Soap Cruise Skits - Improv or Mayhem? You Decide.

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

    Julie with Christian LeBlanc (Deanna Barnert/

    Part I: Julie's Take

    It sounds pretty simple in theory. Willing fans put together a script and turn it in at the beginning of the cruise. Two days later we start our day at sea off with the lucky winners getting to act out their skits with the actors of their choice. Sounds fun, right? What, what ensues is part slapstick, part improve, part R rated and a completely enjoyable way to kick off yet another day of the Soap Cruise. The moment all of the actors were introduced and called upon to act out the first winning script, all of our plans to take notes kind of flew out the porthole. The humor was rampant and I just don't trust my memory or my chicken-scratch notes well enough to do it justice, so Deanna and I decided to do a "She said/She Said" blog for you. First off, here's what stood out to me as notable: Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, All My Children) set the whole thing up and reminded fans that no one was trying to win an Emmy. Trust me, the best actors on that stage ended up being one or two of the fans. Everyone else was too busy doing improve to deliver a straight line. The first winning script was entitled "Emergency Room Antics" written by Jessica from Ohio.

    Julie with contest winners (Julie Robinson/

    Bradford Anderson Spinelli, GH) was cast as a doctor and he immediately went into character, albeit a demented one. How did I know that? Well, he started circling his nipples as he checked out his patient's condition. (Does that qualify as demented in
    your book?) Don Diamont (Brad Carlton, Y&R) was also cast although I can't recall what his role was. He was playing Y&R's Michael Baldwin and he immediately started reading his lines as if he was Don Adams from "Get Smart." He did so to annoy Christian Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless). Apparently, Don teases Christian by saying that he reads his lines like Don Adams. For emphasis, Don took off his shoe and spoke through a shoe phone. (You'd have to have been a "Get Smart" fan to get it, but the vocal impersonation was dead on.) So much for Jessica from Ohio's plot, it was completely back-burnered in favor of the improv. I don't think anyone, including Jessica, minded at all.

    Next up was Denise, a self-proclaimed huge fan of General Hospital. She also cast Bradford, but she wanted him to play the role of Lucky. And Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer, General
    ) was cast as Spinelli of course! Bradford (as Lucky) told Lucky (as Bradford) to lay off the orange soda and bbq chips. They tried to do the script justice, but after a while Greg adlibbed and said, "Where's that good looking Lucky guy?" It was at that point, I think, that Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler, AMC) barged into the scene and reclaimed his former role as Lucky. He joked that he didn't really die in the fire after all.

    Scenes with Don, Nadia and fans! (Julie Robinson/

    Another hilarious bit came out of two fans playing GH arch rivals Elizabeth Spencer and Sam McCall. Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, As the World Turns) was cast as Sonny Corinthos and he immediately took to his knees. When someone asked him what he was doing down there he (as Sonny) quipped, "Because this is my height!" In his best mobster voice, he went on to say that he cries on cue because he's so short that he has to make up for it somehow. The bunch went back to business and Bradford yelled out, "Due to ratings, Jason and Sam need to be together." Guess that's what we call insider information, eh?

    To me, the funniest of all scenes was when Christian played the role of a pregnant woman. At one point, Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, Bold and Beautiful) shouted that the baby was coming and everybody hit the floor. Christian started pushing his makeshift baby bump (a wadded up sweater stuffed under his tee shirt) down and out. In the meantime, Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester, B&B), who wasn't even cast in this scene, bolted onto the stage and slipped up between Christian's legs as the newborn baby. She immediately latched on to the new mom's (a.k.a. Christian's) breast for a feeding. It was pure
    magic and something I'm sure these words didn't do justice.

    I'm sure there was more, but these are the things that stood out to this chick. Hours later, the ship was still buzzing about it and agreed that was the best part of the whole cruise.

    Deanna's take coming soon!

    Come back soon to see which antics stood out to fellow reporter Deanna Barnert. In the meantime, check out Julie's blog about the Soap Trivia Event and Deanna's blog about the VIP breakfast.

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    - Julie Clark Robinson

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