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    Dallas CAST - John Ross Ewing III - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on John Ross Ewing III Played by Josh Henderson on Dallas Daytime Soap Opera.

    Josh Henderson (Fayes Vision/

    Birthday: October 25, 1981
    Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
    Real Name: Josh Henderson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Truth And Consequences.

    Wednesday, July 04 2012

    John Ross is stopped by JR's PI outside his office. He takes him to Cowboys Stadium to meet with JR. JR tells him he needs to be nicer to Marta. She is a loose cannon. John Ross is mad about getting cut out of the deal, but JR is testing him. He has to leave town and tells John Ross he has power of attorney and to start drilling. Later, he leaves Southfork and tells John Ross when he comes back is up to him. Inside, John Ross tells Bobby he had nothing to do with the deal. He is moving into JR’s suite and pumping section 18 as soon as he can. The last thing he wants to do is kick Bobby off the ranch.

    John Ross visits Elena and tells her JR left town and wants him to do his bidding until he gets back. He wants to do it with her. He did not do the things he is accused of. He is asking her to take a chance on him. She can’t do it.

    Chris gets drunk at home and goes to Elena’s. He apologizes for what he said. She lets him in to sleep it off. After he wakes up she kicks him out. She still does not forgive him. John Ross has always had her back. He never made her feel the way Chris did the other day. He decides not to show her the sex tape. Later, she visits John Ross and tells him she can’t drill on Southfork, but she understands he has to prove himself. He swears he had nothing to do with the deal. They have sex on the desk.

    Rebecca is going through the Ewing paperwork at home when Tommy comes in, glad to see she is back on the team. She has not found anything yet. Chris visits John Ross and shows him the video. It proves he knew Marta was a fraud before the deal, conspiring with JR. He won’t show Elena, but fraud and conspiracy are crime. He needs proof that JR was in on the fraud or John Ross is going to jail.

    The Last Hurrah.

    Wednesday, June 27 2012

    John Ross ignores Marta’s call at JR’s office. JR did some more digging and found out Lobell’s son has a couple of drug felonies under his belt. He has a weakness for pretty ladies and wants John Ross to use Marta to get pictures of him doing drugs. She is getting clingy so JR tells him to find someone else he can trust. Later, JR meets with his PI Bum and gets the goods on Marta. She is bipolar with a knack for going after men who have wronged her.

    John Ross calls Rebecca about the email. She meets up with him at the stables and she swears she didn’t send it but he doesn’t care. The proof is in her hand. He needs her to get pictures of Lobell’s son doing drugs. If she pulls it off, she can get away with her scam.

    Elena meets John Ross at a bar and needs his help getting Mrs. Henderson’s permission to drill. He agrees and JR’s PI watches them leave together. They get to Mrs. Henderson’s house and he charms his way into her letting them drill. They go to the site and John Ross sprays Elena. Wet frolicking ensues. JR’s PI takes pictures of them. He calls JR and tells him he got something good on his boy.

    At Sue Ellen’s office, Elena needs $75,000 for the driller. She will transfer funds today, then asks to speak to John Ross. She wonders if JR has really changed. He is glad his dad is teaching him about the oil business. He leaves and she looks at the pearls JR gave her.

    JR looks over the pictures his PI took and wants John Ross to bring Elena to the last hurrah.

    John Ross brings Elena home and they talk about how good business was today. She could use him as a partner. If he agrees to it, what about them? She tells him one step at a time. Later, he goes home and Marta is waiting. She is upset he missed their date. She kisses him and has a present for him. They arrive at a jewelry shop and she picks out a Piaget watch for him. His phone rings and it is Rebecca telling him she could not do it. He is not playing around. She has to do what he asks by tomorrow or Chris will find out everything. Marta agrees to get the incriminating pictures in the morning and they will meet in the afternoon.

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