The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Fashion: Who Wore What?

Friday, September 4th, 2009

    Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis, looking dapper and ready to party.

    The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Style Cheat Sheet

    Wondering what your fave – or least fave! – stars were wearing on the red carpet? We spent the whole Emmy weekend getting dish on who they were wearing and how they got it together. Some told us more than others, so we figured we'd create a style cheat sheet, offering all the dish we had on the topic, organized by show.

    In short, here's handy list to have at your side while perusing the pics! Some of this was already in the Red Carpet Dish story, and we'll add to the list if more designer info comes in, so feel free to come back!

    All My Children

    Susan Lucci: "I’m wearing two gowns!" she told us the day before. "I'm wearing one on the carpet, and then another in the fashion show. They're both by a Middle Eastern designer by the name of Murad, someone whose work I like and I hope you do to!"

    As the World Turns
    Jake Silbermann: "I'm wearing a suit by Miu Miu and I'm ready to present my booty off," he told us on the carpet. "I hung out for the pool a bit and chilled out to get ready today."

    Van Hansis: This looker never said who he was wearing, but told us he was ready to get into "Trouble, a bunch of trouble" while in town. "I have a lot of friends out here, so I hang with them when I'm out here."

    Taylor Spreitler felt like a fan, even in Amsale.

    Days of our Lives
    Bryan Datillo: "I've got on Hugo, with my Kicks," he told us, referring to his tennis shoes.

    Crystal Chappell: "I'm wearing Nicole Miller, because she designs things for women with big boobs. That should be her tagline!" she said, as noted in the the Red Carpet Dish story. "And it's been fun hanging out at the hotel. We've been on the rooftop drinking Bloody Marys. It's hard work, I tell you!"

    Rachel Melvin:
    "I'm wearing Randolph Duke," she said on the carpet, before teasing what she's up to since leaving Days – see the Red Carpet Dish story!

    Jay Kenneth Johnson: "To get in the mood, I'm watching baseball in the morning," he told us the day before. "I'm going a little rocker. Hugo (Boss) makes it, but I've got three suits to choose from. I'm not sure what I'm going with."

    Nadia Bjorlin: As noted in the Red Carpet Dish story, Nadia was stunning in Mark Zunino gown and jewels by Natalie Kay and got ready at The Standard hotel. A few tidbits that didn't make the story: "It was a relaxed day. We took our time and decided not to make it a big deal. This should be about fun, not stress and pressure. Then we got out here and it's 110 degrees. You know, at this point in my life, I don't think I have any beauty secrets… I don't anything weird or particular, but sleep is important. I don't get enough, and you realize how great you look and feel when you sleep a lot.

    Tamara Braun: "Lorena Sarbu and Neal Lane jewelry," she called out as she left the press room with her new Emmy for Best Supporting Actress.

    Taylor Spreitler: "I'm wearin Amsale," she told us on the carpet. "This is my first Emmys! I got started at about noon and I had somebody help me out with everything today. I was too scared to leave it all up to me! I am excited to see everybody, but especially Ellen DeGeneres. It's weird to me. I've watched them all on TV, so it's almost like they don't really exists in real life! I'm walking by and doing double takes."

    The B&B Cast was thrilled with their Best Show win, and looking gorgeous!

    General Hospital
    Bradford Anderson: "We stayed here in the area, so we got ready in the hotel," he told us on the carpet. He was in Ben Sherman, while fiancé Kiera was in Amsale, but you can get more on that in the Red Carpet Wrap up.

    Julie Berman: "I'm wearing Versace, and Neal Wayne Jewels, and then my husband's jewels for me," she told us while clutching her new Emmy.

    Kirstin Storms: "I'm not going to lie: I'm extremely nervous," the nominee told us the day before the big show. "But I might be more nervous about presenting than being nominated. I'm wearing a Tadashi gown. Julie Berman and I used the same stylist and took fitting together. It was a fun, girly thing. We had champagne and tried on a million nice designer gowns. It felt almost not real. What girl gets to do that? There were racks of designer clothes and champagne. The girl who does hair on our show does our hair every year and she's amazing, so we locked her down for this Emmys last year."

    Rebecca Herbst:
    As noted in the Emmy Carpet story, she broke ground by not making her own dress, opting instead for one of Liz's Nicole Millers. "At first, I thought, 'Thank goodness I don’t have the stress of making it!' Now that it's here, I'm a little sad, because everyone's been asking me if I made my dress."

