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    Emmy 2007 Who Wore What? SHOE Fetish!

    June 28 2007

    I don't know too many women who don't have a shoe fetish to some degree. If not shoes, it's handbags, accessories, or hair care products!
    After seeing the ladies all dolled up on the 34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, I had that need to confess a secret. I have a shoe fetish! Yes, it's true. I hang my head in shame as I confess to loving Shoes, clothes, handbags, accessories,... you name it! I love it. I'm a girly-girl! I can't... » Read More

    Creative Arts Emmys & Scoop!

    June 22 2007

    34th Annual Creative Arts & Entertainment Emmy Awards was invited to cover the 34th Annual star studded Hollywood Gala at the Kodak Theatre, June 14 2007. We had a challenging time with our schedule, and the must see, must cover events, but not one to back down from a challenge, Shannon Burrell and myself took it all in, flitting from one event to another with barely time to write about our experiences in between. I... » Read More

    Originally posted June 8/07

    Read through and check out the updated quotes from the soap stars who picked up their loot at the 'Talent Gift Lounge'.

    Staff of have been anxiously awaiting the Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards ceremony and all of the fun to be had in the week previous to the show.

    As you know, Shannon Burrell ( Journalist) and I plan on covering... » Read More

    On our trip to the 34th annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Chrissi and I stayed at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel across from the Kodak Theater. The night before we had attended the SOAPnet party (which was a total blast) and the Creative Arts Awards Ceremony, obviously we had a lot of things to type up from that night. As luck would have it, I was unable to obtain a solid wireless internet connection in my room. So in order for me to be able... » Read More

    Days of Our Lives fans have been complaining steadily that their favorite show was robbed again for not receiving a Daytime Emmy. While I commiserate and have faith that next year could be our year, I also wanted to share the fact that the show wasn't completely 'robbed'!

    Shannon Burrell and I visited the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, and are happy to announce that Days of Our Lives tied for "Outstanding Achievement in Multiple... » Read More

    Chrissi and Shannon take on the SOAPnet Red Carpet and Party!

    June 18 2007

    Working the red carpet event at the SOAPnet party on Thursday afternoon was truly an amazing experience! Stars from all of the daytime serials came out to pose for pictures and answer questions before entering the party. We had the chance to speak with several actors/actresses to find out what they did right before the party. » Read More

    Emmy Winners - Past and Present

    June 17 2007

    This list is updated with the 2008 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Winners.

    List of Daytime Emmy winners in outstanding actress categories

    * 2000-2001; Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo, As the World Turns)
    * 2001-2002; Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)
    * 2002-2003; Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful)
    * 2003-2004; Michelle... » Read More

    34th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award Winners!

    June 16 2007

    Somewhat spent after spending a week in Hollywood, covering the daytime Entertainment Emmys, The Creative Arts & Entertainment Awards and the SOAPnet “Night Before Party”, we still have some energy left in us to bring our visitors the scoop on who won what! To start things off, is happy to announce that there were 8.33 million viewers watching this year's ceremony! This is a whopping 37% more than last year, and the most watched... » Read More

    SOAPnet 'Night Before Party' Red Carpet!

    June 15 2007's Shannon Burrell and Christine Fix were invited to cover the SOAPnet "Night Before Party" last night at trendy hotspot Boulevard 3, in Hollywood. We arrived early and took our places amongst the media, on the red carpet. We spent our time waiting for the arrivals by mixing it up with a few freelance photographers, and downing copious amounts of liquids.

    We spoke with various actors and actresses from all nine soaps, and... » Read More covering SOAPnet "Night Before Party"

    June 13 2007

    Just as Shannon (Burrell, Journalist) and I thought that our Hollywood schedule was set in stone, we found we were covering yet another Daytime Emmy party!

    SOAPnet is holding a lovely event for all nominees from the 34th Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, at trendy hot spot, Boulevard 3. Thursday night, Shannon and I will be meeting a few others to cover the Red Carpet and afterwards, we're heading in to mingle, and... » Read More

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