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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

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    41st Annual Daytime Emmys Live Blogging.

    It's the most glamorous event in daytime television and can't wait for the action to begin. With hilarious host Kathy Griffin sure to give viewers - and attendees - more surprises than last year's on-the-spot interviews with shocked winners as they exited the stage.

    Keep refreshing for all the latest moments from the red carpet and show!

    5:53: Anxiously awaiting the live stream to begin!

    6:00: It is on, and hosting duties are being divvied up among four social hostesses. Everything seems totally scattered but no time for that because first up is Steve Burton (Dylan, "Y&R") on the hot seat!

    6:02: Banter about clothing, "Y&R" and Burton's recent family vacation. Nothing too revealing. Here comes his co-star, Doug Davidson (Paul, "Y&R") wearing a good luck charm.

    6:04: Liam and Wyatt alert! Scott Clifton (Liam, "B&B") and Darin Brooks (Wyatt, "B&B") arrive and they are sporting matching facial hair. In fact, that is about all they are asked about other than being flirted with by the hostesses.

    6:06: Yikes - the hostess messed up the name of Mishael Morgan (Hilary) from "Y&R," who takes it in stride and looks incredible in wild pink.

    6:07:Lots of little technical gaffes the first time the event has ever been live streamed, and the hostesses are visibly shaken as they try to handle everything. Nominee Eileen Davidson (Ashley, "Y&R," Kristen, "Days") looks incredible despite it all in a sparkly gown and jewels! Her hair is curled with lots of volume and she is glowing.

    6:08: Host is awkwardly flirting with a very young Daniel Polo (ex-Jamie, "Y&R"), and is also unaware he is not on the show anymore. Wow! Still, Polo very handily steers the conversation back to acting. Not easy with this bunch.

    6:10: Stars are coming fast and furious, first Kelli Goss (Courtney, "Y&R") in orange lace and racy mesh cutouts, then Kate Linder (Esther) who has been on "Y&R" for 32 years! She is talking about how she uses her exposure to give back, taking even these few moments to further her charities. Good for her!

    6:12: Talking with Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Chloe, "Y&R") who says she needs a workout, great music, and calming tea to get ready for the awards. But, if the host calls you "Sweetie," chances are she doesn't know your name. Tough luck!

    6:13: Can we get a microphone that actually works for Joe Mascolo (Stefano, "Days")? Probably one of the best gets of the night with no substance at all. The hostesses tell him three times how amazing he looks which comes off so disingenuous.

    6:15: Sharon Case (Sharon, "Y&R") in art deco-inspired sparkly black lace and Jessica Collins (Avery, "Y&R") in a slicked back hairstyle and plunging neckline bring blonde bombshell to the red carpet. Especially Collins' - wowza. Girls have no idea she cooks in real life either. So sad.

    6:16: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, "Y&R") - here for her fifth nomination - is wearing yellow BCBG Max Azria. The hostesses have no idea about her award history, so talk remains on the clothes. Egan says she wears BCBG at all the award shows.

    6:17: Hosts are asking "GH's" Ryan Paevey (Nathan) to breathe on them. For a long time. Lots of hand fanning going on and way over-the-top flirting, very much beyond the line of good taste. They don't know who he is on the show and said they would love to check into his hospital. He just set them straight about being a cop, not a doc. So awkward!

    6:18: Ummm... another interview with Steve Burton. Coordination is not a key component on this year's red carpet.

    6:20: Hosts fishing for compliments from Melissa Ordway (Abby, "Y&R") - until they talk about her "boobies" over and over again. Not sure how much prep work anyone did on who would be walking the red carpet, but these hostesses have no clue who anyone is and it just seems to be getting worse. And no one wants to hear these hostesses bash themselves - sorry girls but it isn't about you right now.

    6:22: Another pan to Mishael Morgan - I guess two interviews is going to be par for the course tonight. Might as well since people are sure to start avoiding these girls once word gets out. And it took them about 30 seconds to figure it out. A lot of confusion going on, people walking in front of the camera and more.

    6:23: Ari Zucker (Nicole, "Days") is taking the hostesses' jokes about her killing an ostrich for her gown in good stride. Her father is there tonight to cheer her on and she is in a great mood! Quick - get away from these girls!

    6:24: Ack! One of the hostesses is wearing the same dress as another actress on the carpet.

    6:25: Hosts make joke about Sean Carrigan (Stitch, "Y&R") being funny, not knowing he is a stand-up comedian. This in itself is comedy gold, but when he calls them on it things get even more awkward. Beginning to wonder how many drinks these girls had before grabbing the microphone. The time would have certainly been better spent reading a few notes.

    6:26: These hosts are so bad and borderline insulting that you can almost hear the chances of next year's broadcast shriveling up.

    6:27: And back to Daniel Polo again. Can he get away without the over-the-top flirting? This time the girls think he is too cute, and adorable. Total opposite reaction. Poor guy.

