36th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Dish!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

    Bradford Anderson in Ben Sherman and Kiera in Amsale

    Soap Stars Glisten & Dish on the Daytime Emmy Red Carpet!

    Daytime's brightest stars shined - or should I say glistened – on the 31st Annual Daytime Emmy red carpet at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, August 29, 2009.

    Soaps.com was not quite glistening, but we were there snapping pictures, grabbing video, and chatting with the actors on what felt like the hottest carpet in Emmy history.

    "Oh my god, I'm sweating. It’s gross," groaned Days of Our Lives Nadia Bjorlin, who was not showing the slightest bit of wear in her Mark Zunino gown and jewels by Natalie Kay.

    For all the groans about the temps – and there were many through out the afternoon – it's no surprise that a number of actors spent the morning at their swank hotel pools, including Nadia's main squeeze, Brandon Beemer (Owen, Bold and the Beautiful)

    "Brandon and I stayed at The Standard and had a relaxed day," Bjorlin shares. "We just got up, had breakfast and then my hair and makeup artist came over. Brandon was like, 'I'm out of here!' and went upstairs to the pool for a nice swim, while we were getting ready, gossiping, listening to music and having a good time."

    Nominee Bradford Anderson, (General Hospital) also checked into the hotel. "We had an easy, luxurious day," he says. "We spent some time with friends and I had a drink with Brandon, if that counts as pampering."

    He pointed to fiancé Kiera (see photo) as his good luck charm, but insisted, "I'm just happy to be here. I'm not too worried about what happens within the building."

    I got the impression many of the men on the carpet would have preferred swimsuits to suits or tuxes, but they buttoned up nicely for the affair. Hugo Boss made a big showing, and there also a handful of Armani on the carpet, but three-time Best Actor winner Christian LeBlanc, (The Young and the Restless) bragged that his tux was right from Joseph Abboud, himself.

    Most of the ladies went for up-dos and the smart ones avoided avoid materials like satin, which show the stain of sweat. Stacy Haiduk learned another rule for the heat: avoid leather hairy accessories (aka Miss Kitty)!

    It's of note that this year, none of daytime's divas copped to making any changes to diet and exercise to get ready for Emmy… except the one wearing a white bikini on the awards show!

    "It's been pretty intense ladies," admitted Chrishell Straus, who rocked a Grecian Giovanni gown the carpet. "The whole month of August I've been working with a trainer and eating a bunch of small healthy meals, but this last week, I have seen a carb! I'm about to eat my arm off. It is party time when that bikini number is over!"

    Ashley Jones strikes a pose for H&M!

    Off the Beaten Rack
    If you think the red carpet look is out of your budget, just check out Ashley Jones (Bridget, Bold and the Beautiful), who looked uber glamorous in a backless number, That girl is always up on what's hot and is known to splurge for style on occasion, but she didn't go for broke this year. "H&M!" she reports. "70 bucks. You can't beat it!"

    Judith Chapman pulled her look together by opening her closets. "We're at this wonderful old theater and people have been calling my Norma Desmond for years, so this is my homage to Valentino – the actor, not the designer," she says. "The pants are Armani, but everything else has been collected over time. I picked up my wonderful old necklace from Northern India. My fan is from Cambodia."

    You may have expected me to go straight to Rebecca Herbst (Liz, GH) in this section, but she broke ground by not making her own dress this year. Instead, she grabbed a Nicole Miller from the wardrobe at her disposal.

    "I borrowed a dress from work, and it's something Liz has worn," she explains. "At first, I though, 'Thank goodness I don’t have the stress of making it!' Now that it's here, I'm a little sad, because everyone's been asking me if I made my dress."

    Karla Mosley (Christina, Guiding Light), whose been focused on theater and her upcoming marriage since GL wrapped production, took the vintage route and struck gold.

    "I found it in a little shop in Westchester New York and my friend Kimmy J makes the earrings," she said, but she was more interested in talking Emmy noms than style.

    "I just ran into Mellissa Egan (Annie, All My Children), who I went to high school with, It's exciting to be here when she's nominated! Then of course, I have my fingers crossed for Jeff Branson, E.J. (Bonilla) and Danny (Cosgrove), because they're incredible actors and wonderful people."

    Supporting Actress winner and AMC alum Tamara Braun did speak out. Like all of us, she feels for the crew being left behind in New York, but she can't wait for the big move, since she's already out here in LA!

    "I'm so excited to see people and be able to have coffee with them now, without flying to New York!" she cheered when she came back to the press room after her win. As for whether she'd return to show when it's in her town, she hedges, "You never know what tomorrow brings."

    Lorena Sarbu gowns for Tamara Braun & Emily O'Brien

    Weighty Issues: AMC & GL on the Carpet
    Aside from the heat, the big topics on the carpet were the cancellation of Guiding Light and All My Children's move to Los Angeles, but no one from AMC was making their intentions known.

    "We haven't decided," said Susan Lucci, who wore two different Murad dresses at the Emmys. "Each one of us has a lot to consider and think about. It's still under discussion at home."

    This was from the On3 Productions Gift Suite the day before the Emmys. The cast agreed to keep quite, perhaps to shield those who were still deciding and by the time I got through the main event, I wondered if "We're weighing all the options" was scripted.

    We got a bit more of an explanation Best Actress winner Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL), who was getting cornered left and right over her real life man, Thorsten Kaye .

