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Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

    Erika Slezak making history? (

    Welcome to live blogging with during the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

    Who is ready for the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy awards? We are sipping champagne in the office and watching the red carpet. Can't wait to see the first dress.

    6:00 PM: HLN has not disappointed. They've a red carpet pre-show which already has shown to be interesting.

    6:05 PM: "GH" is the soap to beat and AJ Hammer asks Anthony Geary how he is feeling after the rough beating he got last week. He has been spending the last few weeks tied to a chair in a gardener's shack, which is par for the course in Daytime. If he wins tonight he will be the most 'winningest' actor in Daytime TV!

    6:06 PM Anderson Cooper is nominated for first time this year for his show, also in it's first year. Does he ever not look good in a suit?

    6:13 PM: Daytime "OLTL" royalty Erica Slezak has been nominated eight times, won six. If she wins tonight, she will make history like Tony! Of course she loves everyone who is nominated with her. Maybe we will see some history making tonight.

    6:15 PM: Reliving the moment Bo kidnapped Hope on her wedding day. Classic! That headpiece she was wearing needs to be in a museum of fabulousness somewhere.

    6:20 PM: Marlena is on the carpet! Diedre Hall "DOOL" has been playing the fascinating doc since 1976. She looks amazing. Love her large turquoise danglers and cobalt blue gown. They are all giving love to her possession storyline!

    6:22 PM: Chatting with Barbara Walters who is presenting the Lifetime Achievement award tonight to partner Bill Geddie. Can you believe "The View" has been on for 16 years?

    6:25 PM: Oops! Trying to pull up a an Oscar the Grouch clip while Bobby Flay waits in the wings. He rolls with it! Up tonight for best culinary host for "Culinary Addiction."

    "'s Deanna Barnert is on the red carpet with Ellen Curtis who just happens to be her mother. Ellen's doing some reporting for another outlet. Ooh la la. They look snazzy."

    6:30 PM: Only 30 minutes left! Chatting with the HLN red carpet makeover winners and I couldn't be happier for them! She is a big fan of "Y&R's" Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and so they bring him out. They are loving it! OMG, they compare him to a honey badger! Lots of giggling.

    Disclaimer: Video includes profanity.

    6:33 pm: "AMC's" Susan Lucci on the red carpet and she looks amazing in red! She has a special tribute tonight and I can't wait to see it! Big news just broke . her new show is coming to Lifetime in Primetime, "Devious Maids," coming in March. She is giving him a soap opera slap, and she has not lost her touch. Love her!

    6:35 PM: Luke and Laura's wedding - wow. I take back what I said about Hope's headpiece. This one was unreal!

    6:39 PM: Back with Bethenny Frankel, chatting about her new Daytime show. She seems to love doing it. She thinks women are women and can handle being edgy. She is wearing a black dress with sheer cutouts. Her earrings are amazing, blue stones about the size of a baby's fist!

    6:41 PM: Elizabeth Hendrickson on the carpet, chatting about her first nomination for outstanding supporting actress tonight. "Y&R" has 15 noms tonight. She is looking bronzed and beautiful!

    6:43 PM: Rachael Ray is presenting the culinary award. She is not wanting to make any of her friends mad ... cute as ever!

    6:44 PM: Remembering crazy puzzle solving on Wheel of Fortune. Seriously, how did she do that?

    6:49 PM: Catching up with Finola Hughes, who has recently returned to "GH" as Anna Devane. She won back in 1981 for outstanding lead actress, and never even got to get her award in person. Bummer.

    6:51 PM: Chatting with the ladies from "The Talk," who are up for three awards tonight. Sounds like they have something tricky up their sleeve for later ...

    6:53 PM: Finally got that Oscar the Grouch clip to work. Calling the earlier technical glitch a tease was a good recovery.

    6:54 PM: Less than 10 minutes to go!

    6:57 PM: Chatting with "DOOL's" Kristian Alfonso, who is channeling Princess Gina tonight. Draped in diamonds and a sunny-colored gown, she looks amazing. They talk about Peter Reckell leaving, but she is holding out hope. "Never say never," she says. She wants him to change his mind and come back home.

    Let's hear it for the boys. (

    7:00 PM: Live from the Beverly Hilton, the awards shows is starting with Anderson Cooper and Oscar the Grouch. Interesting. At least Oscar's garbage can has a golden, metallic gleam to it. And here comes the first musical number!

    7:03 PM: Scanning the crowd, and everyone looks amazing. Wish we were there with them!

    7:05 PM: Bring out the boys! The nominees for outstanding young actor. Chandler Massey got a nice haircut! Nominees for outstanding lead actor are read: The winner is "GH's" Anthony Geary! Record breaking win! Seven statues total, his first given to him in 1981 - the year he married Laura.

    7:12 PM: The ladies from "The Talk" come out, all coordinating in metallic gowns and tuxes. They introduce themselves as the women from "The View", then read the noms for outstanding game show host. And the winner is ... Todd Newton, host of "Family Game Night" on The Hub. This is his first Emmy win. Newton points out how good looking the group is and he is not lying!

    7:16 PM: Back to the ladies from The Talk, introducing the noms for outstanding game audience participation show. The winner? "Jeopardy," for the 14th time. Last year it tied with "Wheel of Fortune" for the top spot. Wow, took a while to get this crew on the stage! No Alex Trebek though.

    7:24 PM: The Honey Badger himself, "Y&R's" Eric Braeden takes the stage to announce the winner of outstanding legal courtroom program. It goes to "Last Shot with Judge Gunn," on the air for just one season.

