Rick Draughon Press Room Interview.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

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    Talking to an Emmy winning writer.

    Rick Draughon, "Days Of Our Lives" scriptwriter tells the press room and Soaps.com’s Deanna Barnert what it’s like to be a scribe on an award-winning Daytime drama. He breaks it down a little for the fans...

    Rick clarifies what it is he does. "I’m the scriptwriter. I just get the structure of the day. The head writers develop the story and the basic ideas for the characters." He opens up about the show. "What ‘Days’ was good at was balance, so we had these very dramatic and intense scenes and the romantic scenes and there was some lighter scenes so we always tried to work to make that all one thing in one episode or all one thing in one week." When asked what it was like being acknowledged by their peers, Rick admitted, "We were shocked. The interesting thing about this show I always say it is like GM. It is a factory; we are just producing the material. Sometimes things work, sometimes things don’t. You just try to go with what you got and we have great writers. Everyone is talented in their own way and we just try to keep it going. And that is our goal for the show, the cast, the crew, all the people employed on the set. And we are just trying to do the best job day in and day out. That’s kind of what we do."

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    - Christine Fix

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