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    Dallas CAST - Elena Ramos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elena Ramos Played by Jordana Brewster on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brewster (Hugh Dillon/

    Birthday: April 26, 1980
    Birthplace: Panama City, Panama
    Marital Status: Married to producer Andrew Form (May 6, 2007-present)
    Real Name: Jordana Brewster
    Height: 5'7"


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    Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    Christopher shows off the power of methane to driver Ricky Rudd, and Texas Motor Sports President Eddie Gossage at the speedway. He and Elena hope they will try out their methane car in order to get on the map to acquire the Dallas fuel contract.

    At Ewing Energies John Ross gets a jump on the day but JR is there to see if his plan to get the fleet worked. JR heard Christopher is trying to get the city fuel contract and he wants to make sure it won’t happen. Crippling methane will drive Bobby back to oil. JR runs into Bobby, Christopher and Elena on his way out. The rest head into the conference room and accuse John Ross of going behind their back with the trucking contract. Bobby thinks they need both oil and methane. Now that people have heard of Christopher they are chasing it. Alone, Christopher tells John Ross it is only a matter of time before he gets him out of the company. John Ross texts his investigator to tell him Christopher is leaving the building.

    Elena and Christopher make out in the pool. He finally feels like everything is falling in place. She wants to be his partner at work too, not just in bed.

    Elena meets with an oilman to buy his tapped out oil platforms in the Gulf. She knows they need to tear down the rigs at $5 million apiece if not and is offering him nothing but a win-win.

    JR, Christopher, John Ross, Bobby, Elena and the lawyer meet about fighting the Barnes’ at Ewing Energies. John Ross gets a call from his PI that makes him very happy.


    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    At the hospital, JR, Ann, Chris, Sue Ellen, John Ross, and Elena hear from the doctor that until Bobby wakes up they won’t know for sure how bad the brain damage will be, if any. JR grabs Bobby’s hand and demands him to keep fighting him. He tells Bobby that he loves him and he does not know who he would be without him.

    John Ross shows Elena the new space he rented for Ewing Energies – the old Ewing Oil space. He had to get it when he found out was for rent. He gets on his knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes and they invite Chris over to celebrate the new lease. He loves it, then sees the ring and things get weird among them. He is glad they are all moving forward. All they need now is the patent from Vincente. Later, Chris brings Chinese food to Rebecca and they kiss. He notices she is not wearing her rings and she tells him her fingers are too swollen.

    Inside Southfork, Elena shows Carmen her ring and she thinks maybe she has misjudged John Ross. Outside, John Ross and Chris play basketball when JR and his lawyer pull up. Bobby wants them to pay the piper. The video of John Ross proves he brought JR into the deal after he brought in the Venezuelans. John Ross agrees to confess to conspiring if they never tell Elena. She is outside though, and overhears everything. He knew if he told her she would not give him a second chance. He needs her by his side. He wants her to meet him at Ewing Energies tomorrow to start fresh.

    At home, Elena puts her ring away. Chris runs up and tells her he does not want to waste another minute without her. He is done with Rebecca forever. He pulls out her old engagement ring and gives it back to her. It has always been hers. Later, they make love.

    Family Business.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    At home, John Ross lures Elena to bed by hiding her boots. She is mad at JR for using the Venezuelans for bankroll and didn’t do anything to get John Ross out of the mess – Chris had to. He gave them the gas rights to stop Bobby from drilling. John Ross is shocked that Bobby was going to drill. She tells him he was afraid he would be killed. She leaves for an emergency at the Henderson mine.

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