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Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

    Grahn (Nikki Nelson/ predicts the future!

    Earlier this week, posted their Sixth Annual Sudzies winners. The readers chose the following actors and actresses who they felt were worth winning a Sudzie, which basically means they feel the actors are deserving of a Daytime Emmy. Play along with some of the writers while we wait for the festivities to begin and share our own predictions. Let us know if yours match ours.

    Outstanding Actor Sudzies Winner: Maurice Benard (Sonny, "GH")

    Who he’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: Darnell Williams (Jesse, "AMC") , John McCook (Eric, "B&B"), Anthony Geary (Luke, "GH") and Robert S. Woods (Bo, "OLTL").

    Christine Fix: "I have a feeling Anthony will take home the statue."
    Matt Purvis: Matt thinks Anthony should win. "The material he got was bleak but it was an actor's wet dream and he played it to the hilt."
    Lori Wilson: Lori thinks Anthony gave a ‘devastating performance’. "While his denial about his alcoholism after killing Jake was infuriating, Geary somehow managed to make us still care about Luke Spencer as he delivered some tough love to Lucky."
    Amy Mistretta: Amy thinks Anthony Geary should win, but says, "If the hype surrounding Brenda's return and Port Charles exit is any indication, Maurice Benard."

    Outstanding Actress/ Sudzies Winner: Erika Slezak (Viki, "OLTL")

    Who she’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: Debbi Morgan (Angie, "AMC"), Heather Tom (Katie, "B&B"), Crystal Chappell (Carly, "DOOL"), Laura Wright (Carly "GH").

    Christine says, "Erika deserves it. Erika should take home the Daytime Emmy for the D.I.D storyline. Then again, with "GH" being in the spotlight this year, the show could turn into the "General Hospital Entertainment Emmys." Remember the year "Y&R" took over? Which one you ask?
    Matt disagrees. He thinks Laura Wright should win. "Her character is usually only written in two registers but she fills them with enough twinkles and smirks that it makes all the difference." Who he thinks will actually take home the statue? "Erika Slezak."
    Amy says Erika deserves it. "2011 was yet another year where she knocked Viki's D.I.D. storyline out of park with emotion, humor and inner strength."

    Outstanding Supporting Actor/ Sudzies Winner: Matthew Ashford (Jack, "DOOL")

    Who he’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: "GH" actors Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Sean Blakemore (Shawn), Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), and Jason Thompson (Patrick).

    Christine says, "Matthew Ashford deserves it. Not because I adore him and "DOOL," but because he was so genuine in his acting throughout the P.T.S.D storyline that it’s truly well deserved. Jonathan Jackson was nobody to scoff at either."
    Matt says, "Matthew Ashford. Not just because he's good but because he always stops himself from going over the top."
    Amy says, "Jonathan Jackson - In my eyes none of the other Emmy reels surpassed the emotion in Jackson's. I think others will see that too."
    Lori says, "Jonathan Jackson. No one brings the tears and pain as seamlessly and believably as Jackson."

    Outstanding Supporting Actress/Sudzies Winner: Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, "AMC")

    Who she’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: "GH" actresses Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Rebecca Herbst (Liz), and from "Y&R," Genie Francis (Genevieve) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe).

    Christine says, "Nancy Lee Grahn is perhaps one of the most underrated actresses in Daytime but Melissa’s Daytime Emmy reel showcased her talent. She earned a statue in my eyes."
    Matt says, "Nancy Lee Grahn. She's usually given short shrift but, whenever they actually use her, she quickly reminds you why." Even though Matt thinks Nancy deserves it, he thinks Elizabeth Hendrickson will win.
    Amy says Rebecca Herbst should win. "She portrayed a mother fighting at all costs to keep her child alive and exhibited the raw emotion of a situation none of us ever want to be in. If I can't have Herbst walking off the stage with the award, it'll most likely be Melissa Claire Egan."

    Massey (Nikki Nelson /

    Outstanding Younger Actress/Sudzies Winner: Shelley Hennig (Stephanie, "DOOL")

    Who she’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) Molly Burnett (Melanie), and Christel Khalil (Lily, "Y&R")

    Christine says, "If we’re going by Daytime Emmy reel alone, Shelley Hennig had a great reel, but I don’t see her taking home the gold. It’s likely Jacqueline will take it this year."
    Matt says, "Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. She's had the most thankless role in one of the stupidest plots in "B&B" history and manages to be sympathetic even while doing the unfathomable (I mean, loving Liam)."
    Amy says, Jacqueline - simply because she's one of my favorites and rocked the dialogue and storylines 'she was dealt' in 2011, even if some of them were so 'hot and cold' at times." Still, Amy doesn’t think she’ll take it. She thinks Christel will. "I can't forgot all of the Lane (Lily/Cane) goings-on in 2011 and have a feeling they're still fresh in a lot of minds."

    Outstanding Younger Actor Sudzies Winner: Chad Duell (Michael, "GH")

    Who he’s up against for a Daytime Emmy: Chandler Massey (Will), Nathan Parsons (Ethan), Eddie Alderson (Matthew).

    Christine says, "Chad did a splendid job with Michael’s prison rape storyline but I’m going for Chandler Massey without a doubt. If Chandler doesn’t win I’ll scream."
    Matt says, "Chandler Massey. He's been consistently right on the money with his performance. He keeps every scene he's in alive."
    Amy says, "Chad Duell - This is one of the "GH" nominees that I can't imagine not winning."
    Lori says, "It's a toss up between Chad Duell and Chandler Massey, but I felt Duell's inner turmoil more than Massey's in their submitted clips." She’s not sure who will win. "This category can be a crap shoot."

    And probably the biggest award of the night… Outstanding Show Sudzies Winner: "General Hospital"
    Who it is up against for a Daytime Emmy: "All My Children," "Days of Our Lives," and "The Young and the Restless"

    Christine says, "Thought they're not on the list I'm just going to say it. I vote "One Life To Live" deserves the lovin' even though my preference has always been for "DOOL."
    Matt says, "Days Of Our Lives [deserves it]. It wasn't the greatest year, but did you watch those other shows last year?" He does think that "All My Children" will win.
    Amy thinks "One Life To Live" should win. "Even before it was announced that the show was going to be cancelled they had great continuous storylines that should have at least warranted a nomination." She does say she thinks "GH" will win. "There's a lot of Port Charles in the air this year, so I just have a feeling..."
    Lori says, "All My Children's final two sentimental (until the gun shot) episodes could play in its favor with the voters, but GH had truly riveting performances. GH [will win]."

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