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    Ann & Rebecca

    Started by Daysfan55555 at 2012/07/19 08:23AM
    Latest post: 2012/07/28 05:31PM, Views: 5692, Replies: 11
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    #11   2012/07/28 08:55AM
    Re: Ann & Rebecca
    Yale Steam

    Quote krystalgirl: The thing I don't get, why hasn't Ann told Bobby that she gave up her daugther at birth.

    Bobby & Pam adopted Chris when he was a baby. And Ann ex's gave Bobby the paper's all Bobby had to due was look in and saw that she had a daughter that she gave up.

    Or maybe Christopher/Rebecca are sibbling also and they were separted at birth and adopted to other families and that is where the twins come in.

    What you are saying about Christoper and Rebecca makes no sense at all. They are not related and what would those twins have to do with that coming into play anyway?

    Bobby told Ann that knew everything about her that he needed to know and that he would wait until she was ready to tell him anything else and that she could trust him and that he loved her. That is why Bobby did not open the package and threw it into the fireplace. Chris can learn a few more things from his dad.

    #12   2012/07/28 05:31PM
    Re: Ann & Rebecca

    Bobby has always been one of my favs on Dallas, even tho he can be quite the pushover where the women are concerned.

    I believe it would have been better if he had read the documents. Sometimes it's better for the whole truth to come out all at once. Anne's gonna have a nervous breakdown keeping whatever secret she's got.

    Fess up Anne and maybe Rebecca will do the same.

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