36th Annual Daytime Emmy Award News!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

    Photo Credit: Emmy ®

    Every year at this time, talk turns to the next Emmy Awards with anticipation of what's to come at this year's show! Although it's too early for nominee announcements, we can tell you about a few changes that you can expect this year!

    All onscreen graphics, including both the main title and any graphics used within the show, will determine the Main Title and Graphic Design category.

    The Original Song categories will now include Original Song Drama, Original Song Children’s - Animated and Original Song Main Title and Promo.

    There will be a new category added, the Culinary program category, for shows that consist of at least fifty percent airtime dedicated to the Culinary Arts.

    And last, but surely not least, there will be an in-studio preliminary ballot for all drama performers this year. Starting on February 2, each show will pick two pre-nominees who will take the next step to the Blue Ribbon screening round for each of the six performer categories

    Soaps.com is very excited about the upcoming awards! We'll be sure to keep you posted with any more developing details!

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