and realizes she gave him the trust document. She yells at him that she is done. She gives him her rings and tells him to get out of Dallas. She is pregnant.

    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    In the stable, Rebecca tells Chris her brother sent the email, but she did not know until John Ross confronted her to blackmail her. All she knew was Chris was going to be on the train. He runs to the barbecue and punches Tommy, exposing him and Rebecca for scamming him. Tommy says it was just him, not her. Bobby throws Tommy out. Chris runs to their room and throws Rebecca’s clothes in a suitcase and tells her to leave. Outside, Elena apologizes to John Ross. He thinks she is going to run to Chris, but he offered to pay her off and said she had no integrity. The two of them are done. They hug.

    Tommy has boxes of Ewing paperwork to go through at home, and between that and the computer hacking, there had better be something to monetize. He put two years into this so Rebecca better pull herself together. He leaves. Rebecca calls Ann and begs to meet her. Tommy swayed her, but Ann tells her the choices were hers. Ann asks where Tommy is and Rebecca tells her he is trying to figure out his next move. She wonders if Chris can ever forgive her, but Ann says it is not that. It is trust. She needs to prove she is worthy of a second chance.

    Rebecca is going through the Ewing paperwork at home when Tommy comes in, glad to see she is back on the team. She has not found anything yet. Chris visits John Ross and shows him the video. It proves he knew Marta was a fraud before the deal, conspiring with JR. He won’t show Elena, but fraud and conspiracy are crime. He needs proof that JR was in on the fraud or John Ross is going to jail.

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    In bed, Christopher dreams of making love to Rebecca, then Elena. He wakes up flustered.

    Tommy comes into the kitchen and Ann appreciates all of his help packing. Christopher and Bobby come in and Ann asks for his help going though his parent’s things. It will have to wait. Elena arrives and tells Chris some bids came in for his tests. Sparks fly between them as they go over notes. Rebecca joins them but has to run off to the library.

    John Ross calls Rebecca about the email. She meets up with him at the stables and she swears she didn’t send it but he doesn’t care. The proof is in her hand. He needs her to get pictures of Lobell’s son doing drugs. If she pulls it off, she can get away with her scam.

    Rebecca goes to an AA meeting where Lobell’s son is. It has been one of those days. Would he be willing to go somewhere? They sit in his car and she urges him to do drugs with her. He is not going to partake. He is clean, finally, because of love. He lets her know she has a choice. He has changed her mind and she leaves. She goes home and Tommy is installing the program on Chris’ computer that she never did. He reminds her they are there for money. He is searching for personal family items in the family storage, but needs her to do her part.

    Ann has packed up Bobby’s office and found Miss Ellie’s silver. They go out to join the party. Ray and Lucy are there. Bobby takes the microphone and welcomes everyone there. Southfork will always be with them as they all start new beginnings. Rebecca sees Chris and wants to talk about the email Elena got.

    The Price You Pay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    At the ranch Ann teaches a nervous Rebecca how to shoot. Tommy shows up and Ann is impressed with his work. Her phone alerts her to Bobby’s doctor’s appointment and she leaves. Tommy pressures Rebecca to find out more about Christopher’s gas hydrate project. He gives her something to insert into his computer that will give him access. He noticed Christopher has been spending time with Elena and she tells him he found someone better. He shoots out all the targets. She pockets the software.

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