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Sunday, June 16th, 2013

    Welcome to live blogging with during the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards! We're on the red carpet, we're tweeting, we're Facebooking, we're thrilled to give the fans all the possible coverage we can. Please refresh this page often for constant changes.

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    7:20 EST: Some of the writers and the soap fans may not be in Beverly Hills for the biggest night honoring Daytime, but I couldn't be more excited if I was simply watching the pics on Twitter and Instagram of the stars arriving. Only a few more minutes before HLN red carpet coverage is live on television!

    7:29 PM: Almost time ...

    7:30 PM: It's time!

    7:31 PM: Wow, Rachael Ray's necklace is Art Deco amazing. Who wants one?

    7:36 PM: Love Kathy Griffin! And how can we get one of those tuna melts?

    7:38 PM: Steve Harvey on the red carpet talking about his two nominations and getting real about his struggles. AJ Hammer is a red carpet pro. But even he can't get Harvey to bring kissing back to "The Family Feud."

    7:41 PM: Only 19 more minutes before showtime. Do you think we need more dresses and jewels?

    7:43 PM: Wow, Monty Hall! Talk about Daytime royalty. Earning a Lifetime Achievement award tonight for "Let's Make A Deal" - which is also up for its own Emmy tonight.

    7:45 PM: Sweet story Monty just told about his wife's Emmy. (Note: It was great to get this interaction with Monty as his tribute was flubbed during the broadcast and his video never aired. Bummer!)

    7:46 PM: Incredible - Kris Jenner's fist interview since birth of Kim Kardashian's baby (no name yet) last night. Talk about a score for AJ! She says the baby is beautiful. The way she talks about the luxe sets from her new talk show makes me want to turn in just to see how it looks.

    7:48 PM: Just over 10 minutes left until showtime and still no fabulous soap stars to ogle. Bummer!

    Will we get it right? Check out's Emmy night predictions from our writers.

    7:51 PM: "Y&R's" Lauralee Bell (Cricket) talking about Jeanne Cooper (ex-Katherine, "Y&R"). Cooper told her to work hard but have fun, suggest but don't offend and eat papaya. So sad Jeanne isn't here this year ... Love all of the respect and honor she has received since her passing.



    7:58 PM: Just moments away and AJ is chatting with the ladies from "The Talk," which has already won three Emmy's this year for hair, makeup and art direction. Perfect considering their no makeup show this year.

    8:00 PM: It's beginning! Robin Meade, Sam Champion and AJ Hammer take the stage to kick it off.

    8:01 PM: Robin sings a quick song about soaps and their famously salacious storylines. Her voice is very good!

    8:02 PM: AJ Hammer using a weather map calling out stormy and hot celebs - including A-lister George Lucas who is nominated and in attendance tonight.

    8:04 PM: Sheryl Underwood called onstage to help interview soap opera stars and she is practically hysterical.

    8:05 PM: Lots of talk about the hot young stars like Max Ehrich (Fen, "Y&R") and Chandler Massey (Will, "DOOL) - bring them out please!

    Best Lead Actor!

    8:06 PM: Wish fulfilled! All young actor nominees are onstage - in suits and ties - to present the winner for best lead actor. And the winner is ...

    8:07 PM: Doug Davidson! His first win for the role of Paul Williams on "Y&R," a role he has had since 1978. I predicted this!


    8:09 PM: Great speech by Doug - emotional and hit all the right notes. Love him! Sheryl is interviewing him right after his win - a new and emotional element this year - and he attributes his powerful storyline for his win.

    8:12 PM: Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis "GH,") Katie Couric and other celebs joking about what they do with their Emmy's in a pre-taped segment after the first win of the night. NLG uses it as a whisk!

    8:15 PM: Todd Newton comes onstage to present the award for outstanding game show. Newton was last year's winner for host.

    8:16 PM: "The Price is Right" wins! This is the 6th win for the show in this category. It has been on the air since 1956.

    8:18 PM: Newton goes on to present the winner for best game show host. And the Emmy goes to ...

    8:19 PM: Ben Bailey for Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab" - his third win for this category for the now-cancelled show.

    8:21 PM: Bailey gets snagged for his interview. He had wanted to be a comedian and talks about how you never know where life takes you. Not that the show is over he is doing stand-up, hosting a new show on GSN and enjoying life.

