Chandler Massey Backstage Interview.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

    Massey (Nikki Nelson

    "He wants from people what he can’t get from his mom."

    Saturday's Daytime Emmys might be one of the best Emmy shows in a long time. Even though Daytime encompasses more than just the soaps, we saw balance. We were entertained by Jack Hanna and his interesting creatures, and there were a few surprise wins. "Days Of Our Lives" win for best writing for their snowstorm scenes last November was the first and second was Chander Massey's [Will, "DOOL"] younger actor win. was on hand both at the office with Amy and Christine providing up-to-the-minute Emmy coverage, Hollie live blogging for those fans who couldn't watch the show which was broadcast on HLN, and we had Deanna Barnert reporting on the red carpet and backstage at the Daytime Emmys to provide you with that scoop.

    We caught up backstage with Chandler Massey, who said this about his win: "It feels great. It’s an honor. You know, it’s funny. I told my mom and my dad, my grandfather and my brother and sister all flew up from Georgia and I told them not to because you know, I wasn’t feeling the magic, but you know, I am now!" He spoke about celebrating after. "I’m going to Disneyland after. No, I don’t know, probably dinner with the family." Chandler chose the December 29th Daytime Emmy reel because it was his mother’s favorite reel. "I thought it played well," he says. "There’s no one I like working more than with James [Scott, EJ]. He’s such a phenomenal actor and he’s one of those people you feel save really investing in the circumstances and going as deep as possible because he’s already there. He laughed about the episode a few days ago where Will asked EJ if he was going to get him off (a crime) and EJ said it wasn’t his job to get Will off. Chandler laughed. "We do play up kind of the natural chemistry that is there." Chandler says the credit goes to those behind the scenes as well. He says it’s an honor to be just a small splash on the canvas. I’m honored to be a part of ‘Days’ first gay storyline but I’m also honored to be a part of the storyline because it was written so well. Regardless of what the subject matter was about I think it was handled very realistically. It’s cool to be a part of a storyline where it’s topical where some storylines in soaps stretch the bounds of reality. This one doesn’t." Chandler spoke about how his whole life, Will has had to watch Sami [Alison Sweeney] go from man to man and not get attention. "He wants from people what he can’t get from his mom, which is love right? And he has a secret and everyone can relate..." He talks about how he played the storyline as a secret, one that everyone in every family has.

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