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Friday, April 24th, 2015

    Geary (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Some of’s writers predict who will take home a statue Sunday April 26. readers voted on who they thought were most deserving of a Daytime Emmy and the Ninth Annual Sudzies Awards winners were posted this morning.’s writers had an opportunity to predict who they feel were worthy to take home a statue Sunday at the Daytime Emmys after watching the 42nd Daytime Emmy clips.


    I think it will be Anthony Geary’s (Luke Spencer, “General Hospital”) year, as he had the strongest reel of all the actors. Whether you loved or hated the story, he put on a great performance as the imprisoned Luke confronted by Fluke, who we later learned was an alternate personality. However I wouldn’t count Billy Miller (ex-Billy, "Young and the Restless") out either, as his submitted scene grieving at his child’s grave was also great. Miller could go two for two! – Dustin Cushman

    Despite the annoyances of the drawn out Fluke storyline, the talent of Anthony Geary could not be diminished this year. However, seeing Patrick Thompson portray Dr. Patrick Drake at his most vulnerable made it a close call, but not close enough to choose Geary over Thompson. Out of all of the impressive lead actors this year, Thompson gets my nod. Of course, my early prediction for 2016 is definitely Geary in this category. - Violette DeSantis

    Miller (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Dual personalities are always a challenge for the actors and Anthony Geary worked wonders with his storyline which came out in his reel. I predict Geary will take home the Daytime Emmy though Billy Miller’s reel made him a close contender. – Christine Fix

    Anthony Geary didn't disappoint and finally was back with a front-burner storyline, where we followed along for months wondering, "Who's Fluke?" From the first moment in his Emmy reel where Luke's alter ego emerged at Miscavige to various figments of Luke's imagination... The storyline at times seemed repetitive, like often in soaps, but took us on a journey into Luke's past and how it affected his future. Geary has always been a class act and never disappoints. – Amy Mistretta

    I really bought Billy Miller’s controlled rage as Billy and thought his reel was the most riveting in this category. As a casual “Young and the Restless” viewer, it made me wish I had watched more of this storyline. - Lori Wilson

    LoCicero (Jill Johnson/JPI)


    Alison Sweeney (Sami, “Days of our Lives”) did some of her best work this past year, and the scene she submitted, even if it was a just a dream sequence, of her going crazy after learning about EJ and Abby’s affair was fantastic. - Dustin Cushman

    Peggy McCay (Caroline, "Days of our Lives") is my pick for what had to be the most beautiful scene in daytime. – Violette DeSantis

    This category always stumps me which speaks volumes of the lead actresses in soaps, and there are many who didn’t even put themselves up for nominations. There were some wonderful reels but in the end, Alison Sweeney’s showcased such a range of emotions that I think she’ll take home the Emmy. – Christine Fix

    Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) stepped into a popular "Young and the Restless” role that was vacated by fan-favorite actress Michelle Stafford and made a longtime Genoa City character her own from the get-go. That's not easy to do. However, it was no surprise as Tognoni has a track record for portraying characters with a variety of emotions. Waking up from a coma to hear the love of her life had been involved with another woman led to tears, anger, rage and vengeance, everything that makes Phyllis, Phyllis. This was an easy pick for me. – Amy Mistretta

    I like that we got to see more than just one emotion from Alison Sweeney. We got happy and carefree at the beginning and end of the reel, but most impressively, during the fantasy scenes where Sami learns EJ slept with another woman, she went from confusion to hurt little girl to rage. Making it more than just a one-note woman scorned portrayal. - Lori Wilson


    Jacob Young (Rick, "Bold and the Beautiful") is my pick, even though I wasn't a fan of the whole clip. His portrayal of Rick confronting his father was a pinnacle in his character's storyline and he nailed it. – Violette DeSantis

    This category was a tossup. If an Emmy was given out for arguing on a daily basis my vote would go to "B&B's" Scott Clifton, simply for the fact that he was forced to act out the same scenarios/dialogue for an entire year in the love triangle that was Liam, Hope and Wyatt - especially after having to do so previously with Liam, Hope and Steffy. In his clip, professing his love for Hope to his brother Wyatt, who loved her as well… Clifton drove Liam through the drama with bells on! – Amy Mistretta

