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    Dallas CAST - Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing Played by Julie Gonzalo on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Gonzalo (Hugh Dillon/

    Birthday: September 9, 1981
    Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Julie Gonzalo
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Dallas Recap: Sins Of The Father.

    Monday, February 04 2013

    John Ross visits Pamela at her place and tells her the cops found evidence Tommy was shot in her condo. He knows he hit her and asks if she was protecting herself. She doesn’t answer and instead they have sex.

    Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    Pamela Rebecca Barnes meets with her dad’s right-hand man Frank on the roof of Barnes Global. They need to prevent the annulment so she gets part of Ewing Energies in a divorce. She is ready to make an entrance.

    At Southfork Maria takes a call. Rebecca’s lawyer wants to see Christopher. Bobby goes with him and they are surprised to arrive at Barnes Global. Rebecca introduces herself as Pamela Rebecca Barnes - Cliff and Afton's daughter. She would have done anything for Christopher but that is over now. She wants primary custody of the kids but he can see them every day. She also wants 30 percent of Ewing Energies. She is willing to fight with all of Barnes power. He assures her he will take her down with all he has.

    John Ross meets Pamela at her place. He wants to team up with her to destroy Christopher and Elena. She wonders what he could possibly offer her and he brings in the real Rebecca Sutter. She is Christopher’s secret weapon but if she is in, she will be theirs instead.


    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    At Rebecca’s, Tommy hits the ground, dead. Rebecca calls someone and tells them she is in trouble and immediately some professionals come to help her clean up and dispose of the body.

    Vincente calls John Ross and he steps out of the waiting room. He is at the extraction site and needs to get in touch with Chris. He reminds John Ross he is the one who pulled him in on this deal in the first place. Rebecca arrives and hugs Christopher. He can see she has bruises and guesses it was Tommy. She goes to get him coffee and Chris asks John Ross to have Baum find Tommy. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bobby wakes up and tells Ann and Chris everything is going to be okay.

    Rebecca searches Tommy’s hotel room for the rings. She tears up pictures of them kissing. She calls the people who helped her – she needs something from the body. She goes to an airport hangar and looks in the back of a van where Tommy is wrapped in a tarp. She finds pawn slips for the rings in his wallet. She goes to the shop, but the rings have been sold.

    John Ross shows Elena the new space he rented for Ewing Energies – the old Ewing Oil space. He had to get it when he found out was for rent. He gets on his knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes and they invite Chris over to celebrate the new lease. He loves it, then sees the ring and things get weird among them. He is glad they are all moving forward. All they need now is the patent from Vincente. Later, Chris brings Chinese food to Rebecca and they kiss. He notices she is not wearing her rings and she tells him her fingers are too swollen.

    At home, Chris finds Rebecca on the floor. He tells her he spoke with Tommy’s sister. She is not the only one who lied. The truth is he never had a chance with her because he is still in love with Elena. Chris assures her he will find out who she is and then he will send her to prison and take the babies. Later, she meets Frank in the hangar and her dad – Cliff Barnes! He pulls out her wedding rings and she apologizes. She has given him two years of her life to make him happy and won’t stop now. He needs her to tap into Ewing Energies to bring that family down for good. She assures him she will not lose focus. Frank asks her what her first move is.

    Family Business.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    Christopher and Rebecca walk along a street looking at their sonogram. They are making their own family and it will take a while to get to back to where they were. Later, Tommy has broken into her house and tells her she has to get him a key card to the lab. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall. He wonders if Chris is as good as he was. She scratches him on his face and he threatens to put a bullet in her fairy tale. Later, Tommy meets Cliff Barnes' driver Frank Ashkani at a bar. He wants Chris’ plans and Tommy wants twice the money. Frank agrees, but Tommy has just one day to do it.

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