    6:27: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, "Y&R") gets her own host - until he hands her off to the girls waiting in the wings. At least he lets them know how important MTS was, but they don't take the hint. This is not good. MTS tells them she paid for her own Escada dress, so we did learn something.

    6:29: Camryn Grimes (Mariah, "Y&R") looking amazing in a dress she found just this Wednesday, with purple lace emphasizing the bodice.

    6:30:Host just told Heather Tom (Katie, "B&B") he worked with her sister Heather once. Uh, duh! He meant Nicholle. Crazy bad. And more talk about boobies. So unprofessional!

    6:32: Kim Matula looking gorgeous in white BCBG before bouncing back to Doug Davidson, who claims to take the worst selfies ever. Would love to get our hands on that trove of film selfies he claims to have though!

    6:34: Hosts know Kristen Alderson (Kiki, "GH") from Vine and Twitter, but have no idea who Chad Duell (Michael, "GH") is or that he is nominated tonight. I think there is going to be absolutely no soap talk at all this red carpet. And did they just ask them when they will have a baby? Who does that?

    6:35: Angell Conwell (Leslie, "Y&R") is actually getting the chance to talk about her character. She learned the trick - just talk over the hostesses who have done nothing but cut people off all night.

    6:37: Some talk about the "GH" awards snubs, but the hosts are just along for the ride on this one. Totally over their heads.

    6:38: Daytime royalty Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, "Days") is wearing sparkly black and looking fabulous. She is excited to be here and is, oh goodness, she's twerking with the hostess!

    6:39: Hostesses caught off guard by the hotness of Don Diamont (Bill, "B&B") and his wife.

    6:40: First they asked Heather Tom if she gave birth through her mouth, then Don's wife if she gave birth through her eye sockets. How strange is that? And totally messed up that they assume you can't have kids years ago and one day in the future look hot. Ugh - hair-pullingly insulting!

    6:41: More fawning over the stars, this time over Burgess Jenkins new Billy on "Y&R." These hosts have literally spent a third of the time putting themselves down. Not sure they have every done any interview ever. He just asked if they were for real. We are wondering the same thing.

    6:43: Chrishell Stause (Jordan, "Days"), and her man Justin Hartley (ex-Fox, "Passions," Patrick, "Revenge"), looking incredible. Hosts are thankfully muted by their hotness.

    6:44: Hosts are about to blow an interview with the Chairman of National Academy of Arts in three, two ...

    6:45: Well, they said bulls***. Will that be okay? Too funny.

    6:47: "GH's" Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie, "GH") is looking amazing for her first nomination, and she also got a little twerk in while the hosts beat boxed. She told the hosts they were adorable. That's one word for it.

    6:49: Lots of talk about quarter-life crises with Ashlyn Pearce, (Ally, "Y&R") before asking Jason Thompson (Patrick, "GH") - in a bowtie - if he had ever been nominated before. He's been nominated four times.

    6:50: Back to the social lounge and the girls are stumbling over their words with Ryan Paevey from "GH" again. He talks about his "GH" peeps and they jump on the term. Now, a boy band named GH Peeps might not be all bad, but the girls have no idea what the Nurses' Ball is as he awkwardly talks about his routine. Seriously, would it have been hard to find out a few things from the soaps beforehand?

    6:52: Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, "GH") is totally shocked by the swearing and violent nature of his interview. Glad to see an honest reaction.

    6:53: Wow. One of them just told Amelia Heinle (Victoria, "Y&R") they could go lesbian for her. A little much for Heinle - she can't scoot off fast enough.

    6:54: They just asked Emme Rylan if she was named after the Emmy's and for some reason won't let the topic drop. She just changed her name from Marcy last year.

    6:56: Hunter King (Summer, "Y&R") in sleek black with flowing cream chiffon inserts at the hem is talking about her gown being an upgrade from her typical sweatpants. More Vine talk. As long as the hostesses can avoid actual plot points and character quirks it is all good.

    6:58: Hosts are fan girling over Finola Hughes (Anna, "GH") who is in a Balenciaga dress and Givenchy shoes. Hey - they know who someone is! All fawning, no questions. Oh, and more putting themselves down. So uncomfortable.

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    7:02: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, "B&B") is given props for not wearing sequins - which leaves us to wonder why they are insulting all the women in sequins. Thought Kelly Sullivan was going to smack them.

    7:03: Oh dear - they just called Monty Hall a "classic." Could they ask him one question? How horrible this is! They asked him what he was wearing and he said thank you. Pretty much sums up the entire red carpet experience.

    7:04: Next up is Donna Mills (Madeline, "GH") in a sleek red chiffon gown with long sleeves, and I am pretty sure these hosts have no idea who this icon is. Seriously? In fact, they just asked her date if he ever wore any of her dresses. That isn't inappropriate at all.

    7:06: Kim Matula (Hope, "B&B") in a white dress with strategic cutouts in the social lounge with another broken microphone. She says her personal style is a lot more edgy than her character Hope. She has been on the show for nearly five years and says she has met her very best friends from being on the show. This might be the most conversation the hosts have ever gotten from one of the stars and they basically just cut her off.

