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Monday, November 7th, 2011

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    Day of Days: It’s a fan marathon! is still exhausted from our Days of Days on Saturday November 5, so we can’t imagine how cast of "Days of Our Lives" and their most devoted fans are doing!

    We had 16 sit-downs with 30 Salem local, while the castmembers split their time between our cozy spot inside and the cold outdoors. Outside, they braved Biebs-esque fandemonium and bloody loose teeth to share the love with the fans, who turned out to line up at City Walk for some face time and autographs from Christie Clark (Carrie), Patrick Muldoon (Austin), Judi Evans (Adrienne), Wally Kurth (Justin), Shawn Christian (Daniel), Molly Burnett (Molly), Sarah Brown (Madison), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Peter Reckell (Bo), Josh Taylor (Roman), Bill Hayes (Doug), Susan Seaforth-Hayes (Julie), Chandler Massey (Will), Camila Banus (Gabi), Renee Jones (Lexi), James Reynolds, John Aniston, Suzanne Rogers, James Scott (EJ), Lauren Boles (Ciara), Terrell Ransom, Jr. (Theo), Freddie Smith (Sonny), Casey Deidrick (Chad), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Peggy McCay (Caroline).

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    Needless to say, by the end of the day, folks were getting downright loopy.

    Ultimately, there will be tons of videos in this story. Come back to this page later to see what videos have been added -- we still have videos uploading!

    Gay Will:

    One of the hottest topics of the day was, of course, Will’s upcoming coming out storyline. Chandler Massey and Camila Banus couldn't reveal too much about it.

    "It’s not just my big story: It affects everybody," Massey teased. "It’s going to unfold very slowly, because we want to be as realistic as possible. Coming to terms with who you are and your sexuality isn’t something that happens over night. We want to take the time, because it’s a meaningful story that’s relevant today."

    Camila seemed a bit less in the loop about how things will play out, but theorized about how Gabi might take the news that first love Will is gay, whenever it - or he! - comes out.

    Jack, Jenn and Daniel:

    Peter Reckell and Melissa Reeves talked about all the mysteries brewing in Salem, and Missy admitted that like fans, she had to take a moment to figure out that Jenn and Daniel aren’t actually related, in spite of the big reveal about Maggie.

    Matthew Ashford considered Jack and Jen’s future, as well as Jack’s competition, Daniel. While Matt likes Daniel, Molly Burnett and Shawn Christian have to admit, past track records don't bode well for any triangles involving Daniel or Mel.

    Shawn "Daniel? Keep a woman? Really?" Molly pipes in with her thoughts on Melanie keeping a man. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

    Carrie, Austin, Sami, Rafe, EJ and Nicole:

    With Carrie and Austin back in town, Safe fans assumed trouble was coming. It turns out, however, that the returned couple may be the least of Sami and Rafe’s problems. It’s all very hush hush, but as you can tell from's interview with Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon and November spoilers, things are about to get extra messy.

    Whatever goes down, James Scott thinks there's always a chance for EJ and Nicole to find happiness. "I think things will play out well with Nicole," he said. "They have great chemistry. They have a platform of absolute mistrust, which in itself has led to a platform of trust. They're both professional bullsh*t artists who respect and appreciate that in each other. They know each other well."

    Salem's newest couple:

    Eric Marstolf and Sarah Joy Brown dished with about the magic behind their onscreen chemistry, and it’s about more than cocoa butter rubs and mixed signals.

    "Bradison is coming," teases Sarah. "Madison is naughty. Badison. She ties into the whole show. By the end of this year, it's going to get crazy. People are going to be on the edge of their seats."

    As for Ian Buchanan's new character? "He's my puppet master," Brown teased. "Part of the reason there's this push and pull between Madison and Brady is that she doesn't want him to get wrapped up in this disaster she's involved in."

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    John on the Defensive:

    Deidre Hall’s brand new book, "How Does She Do It?," was hot off the presses just in time for fans to get their signed copies. Hopefully, there's something in her beauty book about fighting stress, because, as we all know, Marlena and John are in for a rough November since John can't prove he didn't swindle that money.

    "He doesn't trust himself," Drake Hogestyn sighed. "She does, but he doesn't. His brain's been in a blender. Is it possible he might of done this? Yes, it's possible. He wants to believe he didn't do it, but he needs proof."

    It doesn't look like he's going to get what he needs… at least, not this month.

    Day of Days Rocks It:

    Amid all the meeting and greeting with fans and putting up with the press, a few of "DOOL" castmembers hit the stage for a rock and roll lunch break.

    After Eric Martsolf shook his booty to a Doors classic (yes, we got close ups!), he and Patrick Muldoon got the kids dancing to Bad to the Bone and Molly Burnett helped Wally Kurth make it Hurt so Good and helped Matt Ashford admitted Nobody’s Perfect. Plus, a big crew took the stage to celebrate Salem’s 45th Birthday with some Beetles love.

    Bill Hayes stole the show by getting Too Sexy with his backup dancers Deidre Hall, Molly Burnett and Kate Mansi. Biggest apologies, however, to failing to get Joshua Taylor and Patrick’s solos on video. They rocked it! Watch a clip from the Day of Days 2011 concert here.

    Keep checking, more photos are being added to the Day of Days photo gallery. As well, find more video interviews with the DOOL stars at Day of Days 2011 here.

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    - Deanna Barnert

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