Daytime Emmy Cocktail Reception Interviews.

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

    Ashford (Nikki Nelson/

    Dishing at the Nominees Party with Dee.'s Deanna Barnert chatted up Daytime's glamorous actors and actresses on the red carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominees Cocktail Reception which honored all of the Daytime Emmy nominees.

    Matthew Ashford (Jack, "DOOL") told Deanna he's very happy about the nomination for his PTSD storyline which he calls a gift. "They wrote it all in one piece. I didn't know it was going to get as heavy as it did." He tells Dee that the audience really liked it as did the troops. The soldiers are watching it [in Afghanistan] were very happy. They were talking about it. The last day I worked they had just found out [about the nomination]." Matt says the cast and crew were excited. What about Matt's future with the show? Though he has been let go, the actor says he would return. "I'm open but ultimately it has to come from those writers."

    Deanna chatted up "General Hospital’s" Haley Pullos (Molly) about how excited she is about the upcoming Daytime Emmys. Because she’s a little older, she says her dad will allow her to dress up a little more. She has a stylist who will help her select an outfit. She talked about what’s going on in Port Charles. "I love the whole romance storyline. It’s so much fun." She’s been waiting for this and admits, "I wasn’t really excited about it to begin with but I know that it’ll be really good for Molly." Haley thinks Molly will always be a little more straight laced than average teenagers but she thinks the romance will loosen her up. When asked if Haley would enjoy a storyline which would shake things up for Molly, Haley admitted she’s torn about that. She does love her new sister, Lindsey [Morgan] (Kristina) and shares, "We’ve already got a bunch of inside jokes." Haley’s focused on her love story but is happy with the TV show that’s being filmed and confessed she might be fine with doing this in her own life. Deanna asked about the theme and Haley was thoughtful. It’d depend on how she was feeling. If she was stressed, she might throw the camera across the room but if she was happy, she might be in front of the camera all day long. Because Haley’s a dancer, Deanna asked if she’d ever consider starring on "Dancing With The Stars." Haley was adamant. "I take dance class, but I’m not very good, so no," she clarifies. She wouldn’t do DWTS. Haley decided she wouldn’t rule it out when she’s older.

    Koslow (Nikki Nelson/

    Eric Martsolf, (Brady, "Days Of Our Lives") stopped by on the red carpet to discuss life, which he says isn’t so bad. "I have beautiful healthy boys, I have a wife that I’m still married to, I have a home and I’m on a soap that hasn’t been cancelled in the past 8 years." He tells Dee they’re thankful for all of the nominations, and "thankful [for the show] to just be alive." About his storyline he says, "I have my own little personal Vietnam over there because I was put in the storyline, and someone stepped on a landmine, and everyone around me blew up except me. And I kind of feel like I’m standing there in the middle of the woods." Eric, who is celebrating 10 years in Daytime in October, shares that he doesn’t know what’s coming up with Brady. "DOOL" has shown an interest in keeping him. "I’m sure Gary Tomlin is going to find a way to display Brady on the canvas. He was responsible for shaking things up and giving Brady the alcoholism and burying Vivian (Louise Sorel) [storylines]. I think they’re just looking for excuses to get Brady back on drugs. ‘We can’t do it willingly. Let’s have someone drug him. Let’s have evil Ian [Ian Buchanan] drug him and then it’ll cause rifts in his relationship…’ Eric jokes that he’s waiting for Brady to head to Sin City and let loose! Deanna brought up how Brady and Nicole (Ari Zuker) who once couldn’t stay away from each other are just friends now. Eric would be happy to see a little less movement. "Keep the players the same but change the game up a little. That would be my wishlist but I’m just an actor. What do I know? It just feels like musical chairs right now. Am I coming? Am I going? I don’t know," he drawls.

    Deanna spoke with Lauren Koslow (Kate) about her Emmy outfit. She has it picked out already and discussed doing presenting for the Creative Arts Awards with James Scott (EJ). She was hoping to present for make-up and hair. They dish on storyline. The last time Deanna spoke with Lauren, she didn’t know Stefano (Joe Mascolo) was going to be shot. Lauren found it so difficult but says, "It’s going to lead into some really fascinating storylines and it is kind of interesting that we’ve had a change in writer. It’s a total game changer. It’s interesting that it’s happening at a crucial point and in some ways it’s beneficial." She talks about how they’ll be wrapping up some storylines soon and feels confident about the current writing. They’re taping for September right now, so she couldn’t say much but says, "It’s a summer of ramifications. We’ve had a lot of changes and you’re going to see the effect of that. It’s really intriguing." Lauren’s excited about the writing to come. She did a scene with Ali [Sweeney] (Sami) and Judy [Evans] (Adrienne) which is unusual. "There’s going to be more interaction between characters you haven’t seen interact before." She thinks it’s a positive thing for the show. She talks about the scenes between the three ladies being strong scenes about Will (Chandler Massey). "They really seem like character driven scenes," which really appeals to her.

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    - Christine Fix
    Reporting, Deanna Barnert

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