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Sunday, August 30th, 2009

    B&B wins Outstanding Drama Series. (

    7:34: Welcome to’s live Daytime Emmy Blog! I’ll be here throughout the broadcast to keep you updated on what’s happening, who looks good and of course who wins. Please feel free to join in the conversation by commenting below on all the action!

    So right now, the stars are walking the red carpet and talking with Lara Spencer (“The Insider”) and Kevin Frazier (“Entertainment Tonight”). Texas Battle gave some scoop by confirming that his character’s real father is coming to the show. Could it be Aaron D. Spears who is soon to be joining the show?

    7:40: Ricky Paull Goldin from All My Children told Kevin Frazier the move to L.A. was looking good and he thinks it's good for the show. He also previewed he and his co-star Chrishell Stause will be doing a James Bond themed bit during the show tonight!

    7:45: The panel of experts are split on who will take home the best Drama Series. Who do you think will win, or want to win? I'm torn, but since B&B has never won, I think I'd like to see them take it home.

    7:53: The hosts are talking to Erik Estrada and Jennie Garth, but we got a shot of Victoria Rowell on the red carpet!

    7:59: Pre-show is over! Bring on the awards!

    8:03: Vanessa Williams opens the show with a song and dance number as clips from the shows air. Ha ha! Vanessa's spliced in scenes with Ronn Moss and Tony Geary!

    8:05: Vanessa sings about Otalia and Vanessa spliced herself into a kissing scene of them. The song is set to "You're Just Too Good To Be True" and is reminiscent of Billy Crystal at the Oscars. Pretty clever and fun! Not sure if that's the actual title though!

    Ronn Moss from B&B. (

    8:07: Rachel Ray and Gilles Marini present Outstanding Supporting Actor. Jacob Young from AMC is bald!

    8:09: And the winner is... a tie. Vincent Irizarry from All My Children is one of the co-winners! Jeff Branson from Guiding Light also won.

    8:17: Heather Tom and Ronn Moss present Outstanding Game Show. Cash Cab wins.

    8:20: Bindy Irwin, Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms present Outstanding Talk Show to The Rachel Ray Show.

    8:23: Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer come on to present Younger Actress. Who do you want to win? I'd like to see Rachel Melvin win. Miss her on Days.

    8:24: I like seeing the clips they submitted. I'm torn now between Kirsten Storms grieving over her sister and Rachel Melvin. But alas, Julie Burman wins from GH!

    Spelled her name wrong! Sorry. It's Julie Berman. Fashion show with Tyra Banks is on the way.

    8:33: Kyle Massy from some children's show is flirting with Debbie Morgan in the crowd. He is presenting award to a Best Children's Show with his brother Cris. Pretty cute shout out.

    8:36:Robin and Phil McGraw present the Outstanding Drama Series. Why are these two doing it? I'm not sure, but a pretty good clip reel of All My Children is Playing. Jesse and Angie at the train station just gave me chills.

    8:42: They only presented AMC. And now Tyra is on presenting a Daytime fashion show. Eric Martsolf and Shelly Hennig from Days and Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst from GH strut their stuff. As promised, Ricky and Chrishell do their best James Bond. Daniel Goddard and Cristel Khalil from Y&R, Jacquelne MacInnes Wood and Texas Battle from B&B, Trent Dawson and Ewa Da Cruz from ATWT, Bree Williamson and Mark Lawson do their best An Officer and a Gentleman and Susan Lucci is on her own, as she needs no one else with her.

    Christian LeBlanc Lead Actor. (

    8:44: Susan Lucci, Montel Williams, Kelly Monaco and Anthony Geary show a clip of them in Africa with Daytime Gives Back. It's pretty emotional, as both Susan and Tony tear up as they talk on tape about the poor conditions the kids live in.

    8:47: Tony announces they will be able to feed 50,000 children in the U.S. and in Africa from the proceeds from this evening's event.

    8:51: Supporting Actress is up! I hope Bree Williamson wins. However, it's Tamara Braun from Days. She's a good actress, but it should have gone to Bree in my opinion.

    8:52: James Scott and Jay Kenneth Johnson present Directing Team, which goes to OLTL.

    The entire GL cast. (

    8:55: Buzz Aldrin is acknowledged and now Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson come on to present Outstanding Informative Talk Show, which goes to The Tyra Banks Show.

