Soap Cruise 2009 - A Little Trivia, a Lot of Scoop!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

    Cameron Mathison & fans (Julie Robinson,

    It's hard to say which event on the cruise proved to be the most entertaining. Each gathering is originally planned to have a specific purpose, but with fifteen distinctly different personalities on that stage, there are always some interesting twists. What started out as an attempt to trip one another up with soap trivia turned into a hilarious free-for-all for the actors as we departed Key West for Cozumel.

    Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, All My Children) leapt to the stage and introduced each actor with the help of a clip of his or her work. As you can imagine, what followed (in addition to the hooting and hollering of fans) was good, (not always) clean fun. Here are the highlights:

    *Christian Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless ) was introduced as the guy whose character gets away with so much but the fans still love him.*Christian Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin, The Young and the Restless ) was introduced as the guy whose character gets away with so much but the fans still love him. "It was only attempted rape," Christian clarified.

    Greg Vaughan and Fan (Julie Robinson/

    *"The pool boy who made good," was how Christian described his co-worked Don Diamont (Brad Carlton, Y&R).

    *Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer, General Hospital) took to the stage and Christian quipped that we'll all get lost in his dreamy eyes.

    Christian LeBlanc's butt! (Julie Robinson/

    *Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester, Bold and Beautiful) good naturedly took some ribbing from his fellow actors. He was referred to as 'Winsor Hormone' and Winsor 'My Underwear is Always That Color' Harmon, and so on. When he finally made his way to the stage he raised a glass of champagne and toasted the fans for coming out.

    *Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH) was asked to go into character. He went into full Spinelli mode, pulled his hair into his face and hunched over. He then demonstrated how he morphs back into Bradford by bending over and flipping his hair back.

    *Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley, Guiding Light) was introduced as a first-time Soap Cruiser. When he took the microphone he oozed with sensuality as he said, "You don't have to be gentle with me."

    *Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester, B&B) came down the aisle toward the stage with a camera of her own. She paused to click away at the fans. Once she finally joined the others, Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler, AMC) told her that she looked hot in her Daisy Dukes.

    *Prior to Nadia Bjorlin's (Chloe Lane, Days of Our Lives) entrance, fans were treated to a clip of one of her steamy sex scenes. Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, As the World Turns ) demanded that the clip be played over and over again. (He also asked if perhaps they could do a strip tease Q&A session following the trivia game.) Once she reached the stage, Nadia asked why she was the only one whose clip had no dialogue! "Is that my best work?" she joked.

    Don Diamont & Fan (Julie Robinson,

    Nadia and Brandon Beemer (Owen Knight, B&B) were asked how long they'd been dating. Nadia smiled and said, "We've known each other for almost seven years, but we started dating a little over two years ago." Brandon added that their first kiss was in a bathroom and that Nadia never called him back after that! They ran into each other some four years later. "It's almost sickening how beautiful they are together," Winsor quipped.

    Once all of the actors were in place, the trivia game began although it didn't take long for the questions to be deemed lame and the actors fielded questions instead. We learned that on Y&R, Paul and Christine traveled to Viet Nam in search of Jack Abbott's son Keemo and that Sheila Carter's mother's name was Molly. Christian was asked if he knew Jack Abbot's street address, and after he responded with an 'I don't care' was given the answer anyway -- 603 Fernwood Drive.

    Somehow a fan's question lead Winsor Harmon to pipe up with, "I'd pick Stephanie Forrester in a cage fight over anyone. That's one mean witch!" Which lead Lesli Kay to share, "Now that they've split Stephanie and Eric up they can't share clothes anymore."

    Austin Peck tossed a few of his own questions out to the fans. He asked who (of the actors) has done more drugs and before anyone could shout out an answer, Winsor asked if Viagra counted. Austin also wanted to know who had the best butt, and Cameron volunteered that while on "Dancing with the Stars" he was delighted to realize that he could crack his back if he flexed his butt checks hard enough.

    Somehow in the midst of the bedlam, Greg Vaughan gave fans a little scoop! "I think Liz and Lucky might be reunited," he reported. When he heard some dissention from the fans he asked why they liked Lucky with Sam so much, although he admitted that he got lots more screen time during their pairing.

    Jacob Young was asked why his character is always drunk and it took a while for him to come up with an answer. In the meantime, the actors had big fun drawing comparisons to Jacob and JR. Finally, Cameron laughed, "Because the booze is free on Soap Cruise!"

    Lesli Kay & Fans (Julie Robinson/

    Bradford was asked if Spinelli was based on anyone he knows personally. "The GH writers are really just a big group of nerds who try to show how smart they are by writing his dialogue," he joked.

    When a question was lobbed to Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio Vega, One Life to Live) he exploded with, "This is the first chance I've had to talk all (insert expletive here) day!"

    Then it was time to address the newly-bearded elephant in the room - Don Diamont's (Brad Carlton, Y&R) unemployed status. A fan asked if he had anything in the works after being let go after twenty-three years. Winsor piped up and responded with, "Lesli and I are trying our best to bring him over to B&B. He's a wonderful actor and would bring a great, big, strong influence." He quickly added what sounded a bit like wishful thinking, "We're going to get rid of Jack Wagner and bring Don over." As for Don, he simply said that he's been cleaning Winsor's pool for employment for the past couple of months.

    After all this, fans and actors alike had energy left for a robust meet & greet session. I, for one, had sore cheeks from smiling so much.

    There are more highlights to come from Soap Cruise 2009.

    - Julie Clark Robinson

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