Y&R Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Interviews.

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


    Soaps.com covered the red carpet and media room at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmys.

    Sunday June 22 the glamorous and talented stars of daytime television turned up on the red carpet as they do once yearly, to receive recognition for the hard work they’ve done all year. They celebrate in style with the champagne flowing, by catching up with friends from other soaps, and dishing with the media. Though we all agree, this year’s Daytime Emmys red carpet show was a train wreck of epic proportions, Soaps.com was also on the red carpet spending time with several actors from “The Bold And The Beautiful,” Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital, and The Young And The Restless.

    Sean Carrigan (Stitch, “Y&R") was with his lovely wife Suzanne Quast and let us know that Tony, who does wardrobe for “Y&R,” dressed him in the black tux he was sporting. He talked about the show’s 26 nominations and was super excited. This is his first Emmys. “It’s like joining the New York Yankees of daytime television,” he conceded. We asked something all fans want answered, “When is Stitch’s big secret coming out?” Carrigan said, “It’s coming out – his big secret. I know the fans are getting impatient but I promise you it’ll be very worthwhile. It’s very juicy. It’s very dramatic. I think the payoff will be well worth it. I think everybody has been waiting long enough.”

    Soaps.com then interviewed Hunter King, (Summer, “Y&R”) who didn’t know at this point that she was about to become a first time Emmy winner. The actress was wearing a black gown with rhinestone detailing from designer, Forever Unique. King was with co-star, Matthew Atkinson (Austin) who made jokes about buying a tux from a homeless man on the street. King detailed what she had for breakfast (a bagel) and says she prepared in the hotel. The actress was really excited that Billy Miller (Billy) and Peter Bergman (Jack) and Amelia Heinle (Victoria) were nominated. They fawned over how young Bergman looks.

    Kelli Goss (Courtney, “Y&R”) She was more dressed up than when we saw her Friday, wearing Australian designer, Bariano, in an orange mermaid style gown, a BCBG Generation handbag, and Marrin Costello rings. Goss talked about the excitement in the air, stating, “I think everyone’s just more excited than they are nervous. Most people who have been here have been here 12 years or something. I still get excited and nervous. It’s only my second one and I’m not used to it.” Soaps.com reporter Kristyn Burtt asked what she learned last year that she’s not going to do this year and Goss says, “I think you can spot our table from a mile away because all the tables around us were missing their champagne bottles. [laughter] So that may be something I have to suggest to our table again.” Otherwise, “You get here a little earlier.” Goss says, “We actually got a new set where it is very summer themed which requires less clothing so there’s always a little romance going on of course when that happens. That’s something everyone’s looking forward to but it’s a little nerve-racking for us.”

    Kate Linder (Esther, “Y&R”) showed up wearing a contrasting silver and white Kathryn Hynes gown. This is a favorite designer of the actress and the designer’s Washington based. In fact, the designer sends Linder a dress each year without Linder even seeing it. To prepare, Linder says she went to the gym and had her hair and make-up done but admits, “No matter how long I take, at the end I’m always rushing.” Burtt commented on her 32nd year in soaps and asked what that means to her. Linder says it’s hard to believe. “I started on the show and it was only supposed to be for one day. Here I am 32 years later. I’m always just so blown away and so grateful, and so honored. Here I am doing what I love to do and on the number one show is just the icing on the cake.” She had nothing but positive comments to say.

    Mishael Morgan (Hilary, “Y&R”) wore Canadian designer Dalia Mac Phee's deep pink strapless pleated bodice gown. Her jewellery was Michael J Jewelry. Morgan says she came early for the gifting suite and then felt rushed to prepare. “I love pressure,” she says and she calmed herself down. She picked up a Spiderman night light for her nephew that she and Burtt agree he’ll die for. “Everybody’s just been working hard and we’re like a family and just keep the show going.” She talks about going to the Emmys to shine. She teases about “a lot of great scenes in the future that I’m really excited about.” She’s talking about the Neil and Devon triangle.

    Daniel Polo (“Y&R’s” ex- Jamie) sidled up to us. Soaps.com interviewed him Friday night during the nominee reception. He was nervous Friday night and when we asked how he was he said, “Just as nervous if not more so.” He says he did jumping jacks this morning. “First time I exercised in my entire life.” He says if he wins he’ll make room for his statue, though he hasn’t thought of where yet. Outside of “Y&R” the actor teases that he’ll guest spot on “The Bridge.” He has other things on the go but nothing he can discuss.

    Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, “Y&R”) discussed her outfit. “Just came back from the seamstress this morning. A little touch and go,” she admits, but she had faith. “I was not worried.” Scott wore Gucci shoes and handbag. The Mia Lang dress was black and glitzed up with a little black jewellery. Regarding the 26 nominations, “In 99 we had 28. We almost beat our record but we’ll take anything. We’re always very honored.” Burtt complimented her gorgeous looks and Scott says, “Even though I’m an old lady, I learn something every day.” She calls Nikki an “ageing vixen” and says, “I’ve never lied about my age. I’ve never seen the point in it. The older you are the wiser you are.” She has some “great stuff coming up” but she’s not allowed to talk about it. “By next month. Oh Nellie.” She gives credit to her writers. The very ones who won an award Sunday evening.

    Take a look at the bevy of beauties in Soaps.com’s Daytime Emmys photo gallery and the rest of the video interviews can be found in Soaps.com’s Emmy coverage section.

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    - Christine Fix

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