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    Dallas CAST - John Ross Ewing III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Ross Ewing III Played by Josh Henderson on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Henderson (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: October 25, 1981
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Real Name: Josh Henderson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Dallas Recap: Battle Lines.

    Monday, January 28 2013

    John Ross meets Pamela at her place. He wants to team up with her to destroy Christopher and Elena. She wonders what he could possibly offer her and he brings in the real Rebecca Sutter. She is Christopher’s secret weapon but if she is in, she will be theirs instead.


    Wednesday, August 08 2012

    At the hospital, JR, Ann, Chris, Sue Ellen, John Ross, and Elena hear from the doctor that until Bobby wakes up they won’t know for sure how bad the brain damage will be, if any. JR grabs Bobby’s hand and demands him to keep fighting him. He tells Bobby that he loves him and he does not know who he would be without him.

    Vincente calls John Ross and he steps out of the waiting room. He is at the extraction site and needs to get in touch with Chris. He reminds John Ross he is the one who pulled him in on this deal in the first place. Rebecca arrives and hugs Christopher. He can see she has bruises and guesses it was Tommy. She goes to get him coffee and Chris asks John Ross to have Baum find Tommy. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Bobby wakes up and tells Ann and Chris everything is going to be okay.

    Inside Southfork, Elena shows Carmen her ring and she thinks maybe she has misjudged John Ross. Outside, John Ross and Chris play basketball when JR and his lawyer pull up. Bobby wants them to pay the piper. The video of John Ross proves he brought JR into the deal after he brought in the Venezuelans. John Ross agrees to confess to conspiring if they never tell Elena. She is outside though, and overhears everything. He knew if he told her she would not give him a second chance. He needs her by his side. He wants her to meet him at Ewing Energies tomorrow to start fresh.

    John Ross pours a drink at Southfork. Bobby and Chris arrive and tell him it is over. Bobby still wants them to bring some peace to this family. Baum calls John Ross who tells Chris he found Tommy. Chris meets Baum at his hotel and when they go in the room is immaculate. The phone rings and Chris answers. It is Tommy’s sister Rebecca in Des Moines. He realizes Rebecca is still lying to him.

    John Ross waits for Elena at Ewing Energies, but Carmen comes and brings him the ring. Later, JR arrives. John Ross wants him to teach him every trick in the book. When he takes Ewing Energies from Christopher he will cut JR in. If he screws him he will make sure he never gets a dime. JR admires John Ross and they drink on it.

    Family Business.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012

    At home, John Ross lures Elena to bed by hiding her boots. She is mad at JR for using the Venezuelans for bankroll and didn’t do anything to get John Ross out of the mess – Chris had to. He gave them the gas rights to stop Bobby from drilling. John Ross is shocked that Bobby was going to drill. She tells him he was afraid he would be killed. She leaves for an emergency at the Henderson mine.

    Elena and John Ross go over the plans to drill around the salt dome at the Henderson mine. They notice how close the next reservoir of oil is. If they drill sideways they can access Ewing oil without going on Southfork. They show their plan to Bobby. The more they pump the faster they can pay off the Venezuelans. Chris walks in and thinks they are trying to steal Southfork oil. Chris rushes John Ross and Bobby breaks them up. He wants them to work together. Bobby staggers and gasps in pain, suddenly can’t feel his face and they call for an ambulance.

    At the hospital Chris tells John Ross and Elena that Bobby had a brain seizure. He goes in to see Ann and Bobby and Elena reveals to John Ross that Bobby has cancer. He asked her not to tell him because he thought John Ross and JR would use it against him to get Southfork. John Ross meets Baum and tells him to find JR. In his room Bobby and Ann learn he is cancer free. He had a cerebral aneurism that quires surgery in a few days. He wants to go home despite the risks. If it is his time to go he wants to be surrounded by loved ones.

    At Southfork, Ann tells Rebecca what happened. Chris wakes up on the couch and tells Rebecca he is glad she came. She rubs his shoulders until Elena comes in and Ann needs Chris' help with Bobby. Later, Rebecca leaves and sees Chris’ briefcase in his car. She grabs his keycard, but puts it back. Inside, JR arrives and Ann threatens to shoot him until he leaves. Bobby just wants peace in the family. Outside, Chris wants John Ross to get JR to sign the Soutfork deed back over to Bobby. Bobby was there for him his whole life when JR wasn’t. The John Ross he used to know loved Bobby.

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