    9:00: Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy from OLTL present Outstanding Younger Actor. Kristen is blonde. She looks great!

    9:04: Darin Brooks wins! Nice love for Days who doesn't get much recognition. He just swore! Love it.

    9:06: The Outstanding Morning Show goes to Good Morning America. No one was there to accept it. Weird.

    9:06: Robin and Phil are back to talk about Days of our Lives as nominee for Best Drama Series. Another clip package ensues. Lot of reaction shots, many from Sami which is pretty funny. Also some skin, which is always welcomed. Forgot about the 40s episodes. I really enjoyed those scenes.

    Susan Haskell wins Lead Actress. (

    9:14: Sandra Oh from "Grey's Anatomy" presents the 40th Anniversary of "Sesame Street."

    9:17: As the "Sesame Street" clip goes on, who do you want to see win Outstanding Actor and Actress? I'd like to see Thorsten Kaye or Peter Reckell win for Actor and just to shake things up a bit, Debbie Morgan win for Actress. I'm thinking Jeanne Cooper or Susan Haskell will win the latter though.

    9:19: "Sesame Street" gets a standing ovation as the cast sings and the crowd joins in.

    9:20: "Sesame Street" certainly deserves their Lifetime Achievement Award, but I'm looking forward to the Guiding Light tribute!

    9:28: Vanessa Williams sings again. Not entirely sure why.

    9:30: Now Gilles Marini is dancing with Vanessa. Why isn't he dancing with Kelly Monaco or Susan Lucci?

    9:31: Not sure what the point of that was, if no one from Daytime was going to be involved. Bradford Anderson could have sung.

    9:32: Outstanding Talk Show Host goes to The View. No hosts were in attendance. I wonder why?

    9:33: General Hospital just won for Outstanding Writing.

    9:35: GL tribute is coming up next! I hope they do it justice and have someone who is connected to the show or at least Daytime present it.

    9:37: So far Kristen Alderson has stuck out for me as looking the best. How about you? I just love her blonde hair!

    9:39: Cameron Matheson and Melissa Egan present Game Show Host. Why didn't he dance with Vanessa? Meredith Vieira wins, but is not there.

    9:40: Betty White comes out to honor Guiding Light. She makes self deprecating jokes about her age, but also talks up GL's history. At least Betty is a TV icon and has been on B&B. Glad Dr. Phil isn't presenting this.

    9:42: Reva's in the fountain in the clip package!

    9:43: The clip package should have been longer, but now the cast is on stage and getting a standing O.

    9:48: Patrick Duffy presents Lead Actress. Susan Haskell from OLTL wins.

    9:49: She gives Thorsten Kaye a shout out. Sweet!

    9:50: I can't believe that's all GL got. They should have axed Vanessa's song and given a longer tribute.

    9:51: Susan Lucci just announced Christian LeBlanc for Lead Actor. He's crying. Awww...

    9:55: Dr. Phil and his wife again to present B&B's clip package.

    9:56: It's funny how much you forget from the past year. Donna drenched in honey was definitely a hilarious highlight.

    9:57: B&B wins their first Outstanding Drama Series Emmy!

    9:58: Sadly, we will not hear what Brad Bell has to say about winning as the credits are rolling and music is playing. Wow! How sad.

    9:59: So basically Vanessa Williams who has nothing to do with Daytime got more acknowledgement than the Outstanding Daytime Drama or the show that's going off the air after 72 years. Nice.

    10:02: What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts on who won and on the production as a whole below!

    Thanks for following the Daytime Emmys with! I had fun recapping the night and adding my two cents. I hope you did too!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    List of Winners:

    Outstanding Supporting Actor
    Vincent Irizarry (David, AMC)
    Jeff Branson (Shayne, GL)

    Outstanding Younger Actress
    Julie Berman (Lulu, GH)

    Outstanding Supporting Actress
    Tamara Braun (ex-Ava, Days)

    Outstanding Directing Team
    One Life to Live

    Outstanding Younger Actor
    Darin Brooks (ex-Max, Days)

    Outstanding Writing
    General Hospital

    Outstanding Lead Actress
    Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL)

    Outstanding Lead Actor
    Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R)

    Outstanding Drama Series
    The Bold and the Beautiful

    - Lori Wilson

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