35th Daytime Emmys: Who wore what?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

    Van & Jake (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Not too many people who watch the Daytime Emmys are going to be able to afford most of what the actors wore, but they still like to know what label the actors are wearing, so we ask the most asked question on the red carpet: "Who designed your outfit? The handbag? Shoes?" And, "Tell us about your accessories…" Tired but true, and the fans tell us they want to know!

    We admit that most of the men had no idea who they were wearing, nor did they care! There also seems to be some unspoken rule amongst most men that they should wear black, even in 110 degree weather. Hot or not, they were dazzling and graciously chatty. I have to hand it to them. Many ran by, trying to get in from the heat (That would have been me!) but those who stuck it out deserve some applause. Even the media (us) deserves applause for sticking it out that long in the heat! Umbrellas in hand, Shannon Burrell and Christine Fix chatted up the men and women of daytime television. Our only disappointment came when we noticed many of the New York set's conspicuous absence. Due to changes with the way things were done in the Emmy world, actors didn't get to expense this time to fly out for the show. This is unfortunate for us, and for the fans, especially, who we hear felt that the show was a little short and small. At any rate, those who were in attendance, despite the heat, looked fantastic and were very charming, as usual.

    Daniel & Michael (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Men in Black:

    What is it with men who only wear black? Is it some unspoken rule amongst men? Is it a rule that women just don't understand?

    Blake Berris (Nick, DAYS) looked dashing in a black suit by Cavalli.

    Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R) and pal Michael Graziadei (Daniel, Y&R) came to me on purpose, sweaty and hot (in more ways than one) and requested that I take a photo of how sweaty they looked. No idea what they wore. They looked hot!

    Robert Newman, (Josh, GL) who showed up with his daughter, looked handsome in a black Armani suit.

    Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R) was fine-looking, holding his cute little 5 year old daughter, wearing a black Hugo Boss suit!

    Bryan Datillo looked trendy and cool, wearing a unique black suit, saying he was unsure of the designer. Labels or not, it was a great look for him!

    Antonio Sabato Jr. looked gorgeous as usual, wearing a black tux without a tie. Very easy going and relaxed. No idea on who designed the tux, but does it matter? He's hot wearing his Calvin Klein's remember?!

    Stephen Nichols (Steve, DAYS) without a patch, looked handsome as ever, dressed all in black. Though he was unsure on the designer of his suit, his jewelry stood out for us the most. He wore such interesting pieces that we asked where he got them from. Apparently, he has a friend who resides in Mexico and makes these unique pieces.

    Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT) and Jake Silbermann (Noah, ATWT) were both elegantly handsome, wearing black suits. Van wore an orange shirt and dark sunglasses. Men look so good without much work, hmm? These two looked delicious!

    Lovely ladies:

    Judith Chapman (Gloria, Y&R) wore a black crepe, flowing Kimono. “Everything was picked out at the last minute directly from my closet. It’s all been hanging there forever. I collect antique Kimono’s, and decided to be a little daring.” Judith was complete with accessories including a hand held Japanese fan, an off white umbrella and a short brown haired wig! Very theatrical, very 'Judith' and we loved it!

    Alison Sweeney dashed down the carpet with no time to talk, wearing a flowing green frock, sporting a baby bump! Her hair was done in a beautiful French twist.

    Lesli & Winsor (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Tyra Banks had no time to talk, but looked fantastic, wearing a tan ball gown and leaving her now golden locks unfettered.

    The lovely Beth Ehlers (Army Lt. Taylor, AMC and ex-Harley, GL) was wearing a fantasy Mark Chasa, baby blue gown with cross the bust bodice. Her hair was, much like the other actresses, free and in waves.

    Lesli Kay and Winsor Harmon (Thorne and Felicia, B&B) strolled down the red carpet together. Lesli was looking cool in a Lloyd Cline black and silver ensemble while Winsor sported the style of John Richmond. Lesli said that her friend Seargo came over and did her hair for her in about 20 minutes and created a messy, sexy look. When we inquired about her make-up, she laughed out loud and insisted. “I did my own make-up. It’s going to melt off anyway in this heat! Who wants to pay $200 for that?” Smart gal that Lesli Kay! Both she and Winsor agreed that the only thing hotter than record setting heat on the red carpet was the much anticipated CBS party that is to follow the awards ceremony! Lesli was ecstatic that “CBS has received the most nominations, and that is what really matters!”