    7:08: Christian Le Blanc (Michael, "Y&R") - please put them in their place! He does a little singing and is able to joke around with the hosts and warned them not to drink and host! Wonder if he can smell something we can't. Now they are joking about doing drugs. Classy.

    7:10: Jacob Young (Rick, "B&B") looking great in the social lounge and speculating about taking over Spencer Publications with his sister on the show. These girls are flirting hard core and have no clue what he is talking about.

    7:14: Megan and Jessica in the social lounge are now chatting up Guy Wilson (Will, "Days") and making him choose between their dresses. These hosts have been looking for a date more than a scoop all night. Crazy.

    7:15: Kassie DePaiva (Eve, "Days," ex-Blair, "OLTL") in Phillip Lim and Greg Vaughan (Eric, "Days") are trying to fill the girls in on who they are on "Days." Their verdict - he is the hottest priest they have ever seen. As for DePaiva, they dismissively put her on Team Sequin. Sigh.

    7:17: Interviewing Kelli Goss again about her drug addict character so she has to correct them that she is actually a cop. I guess there is a reason they are staying away from plot points! Kelli- radiant in orange - chats about gun training for her police officer role and her favorite character on "Orange is the New Black."

    7:19: Max Ehrich's (Fen, "Y&R") date Veronica has big fans in the hosts! They deem them a great looking couple. No mention of Ehrich's nomination tonight - for the girls, he is just there as arm candy for his date.

    (Guy Wilson Twitter)

    7:20: They just asked Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter, "B&B") what it is like to be a black man on soaps today. Wow! He handles it well, but yikes.

    7:22: From that to talking about Spanx with Jen Lilley (Theresa, "Days.") A typical transition on this red carpet. Lilley looks outstanding with a bold red lip and another art deco inspired gown with black lace over nude chiffon.

    7:25: The girls are interviewing the women from "The Talk," who are looking forward to Kathy Griffin uncensored. Sara Gilbert looks totally unimpressed with the hostesses. Rough. We are right there with you girl.

    7:26: Social time with Kelly Sullivan who is talking about her new blog and how it compares to working in daytime. Sullivan likes that you can express yourself and show who you really are, not through someone else's words.

    7:29: Michelle Stafford (Nina, "GH") keeping it real that there are people she likes and people she doesn't like hanging around tonight. Her favorite show right now, of course, is "GH" and that she loves that her character is a sociopath which was just revealed. Her dress is white hot with strategic cutouts and a slit that shows off major leg.

    7:30: Casey Moss (JJ, "Days") looking fresh in white. Kate Mansi (Abigail, "Days") looks incredible with a menswear inspired jacket and silk blouse unbuttoned to the naval. Yowza!

    7:32: Asking Hunter King (Summer) how awkward the loves scenes are on "Y&R." Not any worse than this red carpet.

    7:34: Giuliana Rancic is on the red carpet - a pro among the newbies. They have presented her with an award, but they never say what it is. Update: It is some kind of fan favorite award and Giuliana says she is going to put it by her computer.

    7:36: A cut to the fashion cam seems like a ploy to get these hosts to just stop talking for a minute. No complaints here as we get to see a few stars who are avoiding interviews at all costs.

    7:37: Yay, Tuc Watkins (ex-David, "OLTL") in Calvin Klein with producer Jennifer Pepperman, proud of "OLTL" for their Emmy nod tonight.

    7:40: Eileen Davidson - again - chatting in the social lounge about her superior memorization skills. Her column gown is from an Indian designer and her ring is vintage from the 1930s.

    7:42: Haley Pullos (Molly, "GH") wearing a gorgeous coral and jewel gown - super sweet, she talks about what an honor it is to be here. More technical gaffes as Kathy Griffin walks up. This should be good!

    7:43: Griffin promises not to hold back and while she isn't drinking, her mother Maggie is. She is wearing Halston Heritage.

    7:47: Oh my goodness, this is just so rough.

    7:48: Actors from "The Chase" happy to be here, nominated for the first time, and the first time on the red carpet as well.

    7:49: Vinessa Antoine (Jordan, "GH") - sultry in skin-tight red satin - is talking about her character. She says she doesn't keep a lot of secrets from her kids and her character does. Of course, she got cut off by the host to talk about how great she looks despite having kids. So we've determined above all else, these hosts can't believe you can look good after kids. How insulting. Antoine cuts back in to talk about the show and says there are some big shocks to come.

    7:51: Maura West (Ava, "GH") in a short, metallic dress and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, "GH") in a custom suit arrive, and the hosts are sure they are dating, not co-stars. Another hint they have never seen a soap, ever. More like a smack over the head.

    7:53: Hosts seem to be killing time now before the show starts. Martha Madison (ex-Belle, "Days") chats about her blog, and everyone talks about drinking. Worst red carpet experience ever. Wow.

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