SOAPnet Night Before Party Part Two!

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

    Kent & Minae General Hospital (Christine Fix,

    Shannon: Is this the first Emmy Awards for you two?

    Texas and Jacqueline: Yes, for both of us.

    Shannon: How many parties have you gone to so far?

    Texas: Oh man. There's been a lot going on. We actually missed one yesterday.

    Jacqueline: It was Heather Tom's party, but we were so busy with work that we couldn't make it. It's almost like having another job besides the acting.

    Jacqueline: It is. I've only been there for a few weeks, but it's a lot to get thrown into with the shooting…and then all of the media stuff.
    But, it's fun. Are the two of you going to interact much on-screen?

    Texas: Actually, yes. We are starting to build our chemistry now. And Steffy is just adding fuel to the fire with Donna being his mom?

    Jacqueline: [Laughter] Yes! Steffy is very spunky and edgy...kind of rebellious. We will see how it all plays out.

    Very interesting. We're all loving having these two added to the cast and are looking forward to seeing what happens next between the pair!

    Nicole Forrester (Christine Fix,

    Here's something that we don't see that often - younger crew strolling down the red carpet. It's very refreshing to speak to the younger crew and get their take on the red carpet antics. We had a lot to discuss with Brandon Buddy (Cole) and Kristen Alderson (Starr, One Life To Live), regarding their controversial teen pregnancy storyline.

    Shannon: What was the most challenging thing about the big storyline with you and Starr?

    Brandon: Basically not to offend anyone. It's a very controversial subject and we (the actors, writers, directors and producers) wanted to do it where people could learn from it. We want teenagers to think about decisions that are going to impact the rest of their lives! It scared me when I first found out what was going on, but I felt as long as people are learning from it…then it's worth it.

    Shannon: I read some of the upcoming twists with the storyline. Starr's going to want to do one thing with the baby (give it to Marcie) but Cole has other plans?

    Brandon: Yeah. Right now Starr and Cole are on two opposite ends of what they want to do with this baby, which causes a lot of controversy and a lot of conflict.

    Shannon: What was the most challenging part of this storyline for you?

    Kristen: The biggest challenge was that I haven't been through it. I saw the pregnancy storyline as a huge challenge. You don't want to upset any of the fans. You don't want to ruffle any feathers or portray it in the wrong way. So how I decided to do it was to just take the journey with Starr and go through it with her. It's kind of weird, but I've been living scene to scene with it. It was a learning experience for the both of us. It's been nerve wracking. I didn't think it was going to be so hard, but then all of a sudden I had this pregnancy test in my hand and all of the cast and crew that have known me for ten years were like "Oh my God! You're our baby and now you've got a pregnancy test!" [Laughter…]
    It scared me and I put it down. I was like, "Oh my gosh!" Stuff like that really has helped me with the storyline.

    Christine, Judi Evans & Shannon (

    Christine: Did you do any research for the storyline?

    Kristen: Yes. I actually met with a girl named Ashley that got pregnant at sixteen and had the baby at seventeen. She chose adoption for her baby. It was really inspiring and it helped me to understand what she was going through. She told me her body changes and different things like that. She was one of my main sources of study.

    Christine: From what we know and spoke with Brandon about already, Starr and Cole are on opposite ends of what to do with the baby. What can we expect to see coming up?

    Kristen: Drama of course. As usual!

    That's what we're banking on, Kristen! Stay tuned to find out what happens with this storyline.

    Moving on, we met with All My Children star, Bobbie Eakes (Krystal).

    Shannon: I have to say that I love the movie Sordid Lives and can't wait for the July 23 premier of the series on the LOGO channel.

    Brandon and Kristen OLTL (Christine Fix,

    Bobbie: Oh, you need to meet my husband (David Steen) too. He plays G.W. on the series.

    Shannon: Oh wow. That is awesome!

    David: If you love the movie, you are going to love the series. It's actually better than the movie!

    Shannon: The previews do look great.

    Bobbie: Laughing… He's the one on the bed with Rue McClanahan (Peggy)!

    Shannon: Too funny! I love the Golden Girls too! Bobbie, aren't you going to be in the series as well?

    Bobbie: I do have a little cameo, but he is the big star! He got me in on it with him. What was it like to work together?

    Bobbie: I was working separately on an entirely different part. We didn't even see each other during it.

    David: You'll see my on-screen wife (played by Caroline Rhea) really involved with watching her soaps and screaming at the TV at Bobbie's character. It really is funny!

    Bobbie Eakes and hubby, David. (Christine Fix,

    Switching gears, we asked if Bobbie was excited about the new head writer at AMC. Indeed she was. "We are very excited about Chuck Pratt. He's got quite a record and reputation!"

    Having a new head writer is always a little stress worthy to the fans, but hearing this makes us look forward to seeing new and wonderful storylines develop on the show this coming year.

    Christine Fix and Shannon Burrell

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