Pre-Emmy Actor Preparations.

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

    Erik Valdez

    Low-maintenance stars!

    While the female Daytime stars are prepping and preening, gluing on their double sets of eyelashes, sewing themselves into sophisticated and sexy attire, the men have it easy. They shower, throw on a suit and look hot. We're envious of the lack of time it takes them. Sure, we girls are higher maintenance, but we're worth it!

    You all know Erik Valdez, "GH" newcomer, and Kristina's "Mob Princess." Erik's is ready to go and looking dashing in blue. Erik posted this photo on Twitter and says, "Emmy bound!"

    Scott's feet!

    With a mere fifteen minutes to the start of the pre-show (red carpet), fellow "GH" star Scott Reeves can't seem to get enough of the delicious California sun. All we saw of Scott were his tanned legs, feet and his barbeque as he takes in some sunshine in the back garden before the big event. Not to worry. He has time.

    Take a few minutes to see how the other soap stars are preparing for the night. Heather Tom gets a pedi, Marcy Rylan's off to the stylist, and Rebecca Herbst puts on her face.

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    - Christine Fix

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