    Minae Noji (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Leann Hunley, who plays Anna DiMera, wore a flattering purple bejeweled dress by Pol Atteau. Her jewelry matched and looked stunning. The handbag was by Suneet Suri and she picked it out yesterday at the Emmy suite. "I thought, that'll match my dress. I had one yesterday but couldn't fit more than one tube of lipstick in it and I need three," she exclaimed. I immediately concurred; three really is the magic number when it comes to lipstick application! I asked, "Who did your hair today and makeup?" Leann tells us, "I went to the studio." The regular Emmy award winning hairstylists did her hair, all loose and wavy and the makeup team made her up! Shannon asked if Leann gave Thaao his gift yet. She did and said he liked it and, "He's got it in his pocket!" After she left, we wished so much that Leann's gift would help Thaao win, but alas, he took home no gold that night, much to our chagrin.

    Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DOOL), Arianne Zuker (Nicole, DOOL) and Ashley Jones (Bridget, B&B) all wore Ella Zahlan. Nadia's dress was tan with silver beading, her long hair hanging loosely, framing her face. Arianne wore black with gold beading, with her hair in an up-do and Ashley stole the show with a black and white gown, with little cap sleeves. Hair was simple and wavy. When asked for fashion tips, Ashley gave the following fashion tip. “Bring Kleenex when you are out in the hot sun to dab all of the powder, cause’ you don’t want to be putting so much more make-up on yourself. You want to sheen, you don’t want to sweat, and right now…..I feel like I’m sweating!” And she was! We all were in 110 degree heat! Course, we had lovely umbrellas to hide underneath!

    We got a little giggle from Minae Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee, GH) when she told us who she was wearing. The alphabet, it would seem, with lovely, red silk gown by ABS and shoes by XTC. Kent King (Dr. Lainey Winters, GH) was walking the red carpet with Minae, and told us her shoes were from Guess, and that each time she told someone this, they'd actually try to guess the name of the designer!

    Young and The Restless' Raya Meddine (Sabrina) stole the show with an exotic black lacey head turner, showing off her er… assets! If she was looking to get noticed, she did a good job! Her hair was long and loose and gorgeous. Vail Bloom, (Heather, Y&R) wore a flowing plum sleeveless gown, hair in a bun. Very chic!

    Noelle Ewa & Marie (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Noelle Beck (Lily, ATWT) was absolutely gorgeous. Unrecognizable, really. She's very pretty on the show, but her beauty is downplayed as 'mommy Lily'. Her gown was a tan colour with complicated beading under the bust and down the front.

    We saw Robin Riker, (Beth, B&B) wearing an off-white tulle ball gown with gold bodice, trimmed in fauz jewels. Very duchess. She was radiant and natural looking with her hair framing her face.

    Ewa Da Cruz, (Vienna, ATWT) Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT) were 'Naughty and Nice'. Ewa wore a black, curves skimming silk/satin gown, emphasizing her form, with her hair flowing around her. Her clutch reminded one of a stereo speaker! Very cute and matched well. Marie was relaxed and beautiful in a blue Calvin Klein halter gown. The shoes… well you know how I love shoes. I had to take a photo.

    Caitlin Van Zandt, (Ashlee Wolfe, GL) really is one of the most beautiful woman in daytime. She wore a sleeveless black sheer, lined gown, with intricate beading on the bodice. Her hair was back off her face and she glowed!

    Rebecca Herbst looked lovely as usual. She is one actress that is as gorgeous in person. (Elizabeth, GH) made her own dress, as usual, in three days! A black cocktail dress, it had white cross hatching throughout.

    Maura West (Carly, ATWT) had her gorgeous blonde locks pulled away from her face, she wore a green flowing gown, making her look not only like a million bucks, but making her appear cool as a cucumber. Smart choice in that heat!

    Shannon and I spoke with Marcy Rylan, (Lizzie, GL) who is always a joy to talk with and looked absolutely spectacular, wearing a white and blue two toned silk halter gown, with what appeared to be crocheting around the neck. Her earrings were dangly and hair pulled back into a loose braided, curly plait. Marcy showed off her green hand held fan to Shannon and I that she was given by show producer on a pep talk!

    Adorable Kirsten Storms, (Maxie, GH) was cute in a Betsey Johnson black cocktail dress and black Betsey Johnson shoes to match! We agree that she does Betsey Johnson justice.

    Everyone looked great that night, labeled or not. There were several that we spoke with that we didn't ask about the gown or the shoes. We simply enjoyed the chat! We hope you've enjoyed finding out who your fave celebrities wore Emmy night. Soaps.com is curious as to who you think looked the best?

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    Christine Fix

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