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Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

    (Apega/'s "General Hospital" coverage on the red carpet from the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys.

    Sunday June 22 the stars were a force to be reckoned with. They looked hot, wore designer clothing, and drank champagne during the Emmy ceremony and into the wee hours of the morning. They only get to do this once a year, to receive validation for all the emotional hard work they do. It was a night to celebrate and talk to the media. Though some ran from the Emmy social hosts who made this year's Daytime Emmys red carpet show a disaster, was also on the red carpet spending time with several actors from “The Bold And The Beautiful,” Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young And The Restless.

    Vinessa Antoine (Jordan, “GH”) is wearing Dolce & Gabbana. Before she got Emmy ready, Antoine played with the kids and kept it simple. We asked for the inside scoop and the actress says, “Shawn and I are gonna start getting closer, I think. Maybe a love triangle or maybe breaking up someone. I get to be a mom, a drug dealer, the DA...” Antoine talked about the live streaming and agreed with her son who said in ten years nobody will be watching TV. On Griffin hosting, she admitted she’s scared. “She’s great. So talented.”

    We caught up with Kristen Alderson and Chad Duell (Kiki and Michael, “GH”) Duell was wearing Walter Mendez. He says he usually borrows from work. Alderson wore a coral/pink deep v-neck frock by Michael Costello. Alderson says she picked the dress up and it had stains on it. The ring she picked out didn’t fit, but she’s happy with her hair and makeup. “I just got a suit and got dressed,” says Duell, who is a self-professed “stress-free person.” The storyline scoop? “Michael’s hard at work at ELQ and Kiki’s moving into Morgan and Michael’s. There’s drama as always but it’s been a lot of fun.” The couple is very excited for Kathy Griffin. Take a peek of how they felt after the show...


    Ryan Paevey (Nathan, “GH”) talks to reporter, Burtt who says, “You look great.” He’s wearing Anthony Franco and Max Verre for shoes. “You’re looking good. Your eyes are standing out against the suit.” Paevey thanks Burtt and they discuss his character. Paevey says, “There have been some stirrings in the love world. I’m working out a lot for them.” He says he “pretty much works out to failure every time. I eat clean. I like to be fit.” This morning to prepare for tonight’s festivities the actor “went to the gym, then for a run, put together some furniture and hung a couple of cabinets.” The actor grew up doing construction and this is a daily thing for him.

    Haley Pullos (Molly, “GH”):’s red carpet reporter, Kristyn Burtt took in Haley Pullos’ pink jewel encrusted gown which she loved. The actress let Burtt know the designer is Alon Livne and the jewelry she wore is Erickson Beamon. Though the actress couldn’t say much about what was coming with her character Molly, she took time to tease us by saying Molly’s going to be going through “a little something dramatic coming up.”

    Lisa Locicero (Olivia, “GH”) picked up a last minute gorgeous red slinky dress. She says her character Olivia “Has a new romance coming up. She has had her heart broken but it’s time for her to stop crying.” She talks about love scenes and when she knows one is coming she uses spray tans and does more exercise “like running up and down the hill” when there’s going to be a love scene coming up. Before the cameras roll, the male counterparts are in the bathroom doing pushups. Of course she eats very little during those scenes. “We’re always like water...” Burtt finishes, “And a dry salad.”

    Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily Quartermaine, “GH”) showed up on the red carpet in a sweet off-white and sparkly cocktail dress, looking gorgeous as usual. The designer was House of Anne Miller. “It’s a design house in Atlanta and Christopher Matkin has his own show on A&E called "The Fashion Expert." The actress says, “I have Tania Spinelli shoes. She’s a dear friend of mine and gave me these four inch heels.” She says, “I’m working on 'Tainted Dreams' with Alicia Minshew [ex-“AMC’s” Kendall) who plays my best friend. It’s going great.”

    When asked the question that’s on everyone’s minds, “Who are you wearing?” Emme Rylan (Lulu Spencer, “GH”) admitted, “Oh my gosh. I have no idea who I’m wearing.” They checked the tag and it turns out it’s Aidan Mattox, the designer our very own reporter was wearing. Rylan never uses the same designer more than once but this dress fit and she’ll remember the designer for next year. The actress dishes on how she prepared for the red carpet. “My best girlfriend is a hairstylist and make-up artist and every year we have a girls’ party in the morning so all my girlfriends, we got up and we went for a hike together, and then we had mimosas and a little breakfast and music was blaring, [there were] magazines everywhere. It’s like a ritual now.” The actress discussed her character's storyline. “I think there are some huge changes in Lulu’s life. There’ll be some surprises this year.” Rylan enjoys opening her script and finding surprises and compliments the writers. “Our writer is a genius at cliffhangers and surprising the audience. What’s about to come for my character is the opposite of what the audience thinks is coming.”

    “GH’s” Michelle Stafford (Nina) wore a white body skimming cocktail length number. “It’s from Sen and the actress says, “Christian Le Blanc (Michael) and Chrystal Chappell (Gina, "Venice") came to my room and we just hung out and got ready and talked.” She was looking forward to the show with Griffin hosting. “It should be cool. Like it’s different but let’s see how it goes.” The actress says she has to root for “GH” and “Y&R.” “I mean they’re all my friends.” We asked her to dish on story but she only said, “My character being a supposed lunatic in a wheelchair just lost her mind Friday.”

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    - Christine Fix

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