Christel Khalil Press Room Interview.

Friday, June 29th, 2012

    Khalil (Nikki Nelson/

    "Because we are the best."

    Christel Khalil has portrayed Lily Winters on "The Young And The Restless" since 2002. Khalil took home this year’s younger actress award at the Daytime Emmys. Backstage, she chatted about her Emmy reel and how she decided which one to submit. "When I did that scene, even when they said cut, I just stayed in Daniel’s [Goddard, Cane] arms and was just like crying because I couldn’t stop. And I knew immediately when I did that scene I knew it was the one I was going to submit for the Emmy’s, so it was. It was like a magical, special moment doing that." She commented on her castmates and more to a slew of reporters including's Deanna Barnert.

    Leading up to her win, the actress' day didn't go so well. "No, my day today was awful, so this is a great ending. It was like the craziest, busiest, want to pull my hair day. Since I had to be here at 12:30 PM for the rehearsal and then had to be back here by 3:00 PM and had to get my makeup done and my hair and meet my friends and they were going to leave me. I was like, how dare you try to leave me, we have to get there. It was awful, so finally I am in a good mood. Finally." When asked where she plans to put her Emmy, Khalil stated, "Someone told me to put it in my guest bathroom so I am going to stick it right on the toilet so that when people go pee they can see it. Why not?"

    "The Young And The Restless" has been the number one Daytime drama for years. "I think it is the quality of actors we have. We have amazing actors. Also, just even the cinematography of the show. I feel like some of the shows can look very, like soapy. And I feel like ours looks very, it is high quality. And we do a great job and the directing is great and the writing is great. It is very real. They don’t do a lot of outlandish storylines, so I feel like people can relate to it and I think that is why I think it is No. 1. Because we are the best."

    At times, Lily has been put on the backburner in Genoa City, and the actress agreed. "On the backburner? Yes I have, for sure. Uh, I don’t know. We’ll see. That is not up to me, you know. Hopefully, you know, I will be more up there but we’ll see." When asked if Cane will lie to his wife again, or if Lily will forgive him, Khalil admitted, "Well he hasn’t lied recently! I didn’t know that! Where is he, that lying scumbag! You know, listen, Lily is just a doormat and she is a hopeless romantic. She has daddy issues, so that is probably part of it. If I were Lily I would kick him to the curb but…"

    In regards to the actors from the other soap operas who have come to "Y&R," the actress stated, "Um, yeah, I know, we have like adopted everybody. It has been great, you get new people. The only thing is that it means less story for you, so that’s not so great. But, uh, it is what it is. They’re nice! See, I am too honest!"

    Wondering how the actress reacts to seeing her quotes in print? "Um, I don’t know. I’ve have had a little too much champagne. I probably shouldn’t even be up here right now. You know what? Whatever. That is exactly what I meant. I’m a progressive alcoholic."

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    - Amy Mistretta/Hollie Deese

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