    Karla Mosley is a ray of sunshine in this vintage number.

    Guiding Light

    Karla Mosley (Christina, GL): "It's a vintage dress," she says of her yellow gown. "I found it in a little shop in Westchester, New York, where I'm from. My dear friend Kimmy J makes the earrings." (more on her in the wrap up!)

    Elvera Roussel: This GL alum, who played Hope Bauer Spaulding #7 from 1979-1983, was back to party with her show and wore a gorgeous coat her father picked up for her in Morocco when she was a child, "So I'd always have something special to wear."

    One Life to Live
    Chrishell Strauss: As referenced in the Emmy Carpet story, she rocked a Grecian Giovanni gown the carpet and worked hard to get her bod bikini ready for the dance number! "It's been pretty intense ladies. The whole month of August I've been working with a trainer and eating a bunch of small healthy meals, but this last week, I have seen a carb! I'm about to eat my arm off. It is party time when that bikini number is over!"

    Susan Haskell: "I'm wearing Giovanni," the Best Actress winner told us in the press room. "My lovely friend Susan Gamme (OLTL costume designer) hooked me up. I was at a loss and spent a lot of time. She sent me to the right place.

    Kristen Alderson: "I'm wearing Jessica McClintock," she told us in the Gift Lounge. "I've always worn her. She's given me and my mom a dress every year, and they're beautiful. I walked in, saw the dress on the mannequin and fell in love with it. I made it couture and kinda rocker/vintage. I hope it will be a hit. It's one of those gowns that's a little daring." Her escort for the eve, Brandon Buddy was in Versace.

    The Bold & The Beautiful
    Aaron Spears: "I'm wearing Armani," the B&B newbie told us on the carpet. "It seems I'm always wearing Armani – if you're listening out there, Armani!"

    Ashley Jones: "H&M! I love it. 70 bucks. You can't beat it!" she bragged.

    Heather Tom: "I had a few choices this year, so when I found out I was presenting, I decided I'd wear two!" she told us the day before the show. "One is Zac Posner, and then I'm borrowing this beautiful gown on stage. I have hair and makeup coming over at 11:45, and I'll probably go to the gym before that. It makes me feel better to go to the gym. I try to stay laid back about it, but makeup at 11:45, and I don't have to be there till 3:15 – that's a lot of time!"
    ** We'll add the second designer as soon as we hear!

    Hunter Tylo: "I'm in Nicole Miller," she said as she was rushing to the show's after party at the Edison.

    Katherine Kelly Lang: I'm wearing a Birgit Mueller design. It fits like a glove. Charley Lapson earrings and jewels and clutch.

    Stacy Haiduk's escort for the entire weekend? Miss Kitty, of course!

    The Young and the Restless

    Emily O'Brien: "I'm wearing Lorena Sarbu," she told us on the carpet. "I'm excited and a little nervous, but my lucky charm is right here – my dear sister! – and I'm just leaving it up to fate. Last year, I was so anxious. I felt like I was taking car of my friends and family, who were with me. This time, my sister is here and she's taking care of me! I feel like a little girl. I'm so giddy and happy to be here."

    John Driscoll: "I'm wearing Hugo Boss."

    Judith Chapman: "I just threw a little something together, knowing it was hot," Chapman said, as noted in the wrap up story! "We're at this wonderful old theater and people have been calling my Norma Desmond for years, so this is my homage to Valentino – the actor, not the designer. The pants are Armani, but everything else has been collected over time. I picked up my wonderful old necklace from Northern India, my fan is from Cambodia."

    Kate Linder: "I'm wearing Tal Sheyn, an Israeli designer," she told us.

    Kevin Schmidt: "Good question," he said when asked who he was wearing. "My mom puts it on me. I didn't bring her today, but she'll be with me at the after party. I'm here to be supportive. This is my first experience and I'm surprised to come out, since I'm not a regular on the show. I'm paying my dues right now."

    Stacy Haiduk, with her escort Miss Kitty: "It’s Holston, and the jewelry is from a place called Swag, one of my favorite shopping places to for get vintage jewelry," she says of her black gown. "I'm having fun, but it's so hot! There's a little breeze, but it's so bad"

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