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    Dallas CAST - Christopher Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christopher Ewing Played by Jesse Metcalfe on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Metcalfe (

    Birthday: December 9, 1978
    Birthplace: Carmel Valley, CA, USA
    Marital Status: Cara Santana (engaged)
    Real Name: Jesse Metcalfe
    Height: 5' 10"


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    Dallas Recap: Guilt And Innocence.

    Monday, March 25 2013

    At the hospital, Chris is surprised when John Ross blames Cliff for the explosion. John Ross is sure Cliff wants to devalue the company. They hear a code blue call in neonatal and rush to Pamela’s room. They watch as the heart rates drop on both babies. One baby flatlines. Then the other.

    Dallas Recap: Ewings Unite.

    Monday, March 18 2013

    Bobby and Christopher work on JR’s plan in his old bedroom and figure it has something to do with Barnes Global. Their mother had divided the company among Cliff, Pam and Katherine. Katherine was dead, but if Pam was alive she could be a partner. Bobby and Chris leave for the will reading while John Ross is detained by Emma for a quickie.

    John Ross arrives late to the will reading at Ewing. JR leaves his heart to Sue Ellen - and half the rights to the oil under Southfork, the other half to John Ross. There is also letter from Miss Ellie to be opened after JR’s death. She hopes Bobby understands but gives half the title of SouthFork to John Ross.

    Christopher meets Alison Jones for dinner and wine. He is ready to sign the contract, but she tells him Barnes Global made a bid that undercut his price. She has convinced them to see Chris's rig and suggests she wants something sexual in return. He doesn’t bite and she gives him one week to get the rig in order or the deal goes to Barnes.

    Bobby calls Christopher and John Ross in his office and tells them they are turning back on the oil at Southfork to get cash to battle Barnes. He doesn’t like that Ellie gave John Ross half of Southfork but there is nothing he can do about it. They have to stick together. John Ross has an idea to make Amanda see things their way.

    Pamela meets John Ross and Christopher at work with a tip on some cheap rigs, and they make a dig about her father taking them from under them. They tell her about Barnes' offer, but she had not heard of it. They don’t believe her but she seems sincere.

    Chris meets Alison in her office with the pictures of her with John Ross. He threatens to expose them unless she kills the Barnes deal and stays out if his way.

    At home Elena is appalled at what Chris has done. He isn’t going to apologize for winning. She will not be a part of this and is going into business with Drew.

    Chris shows the crew around the rig with Bobby, Elena, John Ross and Pamela while Ryland’s guy watches on a screen. When he sees Pamela on the rig he calls Cliff. Cliff tells him to just do it. On the rig Chris gets the deal and the bomb goes off.

    Dallas Recap: JR’s Masterpiece.

    Monday, March 11 2013

    A somber Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher and John Ross land their helicopter in Mexico. Sgt. Ruiz leads them inside the hotel and tells him it appears JR was shot during a burglary. John Ross insists JR was in Abu Dhabi, but she tells them he arrived in Mexico from Abu Dhabi two nights ago for quail hunting. The local cartels have grown in recent years but Bobby refuses to believe JR would deal with them. But John Ross refuses to believe he was killed by a mugger either and asks that they be taken to the body.

    The morgue is piled with bodies and one of them is JR. Later, Bobby turns on John Ross who swears all he knows was that JR said he had a plan that was to be his masterpiece. Then he heard the gunshots. Bobby sees Carlos, who promises to find out what JR was doing in Mexico and personally stay by JR’s side until he delivers him home.

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