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Friday, June 20th, 2014

    Hendrickson (Apega/ staff consults their crystal balls. readers recently voted and the results were tallied for the Eighth Annual Sudzies Award Winners. Today, the staff predicts who the 41st Daytime Emmy winners will be from watching the Daytime Emmy clips. Don't forget to watch Sunday June 22 as the Daytime Emmys will be live streamed on their official website.

    Outstanding Drama Series:

    The reels submitted for each show are as follows:
    "The Bold And The Beautiful" selected their July 1 episode. It was Brooke's birthday party where Taylor revealed to everyone that Bill and Brooke had an affair. Also in the clip Caroline pushed Rafael to steam things up with their Room 8 webseries. The soap also chose to enter a clip from the July 3 episode where Eric confronted Taylor about her announcement that Brooke and Bill were lovers while Katie confronted Bill and Brooke, and the Room 8 production began.

    "Days Of Our Lives" submitted the May 30 episode where Kristen confessed to Marlena that earlier in the day she was in bed with John. Also in that clip was Will holding his daughter Arianna for the first time while Nick confessed to Gabi that he'd been blackmailing Will. They also presented the November 8 episode where everyone at St. Luke's watched the Kristen/Eric sex tape during Brady and Kristen's wedding.

    "One Life To Live's" submission was a mixed bag. They chose a clip of the April 29 episode where Bo found pills in Matthew's bag, Dorian was entangled in a political scandal, and Dani collapsed at the opening of Shelter. They also chose the August 12 episode of an unwittingly drugged Clint spiraling out of control and accusing Viki of trying to ruin him, and Jeffrey was revealed to be a part of a secret organization.

    "Young And The Restless" wound up choosing their October 11 episode. While Billy purchased ice cream in the store, his daughter Delia left the car after watching her dog being run over by a car. Billy visualized life without his daughter. They also chose the October 15 episode when Chloe learned her daughter has died as a result of her injuries sustained by the hit-and-run and places the blame on Billy and later takes ownership herself.

    Zucker (FayesVision/

    Outstanding Drama Series:

    Dustin Cushman: Up until recently I only watched “Days of Our Lives,” so I really can’t comment on this one in fairness. However, I would love to see the show go two for two and win again this year after such an Emmy dry spell. The church scene they submitted was amazing, as was the episode where Nick admitted to Gabi that he had blackmailed Will.

    Violette DeSantis: All I can say is that after an incredible year of reprised character roles and storylines that pushed the envelope, made us laugh, cry, and sometimes roll our eyes at the writers, "General Hospital" should have been recognized. Robin's return to her family was the icing on the cake after her rescue. In lieu of that, I'd choose "Days" because of both the storylines they presented. It too was must see TV.

    Christine Fix: There's an underlying theme of explosive reveals with massive repercussions in each of these Daytime Emmy reels. None of the soaps disappointed with their clips and we're all hard-pressed to predict a winner. It’s really rather subjective and we cannot help but wonder why "All My Children" and "General Hospital" were conspicuously left out of the submissions for Dramatic Series when they both did so well last year. Though we know there will be no chance of it, “AMC” and “GH” are so deserving of a chance to win the coveted award. I predict “Days Of Our Lives” will win. They chose that fabulous old school clip of gleeful Kristen and her world turning upside down when Marlena played that sex tape of Kristen and the priest. You can’t beat the pure soapy goodness in that clip.

    Amy Mistretta: Hands down, "The Young And The Restless" deserves the Outstanding Drama Series award for its storyline surrounding Delia's death. From the moment Billy left her in the car alone, I was silently pleading for Delia to stay put instead of wandering off innocently after her puppy. The fallout from her death pulled at my heartstrings while Billy was forced to face his guilt and loss. And as a mother, Chloe's reaction to losing her daughter, and that haunted look in her eyes, made me realize my biggest fear. It was a tearjerker to say the least, and even though I knew what was going to happen well before it did [sigh for spoilers], I don't think I cried that much over a storyline since everyone believed "One Life To Live's" John McBain died in a fiery car crash.

    Matt Purvis: “Days Of Our Lives.” It has been some of the most consistent and condensed soapy goodness that they've managed to make in a few years.

    Candace Young: For pure soap opera drama, it will be tough to beat “Y&R’s” submission, which surrounds the death of a child, Delia Abbott. This stuff rips your heart out.