    Anthony Geary #FTW! (

    7:27 PM: Eric is still on the stage this time to honor the writers. The winner for outstanding drama writing team goes to "Days of Our Lives." Were you shocked? Last time they won was in 1976!

    7:31 PM: "Y&R's" Peter Bergman comes out, sans wheelchair, to announce the winner for the best supporting actor. Johnathan Jackson takes it, and he looks great. Five total wins for this guy. He started playing Lucky Spencer 19 years ago at age 11! Can't wait to see him this fall in the new Primetime "Nashville." Everyone else, good luck next year. Take a look at's specially created 'The Buzz' videos for the nominees for outstanding supporting actors!

    7:37 PM: Rachael Ray is presenting the new award for best culinary host, and the winner is Sandra Lee for "Semi-Home cooking". She isn't there to receive it and that is always a bummer! Especially Sandra who always brings it on the red carpet.

    7:39 PM: Outstanding culinary program goes to Bobby Flay for "Barbecue Addiction," his second. Guess that snafu on the red carpet was worth it! Plus, he gives props to the women who support him. Also did not know he dropped out of school in 10th grade.

    7:42 PM: Don Diamont, looking ever the fashion mogul part, announces best younger supporting actor. Could it be anyone but Chandler? Nope! It is Massey's second nomination and first win. The room seems stoked and he is choked up. So happy for him!

    7:47 PM: Barbara presents the lifetime achievement award to her longtime partner Bill Geddie.They seem to have a close working relationship. So lucky to find amazing people to work with, like here at!

    7:55 PM: Dr. Drew Pinsky gets right to it, announcing the nominees for outstanding morning program. "The Today" show take the win. Possibly the shortest speech of the evening. Another win!

    Channeling Princess Gina? (

    8:01 PM: The nominees for outstanding younger actress come out looking hot, hot hot! Love their colorful, fun cocktail dresses and "DOOL's" Molly Burnett is rocking one of the biggest trends, shoulder dusting danglers. The winner for outstanding leading actress goes to ... shocker! Heather Tom from "B&B." She has won nine Emmys so far in her career! She and her baby bump look so good.

    8:05 PM: Kim Coles takes the stage to announce the outstanding daytime talk show/informative. The Emmy goes to - after a minor envelop malfunction - "The Dr. Oz Show." This is the fourth Emmy for the show.

    8:09 PM: Kim Coles remains to give out the award for outstanding talk show - entertainment. The winner? "Live with Regis and Kelly."

    8:16 PM: Well, this is interesting. Jack Hannah, Debbie Gibson and a ... porcupine? And marmoset? This is totally normal. They present the award to outstanding animated children's program, "Penguins of Madagascar."

    8:21 PM: Debbie is back, this time with an alligator on the stage. She and Jack announce the winner of the outstanding performer in a children's series - how do you choose between Elmo and Big Bird? It goes to Elmo (Kevin Clash)! The alligator accepts the award on his behalf. Seriously.

    8:24 PM: A frazzled Bethenny Frankel gives out the award for the AOL best viral video. Never saw any of these, but the winner is ... "Kids React." And literally, every kid reacted. Coming up ... the "AMC" and "OLTL" tributes!

    8:33 PM: The doctors from ... "The Doctors" announce the winner of the outstanding new approach in Daytime TV goes to "Take This Lollypop."

    8:36 PM: Finola Hughes, in a luxe animal print dress, reads the nominees for best supporting actress in a drama. Crowd goes wild when Rebecca Herbst's name is called. But the award goes to Nancy Lee Grahn, Alexis from "GH."

    * Nancy tweeted: "I honestly didn't think I had a chance. So grateful."

    8:38 PM: Agnes Nixon leads off the introduction for the iconic Susan Lucci. She is everything we expect her to be - fun, flirty and fabulous. She talks about how deliciously flawed Erica Kane was, the part of a lifetime. And I can't agree more. Erica will live on forever in her heart, and she misses her as much as the fans do. But she says not to cry because something is over, but smile because it was. Loving Lucci, but can we have "AMC" back now please?

    Owly Images

    8:42 PM: Susan brings up "AMC's" Cameron Mathison and "OLTL's" Erika Slezak to continue the tribute for all of the recently departed soaps. Slezak reminds us that soap history is still being made every day and now is the time to cherish the accomplishments.

    Owly Images

    8:50 PM: "DOOL's" Lisa Rinna, looking so elegant in a lace gown with nude lining and cap sleeves, [earlier on Twitter, she was worried about it being too see-through] hits the stage to present the award for outstanding talk show host. The winner? Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. Too bad neither of them are there.

    8:52 PM: Eight minutes left .. can we do it? Deidre Hall comes out to present the award for outstanding drama series, directing team. Te award goes to "General Hospital!" This is the eighth win for the team!

    Owly Images

    8:56 PM: Moving right along, Diedre Hall ["DOOL"] goes into the memoriam tribute.

    9:02 PM: Officially over time, but totally okay with it to see full-length Kristian Alfonso presenting the award for outstanding younger actress in a drama series. So exciting! The winner is ... Christal Khalil from "Y&R!" This is her first Emmy after four nominations in this category.

    9:06 PM: Susan Lucci comes out for the final award of the night - outstanding drama series. This is the big one, and the winner is ... "General Hospital!" Love it!

    So what did you think of the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys? If you missed it, it is airing right now, again on HLN.

    - Hollie Deese

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