The Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Train Wreck

Christine Fix

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

    Daytime Emmys

    This was, without a doubt, the worst red carpet show in history.

    From the press release, "Four highly-followed, well-respected social media gurus will serve as online tour guides through the red carpet, show broadcast, and behind-the-scenes areas to give fans a more personal glimpse into the 2014 Daytime Emmys." Four women, Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow and Meghan Rosette, were selected by Here Media to represent the Daytime Emmys "not only for their enthusiastic social media followings but because they are aligned with the celebratory nature of the event and the supportive environment that the organization promotes." Except for one massive detail gone unnoticed by Here Media: These girls know nothing about daytime television, came unprepared to the red carpet, conducted themselves in a very unprofessional manner, spewed profanity, a rape joke and a racist remark. These "ambassadors" circled the red carpet and media room and interacted with the actors that some seemingly male game show host would bring to them. For those who didn't tune into this disastrous event, this is what just a few of the actors had to contend with:


    The hosts were severely lacking knowledge about soap operas and daytime television in general. Not one did their homework. This was displayed when they didn't know who Maura West (Ava, "GH") and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, "GH") were and assumed they were a couple. They asked when they were going to get married. Maura West has been married to Scott DeFreitas (ex-Andy, "As The World Turns") for several years, and Tyler Christopher has been married to Brienne Pedigo since 2008. They also asked a real-life "GH" couple, Kristen Alderson (Kiki) and Chad Duell (Michael) when they were going to have a baby. Just so inappropriate. These "social media experts" didn't know who Jessica Collins (Avery, "Y&R") was or anything about her character and how Avery's cooking crosses over into real life. When faced with veteran actor, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano, "DOOL"), who was introduced as a daytime legend, Lauren Elizabeth asked, "What is so legendary about you, sir?" When Brittany Furlan and Lauren Elizabeth met Monty Hall, they fawned all over him and told him they "shipped" the iconic 92-year-old, who had no idea what "shipping" meant. Instead of discussing production of the Daytime Emmys when they met Spike Jones, they were in a titter over the fact that the producer shares a name with another director/producer.

    The hosts hit on every available male actor within their radius, including ones who barely reached 18. One gal told ex-"Y&R" actor Daniel Polo, "I don't want to go to jail for this one," and was thankful to hear he was "legal." They didn't discriminate against the sexes, telling Amelia Heinle (Victoria, "Y&R"), "I'll follow you home." Sadly, "General Hospital" actor, Ryan Paevey (Detective Nathan West), didn't get away fast enough and after several innuendos about what they'd do with his handcuffs, they stated they were going to get him away from them "before we rape you." That wouldn't fly if a male reporter commented this to an actress.

    Poor Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, "B&B"), with whom one host called "a beautiful chocolate man," was asked, "What's it like to be a black man on a soap opera these days?" The racial connotation wasn't lost on viewers. None of the Caucasian actors were asked what it was like to be a white man on a soap opera.

    Dare we even mention they made a "once you go black" joke?

    One host told Tuc Watkins (ex-David, "OLTL") and the executive producer of the "One Life To Live" reboot, Jen Pepperman, "I have sweat streaming down my Spanx."

    One host couldn't believe that babies "came out of" Don Diamont's slender wife, Cindy Ambuehl, and suggested they must have come out of her eyeball sockets.

    Instead of discussing the actors' characters, storyline, or anything of depth that any of the other soap opera journalists were asking, two of them discussed "vagina cream" with young Max Ehrich (Fen, "Y&R"), an Emmy nominee, and his girlfriend. They ignored yet another opportunity to discuss story when they met Heather Tom (Katie, "B&B") and instead thought it fitting to discuss her "boobies". They never shut up about "boobies" or their own "nipples" throughout the red carpet show up until the end.

    The words "amazing," "awesome," and "shit" were peppered throughout the girls' dialogue so much so that many viewers decided to make it into a drinking game. Others tuned out.

    The viewers weren't the only ones affected by this embarrassment. Here's a sampling of actors taking to Twitter to share their own feelings:

    The above was just a small representation of what went down last night. If you've time to kill and you can't believe this actually happened, watch the train wreck Emmy red carpet show below.

    And we thought last year's Blunderful 40th Annual Daytime Emmys on HLN were bad.

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    - Christine Fix

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