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    Dallas CAST - John Ross Ewing III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Ross Ewing III Played by Josh Henderson on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Henderson (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: October 25, 1981
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Real Name: Josh Henderson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Dallas Recap: The Furious And The Fast.

    Monday, March 04 2013

    John Ross and Sue Ellen smugly join a disgruntled Christopher and Bobby in their first board meeting. Pamela joins them. Christopher and Bobby declare they are yanking the lease so there will be no more drilling on Southfork. Unless John Ross and Sue Ellen give up the shares in Ewing Energies they took from Elena. John Ross won't have it. Attention turns to Pamela, who holds the deciding vote. Christopher tries to sway her by showing off his new energy with the racecar. He knows he can win the race against the standard fuel car and urges her to believe in him.

    Gary comes to the Ewing offices. John Ross wonders who let Uncle Gary out of the cul-de-sac. Words are exchanged and Gary wonders where JR is. John Ross explains he is in Abu Dhabi closing oil leases. Gary meets with Bobby in his office. Val left him after he fell off the wagon and the separation is costing him a fortune. Gary needs to make sure Bobby's plan will work. Bobby assures him it will and offers to float him a loan in the meantime. Gary and Sue Ellen catch up in the break room. Sue Ellen warns him if Bobby bankrupts the company he could end up with nothing. Gary knows Bobby is the only one who has ever had his back. She suggests they go to the race together.

    John Ross meets Pamela in her office. She tells him she spoke to her father. They think the company is stronger with both oil and alternative fuels. He's not happy, but she reminds him they are both just looking out for themselves.

    John Ross meets with his investigator, who tells him about Christopher's pit crew guy Denny. It seems he has a penchant for the horses. John Ross visits him at his home and offers to pay off his gambling debts if he does him a favor. Meanwhile, the investigator updates JR on the car and the dirt on Harris.

    At Ewing, Sue Ellen receives a bunch of letters from JR that were from when they were courting. There's a new one in there, but she won't open it.

    Everyone gathers at the track for the race. As it gets started, Sue Ellen flirts with Gary who wonders why she's being so nice to him all of a sudden. After a solid start, Christopher's car starts having problems. Christopher scrambles to fix it, as John Ross nods at Denny. Christopher gets his car back in action and wins the race. After celebrating with his crew, Christopher talks with the transportation commissioner who thinks he's golden with the committee. Pamela throws her support behind Christopher because it's the right decision for the company. John Ross glowers. Christopher demands Elena's shares back, but John Ross won't back down. Christopher says his greed will be his downfall and he'll only have himself to blame.

    Alone in his office, John Ross receives a call from JR. John Ross relays the bad news, but says there is a play to be made. JR already has a plan. It will be his masterpiece. JR doesn't think John Ross should have to pay for his sins. He's proud of his son. John Ross is touched, but then hears gunshots. He yells, "Dad!" into the phone.

    Dallas Recap: Blame Game.

    Monday, February 25 2013

    Outside court, Sue Ellen grills Elena about getting the report on the drill site and Elena assures her she will get it done. Later, John Ross joins Sue Ellen. She is aggravated and he encourages her to take what is hers.

    In her office Sue Ellen looks over her contract with Elena and John Ross tips her off to Drew’s arrest. If she invokes her morality clause she will get all of Elena’s shares. He wants to partner with Sue Ellen to grow Ewing Energies. Chris and Elena screwed him over and he needs her on his side. She asks if he set up Drew. He didn’t, just made sure he got caught.

    In her condo, Pamela calls Cliff and tells him she got into Ewing like he wanted. John Ross joins her later and is glad she can sign over her shares to him. She tells him she has to hold onto them for her kids. He demands more answers but she thinks he will be fine with Sue Ellen’s shares from Elena. He is furious.

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