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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

    Christian LeBlanc & Fan during Meet 'n' Greet! (

    Ahoy, from Soap Cruise 2009!

    Originally posted Thursday January 22, 2009.

    Deanna Barnert and I are blogging live to you from Soap Cruise 2009, aboard Celebrity Cruises. We came aboard with the actors on the ship at the port in South Beach, Florida around 10 AM this morning, excited for this four day luxurious cruise to begin!

    We'll be taking you through events with the actors and fans before departure in Miami, during our excursions in both gorgeous Key West and lovely Cozumel, so keep refreshing your page! You never know when we'll pop up with a bit of news from the second voyage. Make sure you regularly check our photo gallery for added photos all weekend!

    We don't depart until 5:00 PM, but we're covering the Crystal Room, chatting with the actors and the fans and sipping cocktails. We'll keep you posted with excerpts from our adventures, so stay tuned!

    Deanna: Here's a photo that I took of Bradford Anderson, (Spinelli,General Hospital) with his adorable gal, Kiera.

    The second photo is the beautiful Julie and Winsor Harmon, (Thorne, Bold and the Beautiful), who met on the first Soap Cruise! He and plenty of other actors are here for the second voyage that she met on the first, with Christine Fix. (Who incidentally, wanted to be here, with us, but opted out this year, as she's involved in other soaps business!)

    Check out the photos in our photo gallery of a certain actor who we're sad to see leaving The Young and the Restless, sportin' facial hair!

    Deanna Barnert & Julie Robinson Key West (

    We posted a photo of the official cruise wear, actors meeting with the fans and giving their autographs and when we caught up with Jacob Young, (JR, All My Children) he told us that he was almost sent home for not having his passport! Yikes. He had his birth certificate faxed over and voila, he's here to stay!

    There is a photo of the beautiful ocean - sorry about the quality, but it's obviously very beautiful here. Too bad you're not here! Next January will be the third voyage and we hope you're on it!

    Right now, we're still drifting around the meet and greet. There's an endless line of ladies waiting to get their time with the actors. Each gets her own performance along with their photos! Heck, not even the cruise staff could stay away from this party. Check out a server getting her picture taken with a pretty gal you and I know, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe,
    Days of Our Lives).

    We've taken a couple of brief video clips of what we're seeing. It's really shaky! Sorry!

    And a wandering we go...again, sorry about how shaky it is!

    Still partying, still waiting to leave port. We posted a new photo of Carnival Cruise Lines, who is next in line to leave, before us. We met an old friend, Devin Owens and are drinking margaritas with Keith Coulouris, Lesli Kay's husband and ex-As the World Turns alumni.

    Later on, we bumped into Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, One Life to Live) and Brandon Bemmer, spending some time with two fans. If you open the photo gallery, you'll be able to see the great t-shirts on these ladies. "Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go On The Soap Cruise!" That was cute!

    Last night we dined, partied some more, and were reminded that Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake,All My Children) would be a little late, and joining us in Key West, due to work commitments!

    We spent the morning strolling through Key West with some of the actors. (Arrived there at 7:00 AM and we're set to depart at 2:00 PM.)

    Winsor Harmon & Deanna Barnert, Key West (

    We posted a photo of Deanna and Winsor and Deanna and myself, waiting to get back on the ship. While on the way back, we ran into Don (Diamont, Brad,The Young and the Restless) and his wife who were going to check out zero mile marker, which is on Fleming and Whitehead streets in Key West, as most of you are aware!

    Fans ask actors to pose in photos, give autographs and hugs, but sometimes they have other requests, such as this one. Brandon Beemer tells Deanna and I. Nadia Bjorlin were getting recognized so much from other touring fans, they had a hard time getting back to the boat, and Brandon tells us a fan asked him to hold her baby. He graciously agreed to do so, for a photo and asked Nadia and Winsor if fans ask this of them. Winsor admits he always refuses for fear of dropping the baby! Don't worry. Brandon didn't drop the baby!

    Posting one more photo of us in Key West and we'll be with you soon! (The water is absolutely beautiful, the skies are sunny and it's a balmy 69 degrees.)

    Cruising again. Destination Mexico. Cancun, to be exact! "Hot Hot Hot!" We should arrive at 11:00 AM Saturday. We'll be there until 8:00.) We've done a Q&A with some of the actors and have taken video footage of the boys playing b-ball! The boys played hard. Winsor got a knee to the leg and a charlie horse, while Bradford got caught up in the safety net but kept going! Lots of trash talk. I'll keep that to myself! Good times!

    Deanna, Lesli, Julie and Murray (

    Julie: Saturday, 11:00 AM we arrived in beautiful, sunny, hot Cozumel Mexico! A wonderful day was had swimming with the dolphins (we kissed and hugged one!), we took a group photo and uploaded it in our cruisin' photo gallery. You'll find Julie and I with Lesli Kay (Felicia,Bold and the Beautiful) and Murray Bartlett (Cyrus, Guiding Light). We depart at 8:00 PM and tomorrow is a day at sea.

    Basketball on the cruise! (

    Well soap fans, we're nearing the end of our cruise, and got so caught up in the fun of it all. The soap trivia game, which we're writing about today in the airport, the chance to create a soap script and act it out, and the cocktail party. We'll provide more blogs for you about each of the wonderful events we were on, once we arrive home!

    We're still adding adding photos to our photo gallery.

    Thank-you for coming along with us on our journey. We hope to see you again next year!

    - Julie Clark Robinson and Deanna Barnert

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