Heather Tom Emmy Interview.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

    Tom (Soaps.com)

    Heather Tom dishes on everything from her baby to her win.

    The 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were viewed by 912000 viewers on HLN Saturday evening. Nielsen’s ratings show 2 million viewers watching the broadcast. Were you one of them? Soaps.com did some live blogging during the Daytime Emmys ceremony while our reporters conducted red carpet and backstage interviews.

    Heather Tom, who won for lead actress, ran backstage Emmy night to dish on her win with Soaps.com. Heather talks about her role as Victoria Newman on "Y&R" and how that role is someone else’s now. "I love my time and she’ll always be my heart but I’m Katie Logan now." She talked about being on "OLTL" and thought it was a real travesty and a great error in judgment and I still feel that way. I think there is an audience for this type of entertainment and you can see that with our numbers are actually doing really well. I think there are only so many talk shows and cooking shows and things like that that you want to watch. People want to be entertained and that’s what these shows do. They’re a guilty pleasure and you can’t just replace that with something else just because it’s cost effective."

    Regarding her pregnancy, Heather shared that she did have some nausea. "I was a little green between week seven to ten. Don Diamont [Bill] knew and we actually had a shoot for Vanity Fair Italy and he’s like ‘don’t throw up on me’ and I was like ‘I’ll try not to’! After that I felt great." She’s not running a marathon but is shooting an "HGTV" show instead. "We’re hoping to cram it in before the baby comes. Supposedly, it will air in the fall. It’s a design show. My husband and I are decorating houses. We actually do that in real life and they’re now following us around in real life. It’s a lot of fun." There’s no working title as of yet.

    Watch more of our backstage interview with Heather Tom where she discusses her Emmy reel, the baby doing back flips as she was named lead actress, and more!

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    - Christine Fix

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