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    2009 Daytime Emmy Awards: Where Will They Air? (UPDATED!)

    February 5 2009

    Updated on February 5:

    We know there's been some speculation on whether or not the Daytime Emmy Awards will air this year, so has a little bit of news for you... While we don't have an air date scheduled yet for the event, insiders are assuring the business that the Emmys will air. Stay tuned, as we'll keep you posted with any updates as we receive them!

    Previously Reported on November 10:

    ... » Read More

    Soap Cruise Skits: She said/Dee said!

    February 4 2009

    As you've no doubt read in Julie's blog , the morning theater session on the Soap Cruise was a not so quiet riot!

    To be honest, there may have been one or two uncomfortable fans in the crowd, but this is one fan who didn't mind the ruckus or the R-rating. All the laughter and mayhem was a great way to start our day, and the fun only continued later with Don Diamont (ex-Brad Carlton, Yound the Restless ) calling the bingo shots.... » Read More

    Soap Cruise Skits - Improv or Mayhem? You Decide.

    February 4 2009

    Part I: Julie's Take

    It sounds pretty simple in theory. Willing fans put together a script and turn it in at the beginning of the cruise. Two days later we start our day at sea off with the lucky winners getting to act out their skits with the actors of their choice. Sounds fun, right? What, what ensues is part slapstick, part improve, part R rated and a completely enjoyable way to kick off yet another day of the Soap Cruise. The... » Read More

    Getting the VIP Treatment from the Stars

    January 28 2009

    With Mexico in our sights, fans and stars woke bright and early to fuel up for a day of sightseeing on Sunday, January 25 2009. Attendance at the VIP breakfast was limited to the first 100 fans who bought tickets to Soap Cruise and some folks lined up an hour early!

    Okay, truth be told, that was an accident. Sure they wanted first dibs on seating, but the real reason for the early line up was confusion caused by our overnight shift... » Read More

    Soap Cruise 2009 - A Little Trivia, a Lot of Scoop!

    January 27 2009

    It's hard to say which event on the cruise proved to be the most entertaining. Each gathering is originally planned to have a specific purpose, but with fifteen distinctly different personalities on that stage, there are always some interesting twists. What started out as an attempt to trip one another up with soap trivia turned into a hilarious free-for-all for the actors as we departed Key West for Cozumel.

    Cameron Mathison (Ryan... » Read More

    Live Blogging from Soap Cruise 2009!

    January 23 2009

    Ahoy, from Soap Cruise 2009!

    Originally posted Thursday January 22, 2009.

    Deanna Barnert and I are blogging live to you from Soap Cruise 2009, aboard Celebrity Cruises. We came aboard with the actors on the ship at the port in South Beach, Florida around 10 AM this morning, excited for this four day luxurious cruise to begin!

    We'll be taking you through events with the actors and fans before departure... » Read More

    36th Annual Daytime Emmy Award News!

    January 6 2009

    Every year at this time, talk turns to the next Emmy Awards with anticipation of what's to come at this year's show! Although it's too early for nominee announcements, we can tell you about a few changes that you can expect this year!

    All onscreen graphics, including both the main title and any graphics used within the show, will determine the Main Title and Graphic Design category.

    The Original Song categories will... » Read More

    Guiding Light Blog: Part Five: A Chat With Kim Zimmer.

    December 8 2008

    Matthew Purvis took a trip to New York in December, to visit the set of Guiding Light . He took photos of his visit and regaled our readers with what sounded like a fantastic visit and a real eye opener, regarding the new format of the show. He also interviewed the actors, in fact, here's a teaser of his interview with the one and only Kim Zimmer!

    "As my trip to New York City wound down, we were taken into the show's green room... » Read More

    SOAPnet Night Before Party Part Two!

    July 8 2008

    Shannon: Is this the first Emmy Awards for you two?

    Texas and Jacqueline: Yes, for both of us.

    Shannon: How many parties have you gone to so far?

    Texas: Oh man. There's been a lot going on. We actually missed one yesterday.

    Jacqueline: It was Heather Tom's party, but we were so busy with work that we couldn't make it. It's almost like having another job besides... » Read More Rocked the SOAPnet Night Before Party 2008! (Part 1)

    July 3 2008

    What: SOAPnet Night Before Party
    Where: Crimson and Opera Night Club, Hollywood
    When: Thursday June 19 2008
    Who: Soap Stars from all our favorite soaps!'s week in L.A. is one of the busiest times of the year. Not only am I invited to dinners, drinks, lunches and meetings at the offices of my employers, but some of my staff and I cover the SOAPnet Night Before party, the Talent Gift Lounge and the... » Read More

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