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    Dallas CAST - Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rebecca (Pamela) Sutter Ewing Played by Julie Gonzalo on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Gonzalo (Hugh Dillon/

    Birthday: September 9, 1981
    Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Julie Gonzalo
    Height: 5' 8"


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    Dallas Recap: Trial And Error.

    Monday, February 18 2013

    Outside the courthouse, Christopher urges Emma to make things right and tell the truth – not someone else’s, but her own. Later, Emma testifies that she heard Ann say she shot Harris and wished he was dead. Harris has the biggest heart in the world. She wakes up every morning grateful that she was rescued from her mom. During recess, Chris tells Pamela he agrees to mediation for the children. She lets him feel the babies kick and he starts to cry.

    At her apartment, Cliff congratulates Pamela for getting Chris to the negotiating table.

    Dallas Recap: False Confessions.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    At home, Pamela worries about the blood found at her condo. Frank assures her she can’t be connected to a case that doesn’t exist. He hopes she isn’t distracted by John Ross and she hopes he is prepared to answer to her father about the blood.

    Pamela calls Frank from her condo when she hears the news, frantic. She then calls Cliff.

    John Ross can’t get past security to see Pamela at her condo so he calls her to tell her she is getting set up by Frank. He wants to come up and help her to protect their deal. She can handle it on her own. Cliff visits her and later, Frank is arrested for the crime.

    Chris gets to court for Frank’s hearing. Frank admits to killing Tommy. Then, he confesses to Becky’s murder after she came to town. Christopher is shocked. Frank secretly takes poison and dies in court.

    Dallas Recap: Sins Of The Father.

    Monday, February 04 2013

    The real Rebecca Sutter gets cold feet at the police station. Chris tells her Pamela did something to Tommy and if she doesn’t help him she will be joining Tommy in his cell. She agrees and files the missing person report. Chris plays for the investigator the threatening message from Pamela that Tommy sent. The cop asks Rebecca to sign a release for Tommy’s dental records.

    John Ross wakes up at Pamela’s ready for round two. She doesn’t trust John Ross – this is just business. He tosses her back in bed and they struggle over who is on top.

    Rebecca meets Pamela at her place, demanding to know where Tommy is. Chris is threatening her with perjury charges. She tells Pamela about the cell phone Tommy sent with the voicemails. She demands one million dollars to disappear or she will be on the stand singing for Christopher. Later, Pamela gives her statement to the police. She tells him that Tommy had been threatening her, and when Chris found out he threatened to hurt Tommy. The cop leaves and Pamela tells Frank to pay off Rebecca and warn her not to come back again.

    At the courthouse, Chris gets a call that the blood they found was Tommy’s and it is now a homicide investigation. Rebecca never arrives for the hearing. Pamela does, and Chris is scared of her.

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