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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

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    I really just simply just chronicled what I had witnessed. And I felt I owed it to the fans really...

    Ex-"All My Children" star Susan Lucci was onstage Emmy night wearing that gorgeous red dress from Cavalli. From our live blog, Hollie says, "8:38 PM: Agnes Nixon leads off the introduction for the iconic Susan Lucci. She is everything we expect her to be - fun, flirty and fabulous. She talks about how deliciously flawed Erica Kane was, the part of a lifetime. And I can't agree more. Erica will live on forever in her heart, and she misses her as much as the fans do. But she says not to cry because something is over, but smile because it was. Loving Lucci, but can we have "AMC" back now please?"’s Deanna Barnert was in the press room during the show when Lucci headed back to talk about her thoughts on the Daytime Emmy broadcast, "AMC," "Devious Maids," and her memoirs.

    Lucci gushes, "I thought it was really terrific show. I thought it was a real - what it set out to be: A tribute to Daytime television. All of Daytime television. The talk shows, the morning shows, the culinary award now and the Daytime dramas. I thought it was a great representation and it was a tribute. And it was a celebration. I loved that. And they didn’t cut anything. I think we may have run over a few minutes but they – because I expected my last presentation to be ‘And the nominees are’ you know, but they did not cut anything. So I think they were very respectful to the medium and that was wonderful to see." Some seemed to question the lack of "AMC" pictures and the short Agnes Nixon tribute. Lucci addresses this: "I have no idea what the process for producing was. I have no idea about any of that. Agnes did speak beautifully. I was so happy to see her in the package they had planned for me. I don’t know anything about the rest of it. I’m sorry I can’t answer." She was asked if she found closure for "AMC" yet and she admits tonight was ‘very helpful’. "When, when Gabriel, the executive producer, told me they wanted to plan a tribute to Erica Kane and, and to me, then I knew I would be able to say some things that have been in my heart and the academy gave me that opportunity, to stand on stage and, and to thank the fans and to say how much respect I have for this medium, and how grateful and joyful I am to be part of it.

    Talk turned to her new show, "Devious Maids" being picked up on Lifetime, which she believes they’ll be shooting in Atlanta. "I am so happy. Well, yesterday I got off the plane in LA from New York, landed, got in the car, checked my phone on the way to my hotel and there was a message from my agent telling me that ‘Devious Maids’ has been picked up by Lifetime and they plan to air starting in March. And I am so thrilled that I get to play that wonderful part that I already love so much. From the pilot and even from the table reads. This cast is fantastic and to work with Marc Cherry, with his enthusiasm and his creativity and just love his work and love the opportunity to work with him. And with Lifetime. I was doing ‘Army Wives’ this, this season and, wow, I am so, so impressed with everyone there at Lifetime. The care and the caliber of production. Very excited."

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    She discusses Erica, "Well, I played Erica Kane my whole adult life, so the opportunity that Agnes Nixon gave me and ABC gave me was literally shaped my life. So I take away everything. And, I, when I say I am grateful, I mean down to my toes I am grateful. And what fun, what fun to be given this – I wrote that tonight, that I was given this incredible part, this dream part, the part of a lifetime. This glamorous, contemporary and deliciously flawed Erica Kane. I think that Agnes ended ‘All My Children’ and Erica Kane’s exit like a great novel. That you just don’t want it to end and you wonder what next? What happened next? So I wonder too. I don’t think that she was the one who got caught in the cross hairs." Is her new ‘Maids’ character like Erica? "I guess that remains to be seen. Um, she is more vulnerable I am going to say, off the top of my head. We are just at the beginning, you know, so it remains to be seen by me too. Because I just did the pilot, I just had the one script. I think she has so many possibilities and I was sad at first that I won’t get to play that wonderful part and work with Marc Cherry and I love the script and I love the cast and now we get to go forward so. I’ll be there with you to see what is happening. She does have one of those Beverly Hills households. I guess all of that is going to play out. We will see because there is already, Marc Cherry is such a creative and visionary writer. There is humor, and there’s also some intrigue. I am not being coy when I say it remains to be seen.

    Would Lucci like to see Erica brought to Port Charles, even for a bit with Sonny? "Well I would love to work with Maurice Benard that’s for sure. And, actually it would be up to the producers if they ever thought about bringing Erica Kane. So far they have not asked me. Um, but it is a wonderful show. If the timing were right, of course [she would do "GH"]. I mean, I have a new show coming out on Discovery as well that I start shooting in New York that will be out in September. And so I have a lot, a lot to do, but sure. I’d love to listen to what they’d have to say, of course."

    Lucci’s last thoughts were of her memoir and how honest she was about what really went down. "Well, when something is taken out of context it can be regrettable. But the publishers at the time asked me if I would do that and I said I felt so raw I couldn’t sort things out. And, um, they wanted me to be raw. And, uh, I tried to be fair. I really just simply just chronicled what I had witnessed. And I felt I owed it to the fans really, because, because they were so passionate that they crashed the computers or phones - switchboards. They kept saying that they didn’t want ‘All My Children’ to go off and I was left being asked so many questions by the fans, why did this happen. I have only to say this is what I know. So I felt I owed it to the fans."

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