    I think it will be a toss-up between “General Hospital’s” Chad Duell (Michael) and “Bold and the Beautiful’s” Jacob Young (Rick). They both did great jobs portraying the betrayal they felt from their family members in their submitted scenes. – Dustin Cushman

    Jacob Young’s performance in his clip was excellent. I think he’s got this. – Christine Fix

    My two biggest thoughts watching the reels in this category were that Darin Brooks (Wyatt, “Bold and the Beautiful”) was more impressive in the scenes Scott Clifton (Liam, “Bold and the Beautiful”) submitted and that Shemar Moore (Malcolm, “Young and the Restless”) totally stole focus from Kristoff St. John (Neil, “Y&R”). Alas, they aren’t nominated so my pick goes to Jacob Young for never going too far over the top as Rick while lashing out at his wife, dad and brother on "B&B." His was the only nominated supporting actor performance that held my attention. - Lori Wilson


    Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, “Bold and the Beautiful”) was incredible in her clip and showed some of her best work. Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, "General Hospital") couldn't cry enough for me to change my mind about Godfrey's passion and angst for her character's situation. – Violette DeSantis

    Hands down Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, “General Hospital”), as the scene she submitted of her drunk dialing to save the animals’ hotline was and still is hilarious. She was the scene stealer among the submitted reels in her category, and I think she’ll walk away with the Emmy because of it. - Dustin Cushman

    Banus (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Do I really have to choose? Between Linsey Godfrey and Lisa LoCicero it was a tough choice but I'm going to have to go with LoCierco. The scene was so funny the first time and watching it again was still exceedingly entertaining. – Christine Fix

    So many reels are filled with heart break, tears and rage. Lisa LoCicero’s had all those elements, but with the added bonus of comedy, which is hard to pull off. As is playing drunk. LoCicero nailed them both. - Lori Wilson


    It's difficult to make a pick from this category but I predict it will go to a "General Hospital" actor, Bryan Craig (Morgan) or Tequan Richmond (TJ), either of whom deserves the win. I'm leaning towards Richmond though for the win. – Violette DeSantis

    I think this one will go to Freddie Smith (Sonny, “Days of our Lives”), as the reel he submitted over his confrontation with Gabi over her relationship with Nick was great. You could feel how much his character loathed Nick and was frustrated with Gabi. - Dustin Cushman

    In this category I found Tequan Richmond’s reel was good as was Freddie Smith’s. – Christine Fix

    Despite a brief bit of overacting, Tequan Richmond (TJ, "GH") gave the most sympathetic and likable performance. - Lori Wilson


    Camila Banus, (Gabi, "Days of our Lives") probably had the best clip of the lot in all categories. I predict she'll win, but I won't discount Haley Pullos' performance as Molly in "GH" which was quite the tear-jerker as well. – Violette DeSantis

    Oh hands down, Camila Banus. She really came a long way last year and her reel was fantastic. – Christine Fix

    This one is likely going to go to Camila Banus, as the scene she submitted to confessing to Nick’s murder was her best work on the show, and was the strongest of all the submitted reels. I would say if she was to lose to anyone it would be Haley Pullos, as her reel grieving over her father was also amazing. – Dustin Cushman

    Baxter (Sean Smith/JPI)

    Definitely Camila Banus. None of the other actresses came close to the realistic emotions she conjured up as Gabi on “DOOL.” - Lori Wilson


    Donna Mills is my pick. I can't actually think of a bad scene she's been in since she began her guest appearances as Madeline Reeves in Port Charles. – Violette DeSantis

    The award is Meredith Baxter’s for sure, as her submitted scene confessing to killing her husband was simply incredible. - Dustin Cushman

    I enjoyed each guest performer and their reels but Meredith Baxter wowed me. – Christine Fix

    Linda Elena Tovar’s reel reminded me how much I have enjoyed her effortless portrayal as Rosalie over the past year or so. She makes me want to know more about the character, which is why I hope she gets the Emmy and that “General Hospital” does more with her. - Lori Wilson will be on the red carpet Sunday, and we'll be live blogging on Twitter, and Facebook during the show to bring you up-to-the-minute Daytime Emmy coverage.

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    - Christine Fix

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