35th Daytime Emmys: Family Men!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

    Robert Newman & daughter Kendal (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Meet the Daughters of your Favorite Actors!

    It seems that proud fathers love showing off their daughters at the glitzy events! The 2008 Daytime Emmys was an example of dads bringing their girls with them Emmy night for a taste of the red carpet and the awards show.

    Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light) and his Daughter Kendal (his date for the evening) stopped by to chat on the red carpet before the show began. Robert was wearing a suit by Armani for the big night. When I asked if there are any big celebrating plans if GL takes home best show, Robert replied: “You know, I work with some incredibly gifted people on both sides of the camera and it would be well deserved. We would totally enjoy it and have fun with it!” Chrissi and I then took the opportunity to chat with Kendal for a moment. We asked her “What’s it like watching your father on TV everyday?” Kendal chuckled and said “Oh, you get used to it when it happens for your entire life. It does get a little weird though watching him on TV and in my living room…at the same time!” Kendal then discussed her thoughts on the new look of Guiding Light. “I love it”, she exclaimed! “I do a lot of video as a hobby, and I think it’s great that that style is kind of making it into television.” I then inquired “Do you feel that the show is now more modern and trendy?” Kendal informed us, “Yes, I do. I like it a lot!” Robert took the opportunity to wrap it up by saying “That is such a great thing to hear, cause this is sort of the age group (16 to 18 to 20 in that area) that’s what we’re hoping to capture with this.” Robert is correct; that is the age group of the viewers of the future, so hopefully they like what they are seeing!

    Doug Davidson & daughter Calyssa (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Doug Davidson (Paul, The Young and the Restless), was next to speak with us on the red carpet, along with his lovely daughter Calyssa. Chrissi and I wanted to know what Doug thought was the driving force that has kept, and is keeping Y&R in the #1 spot in the ratings for so long. Doug told us, "Yes, It has been #1 since 1987 I believe. I think that it is because we focus on relationships; whether it’s sometimes relationships between parents/children, lovers, brothers/sisters, family/friends. We focus on these people and not so much the catastrophic events ….at least until this year that is!” Laughter ensued and for a few moments we forgot that it was 110 degrees as the four of us huddled underneath a single umbrella. Doug went on to say, “We lost Bill [Bell] in 2005’ and since then we’ve had 5 or 6 head writers (and before all of that), he (Bill) was the only one. So much has changed. We miss him and we are trying to work our way through it. Chrissi chimed in and congratulated Doug on his 25 years on the show and asked Doug if he has been reminiscing about the earlier years of his 30 year career with Y&R. She then guided him specifically to the topic of the pictures that Lauren distributed of Paul in all of his buffness. Doug had a good laugh and informed us that “I recently found out that a picture was floating around the internet that is actually an insert for that magazine.” Doug jokingly exclaimed, “You can’t do anything anymore without it showing up on the internet!” We had seen the photo just recently and nodded in our agreement. At least he has something to be proud of. He looked good! We took the opportunity to speak with Calyssa and her thoughts on seeing her father on television everyday. Both she and her father laughed out loud and she said she was used to it and didn't really have time to watch the show. The proud father explained that “She is currently training to be a classical violinist and that along with school pretty much makes up her schedule.” Doug did find the humor in the heat once again by informing us that “I’ve been TIVO’ing everything so when she is 30 or so, we can sit down and she can get caught up on what her I doing all of these years!” Before heading further down the carpet, Doug did exclaim how excited he was for his on-screen daughter portrayed by the talented Vail Bloom (Heather) regarding her nomination tonight!

    Kristoff St. John & daughter Lola (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    The last father we caught walking the red carpet with his adorable, five year old daughter was Kristoff St. John. He had his hands full with barefoot daughter, Lola. Lola danced around and flitted from the carpet into her dad's arms, while the nominee (and later, winner) for Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series spoke with a few of the media.

    Soaps.com was as impressed with the lovely, talented and down to earth daughters of these soap vets as we were with these soap vets. Only one of the father's was nominated this year for an award and Kristoff took home the coveted Outstanding Lead Actor Award, with his family at his side. Congratulations to Kristoff, especially since it's his first win! We wonder if he let Lola hold it for him on the way home?

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