    Miller (Nikki Nelson/

    Outstanding Lead Actor Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: I’m going to say it’s a toss up between “Y&R’s” Doug Davidson and Peter Bergman. Both of their scenes were fantastic in the emotion they conveyed.

    Violette DeSantis: Jason Thompson. How he can be so even keel and still pull off such emotion is beyond words. Every challenge his character had faced throughout the return of the Robin storyline brought about a tear jerking scene and no two instances had been alike or mundane.

    Christine Fix: Billy Miller from “Y&R’s” grief and guilt was felt by anyone watching the clip or the storyline.

    Amy Mistretta: Billy Miller... For portraying Billy Abbott as a grieving, guilt-stricken father to the core.

    Matt Purvis: Billy Miller "Y&R" – Miller really managed to embody being turned inside out. His use of silence, deliberate hushing of his own lines and the specific way he would put his hands in his pockets were all good ways to contain and retain the intensity of his performance.

    Lori Wilson: I thought for sure I’d pick Jason Thompson, since I consider him the most believable male crier in all of daytime. I probably would have if he had chosen his scenes during Robin’s return at the church. But after watching all the reels, I have to go with Peter Bergman on this one. Bergman’s portrayal of Jack’s anger and confusion over learning he was Summer’s father was impressive, believable and never took me out of the moment.

    Candace Young: Although there were other scenes that came to mind he might have submitted, “Y&R’s” Billy Miller’s performances had a powerful realism that stood out.

    Outstanding Lead Actress Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: I would love for this to finally be “DOOL’s” Arianne Zucker’s year, as her scenes when Eric accused Nicole of drugging and raping him were amazing. Unfortunately, Heather Tom seems unbeatable, and Eileen Davidson is also a powerhouse to be reckoned with. It could be any one of them.

    Violette DeSantis: Eileen Davidson's on “Days Of Our Lives” kept me captivated throughout her character's revenge storyline and was the shows' storyline most likely to keep me tuning in. Her reel was one of my favorite performances from the show last year. I have to give a shout out to Heather Tom for her performance on “The Bold And The Beautiful.” She showed a strong character who had come into her own finally.

    Christine Fix: Eileen Davidson or Arianne Zucker from “DOOL.” The clips speak volumes. If one doesn’t win, the other should. Both of the actresses are consistent and have a range unbeat by most others.

    Matt Purvis: Eileen Davidson "DOOL" – Davidson brought an extraordinary amount of energy and old-school campiness to every scene she was in. She deserves an award just for managing to load so much loathing into her glances at Marlena.

    Lori Wilson: My bet’s on Heather Tom, whose fierce, yet devastated woman scorned is the most powerful acting of the bunch. However, I like seeing something a little different among the reels and it was a lot of fun watching Eileen Davidson’s Kristen torment her longtime rival Marlena over John. I wouldn’t mind seeing her take the Emmy home if it doesn’t go to Tom.

    Candace Young: Based on submitted scenes alone it’s a toss-up between “DOOL’s” Arianne Zucker and “B&B’s” Heather Tom for me.

    Massey (Nikki Nelson/

    Outstanding Supporting Actor Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: Eric Martsolf is at his best as a drunk or drugged out Brady on “DOOL,” but I think this might finally be Bradford Anderson’s year for demanding his son on “GH.”

    Violette DeSantis: I'd go with Bradford Anderson, and not because I'm a big fan of the show. His acting showed such growth over the few years that when he finally was ready to exit, fans didn't want him to leave. He always held true to who his character was but brought so much more as each storyline challenged him. I'd like to add, wow! Steve Burton is a close tie, and not just because he is a “General Hospital” alum. I don't watch “The Young And The Restless,” but I was really impressed with what he delivered.

    Christine Fix: Eric Martsolf from “Days Of Our Lives” really nailed it not only in his clip but this entire year playing bad boy Brady Black. Honourable mention goes to Dominic Zamprogna for his clip portraying “GH’s” simmering Dante.

    Matt Purvis: Eric Martsolf "DOOL" – Martsolf has been playing the bad side of Brady for most of the last year and has been having a great time digging himself further into a hole.

    Lori Wilson: I’m giving this one to Dominic Zamprogna. I’m a big fan of quiet anguish; no big outbursts, just honest, solid drama. Though I have to give kudos to Eric Martsolf. I was surprised how invested I was in seeing what Brady was going to do next. If Zamprogna doesn’t win, it’d be fun to see Martsolf take home the Emmy.

