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    Dallas CAST - John Ross Ewing III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Ross Ewing III Played by Josh Henderson on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Henderson (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: October 25, 1981
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Real Name: Josh Henderson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Pilot: Changing Of The Guard.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    The ranch is set up for the wedding. Bobby shows Marta from the land conservancy and he shows her around. Christopher wants to talk to Bobby before he does anything. Later, John Ross looks at the disk and realizes Christopher’s work is dangerous. He tells Christopher to get Southfork off the market of he will expose him as a fraud. Christopher finds Elena and accuses her of telling John Ross, but she didn’t. She accuses him about the email he sent her on their wedding day calling it off, but he did not send it. He goes outside and grabs John Ross, accusing him of sending it. Then he tells Bobby about the danger and does not want him to sell for his sake. But Bobby tells Marta he is moving forward and John Ross is livid. Christopher and Rebecca get married and after he shares a look with Elena. Everyone is happy in that moment.

    John Ross gets drunk and visits JR in the facility. He introduces Marta and JR tells him her daddy and him go way back. John Ross realizes she has been working he the whole time. JR is a trustee to the will, and he belongs on Southfork. It is his, only his. Bobby might not be stupid but he is a hell of a lot smarter. Outside, a mystery car from the alley approaches. It is Marta, meeting him at Cowboy Stadium. It appears these two have been working together. They Kiss.

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