    "Everyone wants to know if he's coming out here: Not without me!" she teases. "It might be fun... That's just a lot, with the kids and everything, so we'll see."

    Supporting Actress winner and AMC alum Tamara Braun did speak out. Like all of us, she feels for the crew being left behind in New York, but she can't wait for the big move, since she's already out here in LA!

    "I'm so excited to see people and be able to have coffee with them now, without flying to New York!" she cheered when she came back to the press room after her win. As for whether she'd return to show when it's in her town, she hedges, "You never know what tomorrow brings."

    The Guiding Light cast skipped the press room all together, but I ran into quite a few on the carpet and spirits were surprisingly high.

    "This is the last Hurrah," said Kurt McKinney. "We had a nice Guiding Light gathering last night, and we're going to have a little party tonight. It's all good."

    He's been on vacation with the family since the show wrapped a few weeks ago and hasn't started thinking next steps yet. "You can't really go there," he intoned. "You hope something opens up that you're right for, and that someone would like to have you."

    But yes, GH fans, he would consider a return to LA to resume the role of Ned!

    Chrystal Chappell tags Nicole Miller the line for busty women!

    Coast Jumpers
    Meanwhile, quite a few GL folks have already landed in Los Angeles, including Best Supporting Actor co-winner Jeff Bronson, but mums the word on what he has in the works.

    "I've had a lot of good conversations, but I'm superstitious," he hedges. "I've booked jobs, told everybody and then… It doesn't mean nothing till you're on that set, so we'll see."

    Chrystal Chappell doesn't have to be superstitious: She's already back at work at Days and set to air as Carly on October 2.

    "Carly is a changed person," Chappell previews. "She's come back having murdered someone, on the run. She's looking for Bo to help her protect someone. I'm lucky: I'm on a great show, with great people and I just came off a show with great people -- I only work with great people!"

    As for getting gussied up for the eve, she has two secrets: "I'm wearing Nicole Miller, because she designs things for women with big boobs. That should be her tagline! And it's been fun hanging out at the hotel. We've been on the rooftop drinking Bloody Marys. It's hard work, I tell you!"

    Also out here looking for work is Marcy Rylan, who says, "I am on the market… Just warn anyone that hires me I'll have a crib in the dressing room!"

    They'll definitely see that coming, since she's due in a few weeks and has about the biggest, perkiest belly a person that size could bear. To hear about how a woman that pregnant pulls it together on the carpet, watch for her video (coming soon!). A hint until then: she hit the Pea in the Pod designer rack!

    One person not looking to come this way is Jon Lindstrom, who been in New York as Craig on As the World Turns and loving the work.

    "You're only as good as the people around you, and when you're working with Katie McClane, Maura West, Michael Park and the rest, it's pretty hard to suck – unless you really suck!" he quips.

    He warns fans that he sees a triangle building around him. "Craig was nuts about Carly for the right reasons, but I think Rosanna's going to be a problem," he sighs. "I want to see him get really really mad and feel burned by the whole thing."

    Days alums Rachel Melvin & Blake Berris have been keeping busy!

    Catching Up
    I ran into quite few daytime alums on the carpet, and the first up was newlywed Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru, Y&R), who was in Nicole Miller Couture and Barkley jewels from Canada.

    "I got married (to Radcliffe Bailey), we're back and the honeymoon is still going!" she cheers, before confirming she want to come home to Y&R – don't miss watching the fantastic video we got on that!

    Another Y&R alum, Brenda Dickson, (ex-Jill) was also on the carpet, wearing Azzro from Paris, but the Daytime Emmy winner from the past made no overtures about a return after all these years. She as just there for a good time.

    "My hip hop friend Ditch asked me to come along to the Emmys, and I said, 'I'd love to!'" she relates. "I've just run into everyone tonight: Susan Lucci, who gave me my award, Katie Linder and Susan Flannery. There are so many people buzzing around here that I know. It's amazing,"

    Days alums Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris worked the carpet together. Berris just finished shooting a film in Florida, and is now working on the untitled Barry Minkow biopic with the likes of James Caan and Ving Rames; while Melvin has wrapped her two episode stint on 'Heroes,' and is already busy shooting the lifetime movie 'Seven Deadly Sins'.

    "I can't say anything about Heroes," Melvin apologizes. "All I can say is I'm Claire's roommate. It was fun. It was totally different from daytime. I really enjoyed it."

    Passions alum Lindsay Hartley is thrilled to join the Days family and be back at work with Eric Martsolf and Galen Gering, but revealed she was almost as blindsided as fans.

    "It happened in 24 hours," she explains. "I had lunch with Gary Tomlin on Tuesday at noon and the contract was signed Wednesday morning at 8 AM. He didn’t tell me when I'd start, so I went to work that day and got 12 scripts and, 'You start tomorrow.' Gary's the best."

    For those who fear – or hope! – we're about to see a Theresa/Ethan redux, Hartley promises, "She's completely different than Theresa. She's not into the fantasy world. She's more grounded, realistic and maybe even a bit pessimistic."

    More to come…
    There were a few notable style notes from the press room. Supporting Actress winner Tamara Braun was in a Lorena Sarbu, as was her competition, Emily O'Brien (Jana, Y&R), and Best Younger Actress Julie Berman told us, "I'm wearing Versace, and Neal Wayne Jewels, and then my husband's jewels for me."

    There's so much more, but we'll have to save it for later – a girl can only get so much out! Stay tuned for photos, videos and storyline scoop from the carpet.

    - Deanna Barnert

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