    8:27 PM: The hosts of "The Talk" take the stage to present the award for informative talk show.

    8:29 PM: The award goes to - oh no! The envelope she has is wrong! Yet another blunder in this awkward show.

    8:31 PM: Finally, the winner is "The Dr. Oz Show." What a catch from Aisha Tyler.

    8:32 PM: Don Diamont (Bill, "B&B") and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, "GH") present the award for best supporting actor - NLG jokes it took all of them to stuff her into her dress, a showstopping gold number. Hot!

    Best Supporting Actor!

    8:34 PM: A tie! "B&B's" Scott Clifton (Liam) and "Y&R's" Billy Miller (Billy)! The more the merrier in my opinion.

    8:35: Clifton thanks CBS, Brad Bell and everyone at "B&B," whom he considers his family for life. And of course his wife for running lines with him. He wraps it up so Billy can talk - it seems he was unaware that he would have to share his time onstage with Billy and took up all his time.

    8:36 PM: Billy takes his turn as Clifton hits the couch. Billy tells Jeanne (Katherine, "Y&R) he misses her. Now they both hit what fans are now referring to on Twitter as 'the dreaded interview couch' to answer questions from Giada De Laurentiis. It seems unclear if Giada was prepped for this role - these interviews are not good and fans are not happy and taking to Twitter.

    8:42 PM: A montage of dramatic diva moments right before Kathy Griffin is brought to the stage.

    8:43 PM: Her first nod is to Giada's boobs. Totally. Then her reading of the best lines from daytime. Hilarious! The winner for outstanding drama writing team goes to ...

    Outstanding Writing Team!

    8:44 PM: "B&B!"

    8:46 PM: Time for the Lifetime Achievement awards. First up is Wayne Brady to present to Monty Hall.

    8:50 PM: Another glitch as Wayne brings Monty out too early and his video clip is not shown. We anticipate the show running late ...

    8:52 PM: The show cuts to the glam squad backstage as Karla Mosley, (Maya, "B&B") and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline, "B&B) try out new hair and makeup products.

    8:54 PM: Show seems to be having even more technical difficulties as Sam Champion speaks to the crowd but no sound is heard. This goes on for a while before the show cuts to commercial. Yikes!

    8:56: Robin Meade comes out to perform Little Big Town's theme song for "Good Afternoon America," one of only two nominees for Best Original song tonight. Seems a little out of place.

    Best Supporting Actress!

    8:58 PM: "GH's" Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) come out to present for best supporting actress. She looks smoky good. And the winner is ... Julie Marie Berman as Lulu on "GH". Her first win!

    9:01 PM: Julie thanks her husband Mike, as well as co-star Tony Geary (Luke, "GH"). She loves him and will miss working with him with all of her heart. She thanks "GH" for a wonderful ride and joins Giada for her interview.

    9:02 PM: She tells Giada that she feels very blessed and wishes they could all be honored. Giada makes Julie's husband wave as they talk about grabbing a drink. Giada encourages her to take her Emmy to bed with them!

    9:07 PM: Bethenny Frankel comes out to present the award for best culinary program. The winner is ...

    9:09 PM: Another tie? Wow. The co-winners are "The Best Thing I Ever Made" and "Trisha's Southern Kitchen."

    9:12 PM: And now the best culinary host is ...

    9:13 PM: Lidia Bastianich, who was not there to accept.

    9:14 PM: Alex Trebek takes the stage to talk about the National Academy of Arts and Science's commitment to Daytime. Susan Lucci had donated an "AMC" script, a dress and some shoes she wore on the show. Trebek introduces Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, "Y&R), who has something else to donate.

    9:17 PM: Melody applauds the Smithsonian for recognizing Daytime's impact on the culture. They came to her for a wedding dress - because NIkki has had 12 weddings! She donated the dress Nikki wore to Victor in 2002.

    9:24 PM: Now all of the Outstanding Younger Actress nominees take the stage to present the award for Outstanding Lead Actress. The statue goes to ...

    Best Lead Actress!

    9:25 PM: Wow! Heather Tom (Katie, "B&B) for the second year in a row!