    Candace Young: On the basis of the reels, “GH’s” Bradford Anderson is probably the frontrunner in this category.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: I think Elizabeth Hendrickson from “Y&R” had the best reel here. I felt like her pain and loss was real, and there seemed to be a whole lot of reels this year dealing with the death of a child.

    Violette DeSantis: Elizabeth Hendrickson, no other comments, I'm still looking for the tissue box.

    Christine Fix: Jane Elliot from “General Hospital” is so deserving and should win based on the vulnerability displayed by an otherwise strong character. Kelly Sullivan gets a shout out for portraying Kate and Connie but chances are the dead baby storyline will grab at people’s heartstrings and have Elizabeth Hendrickson taking the statue home.

    Amy Mistretta: It could only go to Elizabeth Hendrickson. I couldn't predict "Y&R" to win Drama Series for this [baby death] storyline without having Miller and Hendrickson, who completely broke my heart as a devastated Chloe, rounding it out by taking home awards in their categories as well.

    Matt Purvis: Kelly Sullivan on "GH" – She had the task of playing two generally unbalanced characters in one body and managed to convincingly make them both seem present to varying degrees at the same time, right down to some of her make-up choices.

    Lori Wilson: This is a strong category, but for me there is no question: “GH’s" Jane Elliot. Nothing breaks my heart more than when tough as nails Tracy lets down her guard.

    Candace Young: This category could go to either Amelia Heinle or Elizabeth Hendrickson from “Y&R” who both did an exemplary job depicting their shock and grief in the wake of Delia’s death.

    Godfrey (FayesVision/

    Outstanding Younger Actor Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: I think it will be another win for Chandler Massey and “DOOL.” He’s just such an amazing actor.

    Violette DeSantis: I call foul. How can a fan decide when you have Bryan Craig and Chad Duell up for the same award? I hope it's a tie. They both gave seasoned performances for actors as young. I think younger actor should be more of a rookie award and go to an actor in their first few years. I've lost count of how long Duell has been on the air, but Craig is just out of the gate and aims to please.

    Christine Fix: I didn’t feel one way or another about the younger actors' clips this year but it’s likely Chandler Massey, who portrayed Will on “DOOL,” will probably take another Emmy home this year.

    Matt Purvis: Daniel Polo "Y&R" – It was a nicely understated and introverted performance that was only accentuated by the fact that everyone around him was consistently going over the top.

    Lori Wilson: I don’t have strong feelings in this category, but I had the most sympathy for Bryan Craig’s Morgan lashing out at his parents for loving him less than big brother Michael.

    Candace Young: “Y&R’s” Daniel Polo was such a fantastic new young actor to hit the daytime scene that it would be amazing to see him get the award, but being up against the likes of “GH’s” Bryan Craig and “DOOL’s” Chandler Massey make it a long shot.

    Outstanding Younger Actress Predictions:

    Dustin Cushman: I think it will be between Hunter King from “Y&R” and Kristen Alderson on “GH.” I thought King did a good job learning the man she thought was her father wasn’t her father, though I’d give Alderson the edge here. She was amazing in her scenes learning the truth about the death of her child and boyfriend.

    Violette DeSantis: Kristen Alderson as Starr Manning on "General Hospital." I would have loved to have seen Lindsey Morgan considered in this category though as well.

    Christine Fix: Linsey Godfrey’s reel was refreshingly humourous which isn’t the norm for Emmy reels. Often we see a lot of bawling. Because this wasn’t anything like that it stood out for me.

    Matt Purvis: Linsey Godfrey "B&B" – Godfrey is consistently hilarious and deranged, but it always seems to work.

    Lori Wilson: I didn’t expect to, to but I really enjoyed Linsey Godfrey’s reel. Instead of the usual crying and despair Emmy nominees submit, she was naturally light and fun, which made me take notice. I’d love to see her win for her comedic skills, but I’m sure it will go to one of the other actresses for their dramatic work.

    Candace Young: “Y&R’s” Hunter King is up against some more experienced young daytime actresses such as Kristen Alderson in this category, but she did an excellent job with the material surrounding Summer’s paternity and could very well take the award. will be on the red carpet Sunday, and we'll be live blogging during the show to bring you all of the Emmy news and gossip.

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    - Christine Fix

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