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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

    (Daytime Emmys)

    Starry night.

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    8:02: After a rocky red carpet, the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards are about to begin. Still getting hot microphones from the host...

    8:16: After a hilarious intro from Kathy Griffin that included an F-bomb and a story about a drunken soap starlet at a previous awards show, Billy Bush presented the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor – Eric Martsolf as Brady Black from “Days of our Lives!” He jokes that he has no speech, but gives props to his costar Eileen Davidson (Kristen DiMera) and gives her credit for making him step his game up. He gives a shoutout to Ken Corday for plucking him from “Passions” as well. He also knows his sons Chase and Mason are probably not watching him and instead are immersed in Minecraft. Finally, he thanks his rock - his wife - and the soap community. “The resurgence of soap operas – let’s do it,” he says.

    8:19: Bush is ready to present for Outstanding Supporting Actress – Amelia Heinle, Victoria Newman from “Y&R.” She looks shocked and truly seems as if she didn’t prepare. In her flowing, floral gown she thanks her bosses and says how much she loves her job. She thanks her husband Thad Luckinbill (ex-JT) and Billy Miller (ex-Billy). She then thanks her sister who is fighting cancer. A short and very sweet speech.

    8:24: Giuliana Rancic takes the stage to present an award for best cooking show, The Mind of a Chef on PBS.

    8:28: Giuliana presents the award to Outstanding Culinary Host – Bobby Flay. Sadly, he did not come to the event.

    8:29: Hot Kate Mansi (Abigail, "Days") in her sexy white menswear-inspired suit with plunging black silk neckline and her on-screen brother Casey Moss (JJ, "Days) take the stage and right away congratulate Martsolf before presenting Outstanding Leading Courtroom Program. The winner? The People’s Court. Lots of Mansi clapping before people finally make it to the stage to accept the award. Wow – Moss has a white pinstripe running down his pants I am just noticing. Pretty gutsy fashion choice, and even Mansi joked he stole her look.

    (Daytime Emmys)

    8:32: Mario Lopez comes out on stage to give out the award for Outstanding Game Show Host. Steve Harvey is the winner, another one who could not make it to the show. A definite pattern is emerging.

    8:35: Outstanding Talk Show Host award is given to two winners – it is a tie! The first winner is Dr. Oz, also not there. The second winner is Katie Couric – also not here. Hilarious! Of course, she gets a pass since she just got married.

    8:37: Camryn Grimes (Mariah, "Y&R") and Sharon Case (Sharon, "Y&R") present the award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, and the winner is Y&R! They are ecstatic as the writers make their way to the stage to accept the award.

    8:40: It’s the younger set from "B&B" as Darin Brooks (Wyatt, "B&B), Kim Matula (Hope, "B&B") and Scott Clifton (Liam, "B&B) take the stage to hand out the award for Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team, won by One Life To Live! Good for them – but now I am missing the show all over again. She talks about the struggles of working without a network structure and how wonderful it was to work with the incredible talent from all of the past soaps.

    8:43: Griffin is finally back - this is less hosting and more cameo - and jokes about how great Flay’s speech was. She also hopes “Hope For Tomorrow” or “Peyton Place” wins. She then tells a story about how Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, "AMC") had Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, "AMC") fired after she won her Emmy. A quiet descends the room… Ha! This probably tops her opening story about the drunk soap starlet passed out in the bathroom.

    8:46: The ladies from “The Talk” present for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. The winner? Hunter King, Summer from “Y&R!” She is very nervous and excited and thanks her mom, a cancer survivor, for teaching her how to handle life with strength and grace.

    8:50: Now it is time for the boys for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series, and the winner is Chandler Massey as Will from “Days!” He jokes about the reel they showed that featured Guy Wilson (Will, "Days") before thanking everyone at the show for his four years as Will. He has no regrets from being on a soap. Although he might regret not pulling a no-show like many of the other evening's winners.

    8:54: Mo Rocca presents the award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative to Steve Harvey who we already know is not here. A host from El Gordo Y El Flaco wins for Spanish daytime and The Ellen Degeneres Show wins as well.

    9:06: "Good Morning America" on ABC wins best morning show.

    9:11: Judge Cristina Perez presents the award for Outstanding Game Show to Jeopardy! Alex Trebek isn’t there, but the rest of the crew takes the stage and invites Kathy Griffin on for "Celebrity Jeopardy." The gig sure sounds more appealing than this train wreck of an awards show right about now.

    9:14: The award for Outstanding Special Class Special is handed out, and the winner is Y&R: The Jeanne Cooper Tribute thank goodness! At least we get to hear some good things about the iconic actress and her 40 years on the show. The crowd stands after Jill Farren Phelps’ speech, although the gesture is lost as the show barrels on at a feverish pace. No commercials are really starting to take their toll.

    9:22: Now here’s a good looking group! Kelly Monaco (Sam, "GH"), Michelle Stafford (Nina, "GH") and Jason Thompson (Patrick, "GH") appear to present the award for Outstanding Entertainment Program in Spanish, but all eyes are on Stafford’s incredible legs and that thigh-high slit in her smokin' white dress! Then they present an award for Outstanding Entertainment News – after a very saucy Monaco threatens to flash the crowd to appease TMZ - to two winners. There is another tie and the first winner is "Entertainment Tonight." After a very, very long speech the second winner is announced. It’s "Extra." Monaco is over the technical glitches it seems as the teleprompter is blank, and Mario Lopez can’t quite seem to get to the stage very easily to accept the award. He promises to keep it brief, and he totally does. Way to go AC Slater!

    (Daytime Emmys)

    9:30: Sharon Osbourne gets onstage with Sheryl Underwood (did Sarah Gilbert refuse to take the stage?) and says she feels like she’s been here for five effing hours, encourages everyone to get pissed, puke, and go home and sleep with everyone they work with. The crowd gets on its feet! They present the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, after a few blow job jokes, Billy Miller (ex-Billy) is the winner! Wow, this category was lush with “Y&R” actors. So great to see Miller again, who jokes about not being there to accept the award. He keeps his speech quick and hustles off the stage.

    9:36: Osbourne and Underwood go right to the ladies, and give the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series to Eileen Davidson as Kristen DiMera on “Days!” She thanks Heather Tom (Katie, "B&B") for sharing this year before giving thanks to the people at “Days.” She loves that they allowed her to take the character to the next level.

    9:39: Iconic actress Donna Mills (Madeline, "GH") is on the stage and talks about her first job on the soap opera "The Secret Storm" as a nightclub singer named Rocket. She says that her early soap training was invaluable to her career, and she is happy to be back in the soap fold again on “GH.” She has two awards to present, one for Outstanding Drama Series, New Approaches, and Venice the Series wins! Crystal Chappell (Gina) in a pantsuit is surprised, but grateful for the category that embraces her show.

    9:43: The final award of the night! Outstanding Drama Series goes to Y&R, not a shock at all. Jill Farren Phelps thanks the network and Steve Kent as the cast and crew pack the stage. After just a few minutes, Kathy Griffin storms the stage and tells her to wrap it up, basically forcing them off the stage. And unceremoniously, that is a wrap!

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    - Hollie Deese

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