    9:26 PM: Heather looks gorgeous as she takes the stage, seeming totally shocked. She thanks the Bell family and for embracing her condition and writing a fierce story for her. And she freakin' loves Don Diamont (Bill, "B&B) and being a Logan girl!

    9:28 PM: Julie Chen takes over interview duties on the couch - the person who should have held this spot all night. She is so at ease in this role - and so good! Maybe she was brought in as a pinch-hitter.

    9:30 PM: Jess Walton and Corbin Bernsen and come out to do the memorials and of course kick it off for Jeanne Copper. Corbin is sure she is here and mad about the couch!

    9:31 PM: OMG - Corbin said the "F" word and blamed it on Jeanne! Perfect! Looks like the show finally gave up on ushering people to the couch for interviews once Corbin put the couch and interviews on notice. Too bad this was the only memorial fans got for Jeanne Cooper. She should have certainly gotten more acknowledgment for her contribution to Daytime.

    9:31 PM: Dr. Drew comes out to present the award for the best entertainment talk show. The winner is "The Ellen Degeneres Show." This is the 7th win for the show in this category.

    Outstanding Directing Team!

    9:42 PM: Rachael Ray is up to present the award for out outstanding drama series directing team to "B&B."

    9:45 PM: More backstage fun with Karla Mosley (Maya) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) from "B&B."

    9:48 PM: Robin Meade is back to sing Sheryl Crow's theme song from "The Katie Couric Show," the other nominee for best song. Cuts to the crowd show there is a definite party going on! For the viewer at home though, these songs almost seem thrown in to distract from all of the other things going wrong, or more of a promo for her upcoming album. Would have loved to have seen more clips, a shout out to "Y&R's" 40th, "GH's" 50th or is obvious who isn't here - Sheryl Crow and Little Big Town!

    9:50 PM: Wow - Carrie Fisher is on hand to present an award for animation. Could be an interesting speech.

    9:52 PM: Fisher certainly didn't disappoint. She practically stole the show with her declaration of being an alcoholic and drug addict before saying hi to Ozzy Osbourne, there with wife and presenter Sharon Osbourne. She is nuts! But with all of this talk about acid there is no way this show will end on time. There is only 8 minutes left!

    9:53 PM: Shocker - "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" wins. Wonder if George Lucas got a heads up about his win? He takes the stage to accept his first Daytime Emmy!

    9:59 PM: Lindsey Hartley (Cara, "AMC") looking lovely in a beaded gown takes the stage to present the award for outstanding younger actor. The winner is ...

    Outstanding Younger Actor!

    10:00 PM: No surprise here - Chandler Massey (Will, "DOOL) takes it for the second year in a row as Will on "DOOL." He gives much love to his co-star and fellow nominee Freddie Smith (Sonny, "DOOL). He is ecstatic as he thanks his family! Looks like there is no more time for the couch interview ambush since we are already over time with tons of awards left to give out.


    10:03 PM: Betty White is on stage to talk about Bob Stewart, game show royalty. His son accepts his lifetime achievement award for him.

    10:16 PM: Robin Meade says we are in the home stretch and calls up Steve Harvey who gets right to it - he's tired! He presents the award for outstanding morning program and the winner is ... "CBS Sunday Morning."

    Outstanding Younger Actress!

    10:21 PM: Moving right along, David Irizarry (David, "AMC") presents the award for outstanding younger actress to - Kristen Alderson for playing Starr on "GH" - her first nomination and first win!

    10:23 PM: Through tears Alderson talks about how much this means to her - she had played Starr for 15 years! She looks incredible in her gold gown.

    10:24 PM: Robin Meade presents the award to outstanding song for "Good Afternoon America" by Little Big Town. Just a few more awards to go!

    10:28 PM: Kris Jenner comes out to present outstanding talk show host award. The winner is ... Rikki Lake for "The Rikki Lake Show." She wasn't able to be there to accept.

    Outstanding Daytime Drama!

    10:31 PM: The award we have been waiting for as Erika Slezak presents the award for Outstanding Daytime Drama to "DOOL!" This is their 19th nomination and second win! The show won outstanding series in 1974 during the very first Daytime Emmys for their work in 1973.

    10:35 PM: A little over, and the award show ends for the evening. Good night!


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