39th Creative Arts Emmy Interviews.

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

    The Bay (Soaps.com)

    Red Carpet Glitz!

    The Daytime Emmys aren’t the only glamorous and exciting awards shows Daytime has to offer. The Creative Arts Awards showcase the talented behind-the-scenes crew. They recognize the directors, writers, costume designers, hair stylists, and sound editors and so on.

    This year, Soaps.com’s Deanna Barnert took a spot on the red carpet and caught up with Michelle Stafford [Phyllis Newman, "Y&R"] who presented for hair, make-up and wardrobe for the 39th Annual Creative Arts Awards. About the technical awards Michelle says, "I'm closer to some of the crew than this bozo, you know what I mean?" She motions to Christian LeBlanc [Michael, "Y&R"], laughing. She explains that she and the crew are really good friends and then pauses, "Oh my God that sounds so tripe. I'm even friends with people below the line," she says with a laugh, clearly joking. Deanna discussed how much family Phyllis has at this point which is surprising considering she was once the 'lone wolf'. "Oh yeah right, she has lots. She's a breeder, that Phyllis. Even though she was told that she cannot have children, she had them anyway. She keeps on having them."

    Leblanc & Stafford (Soaps.com)

    (Spoiler alert!) Deanna brought up the truth about Phyllis' hit-and-run coming out Tuesday this week and asked what it's been like after all these years to get back into that storyline. Michelle says, "Oh yeah it's fun. I love having Lauralee [Bell, Christine] around. I love how Phyllis is with Christine. I love that Phyllis." And this is only the beginning of what's going to go down in this storyline.

    The Bay’s Jade Harlow [Lianna Ramos, "The Bay," Jessica Bennett, "Passions"] reported to Dee what the websoap “The Bay” has going for it. “Being able to tell a daytime drama with zero censorship and a lot of creativity and actors and directors and producers and people who are doing it just for the passion and only with the passion, I think that that translates and I think that people like to watch good serial drama and knowing that they’re kind of falling out of network TV, they’re looking for the next place and the next place is the web and we’re happy to be one of the pioneers of doing that. Jade talks about what The Bay’s about, and calls it everything a good soap is made of. Watch The Bay The Series Chapter 9 Part 4 here on Soaps.com.

    Deanna chatted up Lauren Koslow [Kate Roberts- DiMera, "DOOL"] at the Creative Arts. Take a look at the video footage to find out what she'll be wearing Emmy day and take a look at the stunning outfit she tells Dee she recycled.

    Find out who the 39th Creative Arts Awards Winners were for 2012, and feel free to check out the photos of the stars on the red carpet.

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    - Christine Fix
    Reporting by Deanna Barnert

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