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    Dallas CAST - Christopher Ewing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christopher Ewing Played by Jesse Metcalfe on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jesse Metcalfe (

    Birthday: December 9, 1978
    Birthplace: Carmel Valley, CA, USA
    Marital Status: Cara Santana (engaged)
    Real Name: Jesse Metcalfe
    Height: 5' 10"


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    No Good Deed.

    Wednesday, July 25 2012

    Chris visits Rebecca at home and tells her the background check is clean. She is glad he did it. She wants him to trust her again. He is tired of being angry and wants to be sure there are no more secrets. She assures him there are not. Later, Tommy shows up. He has been doing some thinking. Exxon paid a visit to Chris and are very interested in his extraction process. The technology is worth billions. He has a buyer lined up and wants the plans to that drill system. He grabs her and kisses her and tells her if she does not steal it he will tell Chris everything.

    Collateral Damage

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Christopher is out riding on Southfork and stops at an old tree. He sees the names Jock and Ellie, Bobby and Ann, Chris and Elena carved in the tree.

    Chris gives John Ross the sex tape in his office. He didn’t have to fight dirty to get what he wants. John Ross will see about that. Being a Ewing means something to Christopher. Because he is fighting fair doesn’t mean he won’t fight for Southfork – and Elena.

    Elena answers her door to Rebecca. She has a gift basket to thank her for her help at the hospital. She gets nauseous and Elena lets her in. Rebecca throws up and Elena guesses she is pregnant. Rebecca wants to tell Chris, but he won’t answer her calls. Later, Elena is working on her truck when Chris arrives. He wants to apologize and she understands – he should have fought harder for her. She tells him he needs to call Rebecca. She feels pressured and blurts out that Rebecca is pregnant.

    Chris visits Rebecca but he thinks the pregnancy is another ploy. She thought he would be more understanding considering what his birth parents did to him. He leaves. Later, he visits Ann and Bobby and tells them he is getting a paternity test. Ann tells Chris he is being spiteful and cruel and he leaves. She apologizes for her outburst but refuses to discuss what's been on her mind lately. Bobby tells Ann about his problems with Harris and the deal to apologize. She leaves, upset.

    At the hospital, Chris and Rebecca get their paternity testing done. He tells her about that day they met on the train. He thought she was so sweet and genuine. He fell in love with a lie. She apologizes for what she said about his parents. She knows he would not abandon anyone.

    Chris goes to Elena’s house and she asks how he is doing. He wants to be with her but she won’t come between him and his child. She is going to make it work with John Ross. He guesses timing is everything.

    Bobby apologizes to Ryland at his office and he drops the charges. Bobby tells him the message remains. Stay away from his wife. Ryland pulls out and envelope and hands it to Bobby. It will tell him the kind of person who his wife is. Bobby gets home and hears Ann speaking with Christopher about taking Rebecca and the baby back. Chris’ phone rings – the results are ready. Bobby and Ann go with him. The doctor tells him they are having twins. Chris starts to cry. He joins Rebecca for the ultrasound but pulls his hand from hers. Ann leaves, crying.

    The Enemy Of My Enemy.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    At home, Tommy wonders if Rebecca has found anything, but she says she hasn’t as she slips something away. Chris has not been using his laptop – the thinks she really broke his heart. She takes what she found and brings it to Chris and Bobby at Southfork. It is a copy of an invoice that separates the mineral rights from the land. Tommy stole it not her. Chris doesn’t believe her but she wants to make up for what she did. If it is true, JR owns the land but not the oil. She offers to help but Bobby tells her they will handle it from there. She leaves and her nose starts bleeding. She gets faint as Elena walks up. She takes Rebecca to the hospital. Rebecca thanks Elena. She did not know Tommy broke them up. She hopes Chris can be happy with her now. Elena sets her straight that Chris made sure that would not happen.

    In his office John Ross tries to pull together more tankers but Ryland has a near monopoly. His investors need their first shipment Friday. Chris shows up and wants the evidence on JR. John Ross does not have it. JR screwed all of them, and he has nothing. John Ross thinks Chris is mad about Elena but he denies it. Seeing John Ross pay would prove there is justice in the world. Later, one of JR’s investors visits John Ross and threatens him if the oil does not come through.

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