38th Annual Daytime Emmy Interviews. Part 5.

Friday, June 24th, 2011

    Andrea Bogart (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    On the red carpet.

    Welcome to part five of Soaps.com's 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Stars from "General Hospital," "One Life to Live" and "All My Children" stopped by to chat on their way into the awards ceremony. Find out what they had to say about their characters and respective shows below.

    "General Hospital's" Andrea Bogart (Abby):

    Soaps.com: Is this your first Emmys?

    Andrea: Yes. I'm accompanying my girlfriend Elizabeth Hendrickson [Chloe] from "Y&R." We're each other's dates tonight.

    Soaps.com: I love your dress. Where did you find it?

    Andrea: I actually got it at this really great vintage shop that Lizzie took me to.

    Soaps.com: Who are you rooting for tonight?

    Andrea: Of course, my little partner in crime, Chad Duell [Michael]. And everyone whose nominated from "GH." It's such a pleasure to work on the show. I'm so excited to be a part of it.

    Soaps.com: I talked to Chad earlier and he said your characters will be in a new environment.

    Andrea: Yes.

    Soaps.com: Away from the mob?

    Andrea: Away from the mob. It's not airing yet, but we have a little better job under our belt right now. We don't know how long it's going to last, but right now it's working for us.

    Soaps.com: You're getting more into the Quartermaine realm, right?

    Andrea: Yes.

    Soaps.com: Fans like to see that.

    Andrea: Yes. We're excited. It's been a lot of fun. We've got a lot of work with John Ingle [Edward] lately, so it's cool.

    Soaps.com: So, are Michael and Abby going to last? Going to stick it out for awhile?

    Andrea: I mean, so far it's looking good. So, we'll see what happens.

    Soaps.com: Do you gamble?

    Andrea: I don't gamble. I've actually had some friends celebrating birthdays here this weekend too, so there's been a big group of us here. It's been a fun weekend.

    "One Life to Live's" Tuc Watkins (David):

    Soaps.com: How are you doing?

    Tuc: I'm excellent. I'm very excited that my friends Brian Kerwin (ex-Charlie) and Bree Williamson (Jess/Tess) might win. I'm handing out the Best Directing Os…uh, Emmy - It's not an Oscar. We don't do Oscars - with Melissa Archer [Natalie]. And "One Life to Live" is nominated, so I'm hoping they win. [The following was said in what I could only assume was a tongue-in-cheek tone] The final six months of "One Life to Live" are going to be the most exciting six months in their 44 years. Things are going to blow up. People are going to die who aren't supposed to die. It's going to go out on a par with "Little House on the Prairie."

    Jill Larsen (Soaps.com/Lori Wilson)

    Soaps.com: Wow. That's a lot.

    Tuc: Something like that. So stay tuned.

    Soaps.com: So major tears?

    Tuc: It's not a sad ending. It's a very, very exciting ending.

    Soaps.com: Can you give us any indication on what's going to happen with David?

    Tuc: I don’t know for sure, but my hope is David dies in a very embarrassing way and it's his own fault. But I don’t know. That's just my own wish.

    Soaps.com: Would you continue to come back if "One Life to Live" wasn't being cancelled?

    Tuc: Absolutely. They made it so fortunate for me on breaks from "Desperate Housewives" to be able to come back. If it kept going, I would keep doing it. I love it. I would play David Vickers until he was wearing his Speedo in a wheelchair.

    "All My Children's" Jill Larsen (Opal):

    Soaps.com: What are you looking forward to most tonight?

    Jill: I'm just very happy to be here with all of my colleagues and celebrating our industry. I feel like this is a seminal moment in broadcast history. It has additional weight and meaning to me this year.

    Soaps.com: How long have you been playing Opal?

    Jill: Twenty-two years.

    Soaps.com: How do you feel about going into the last couple of months playing her?

    Jill: I feel horrible. It just doesn't seem possible. I never imagined that this would happen. Even though you could sort of see the industry shifting. I guess it was denial. I always hoped that I would be like Ruth Warwick (Phoebe), who came to work even though she was on a cane and could hardly walk, but she was still there.

    Soaps.com: Did you relocate to Los Angeles?

    Jill: Yes I did.

    Soaps.com: Do you plan to stay?

    Jill: Yes, I will stay for a couple of years at least. My daughter is in high school out here. I don’t want to move her back right away. You know, I'm enjoying the experience of being here and I feel like it's a real opportunity career-wise and just life experience-wise. To get to live in an entirely new environment for awhile.

    Soaps.com: Are you aware of all the fan campaigns and support?

    Jill: Oh, yes. It's so moving. It is a comfort to recognize that although the network doesn’t seem to, well, I shouldn't say that. Anyway, it's just a comfort to be reminded of what our work has meant to the people who watch it every day.

    "One Life to Live's" Brian Kerwin (ex-Charlie):

    Jonathan Jackson (Joel Amos/Soaps.com)

    Soaps.com: How does it feel to be nominated even though you're not on the show anymore?

    Brian: Certainly weird. It's really an odd…you know, so much of these award shows are sort of promotion for the show and the show's almost over and I'm done.

    Soaps.com: Will you come back before the end?

    Brian: I don’t know. The producers have not said anything to me to that effect. I know I didn't die. Even if I did die, soap operas…I could come back as a ghost, a brother, an identical cousin.

    Soaps.com: You could just come back to life.

    Brian: Yeah. You never know.

    Soaps.com: How did you feel about how things ended for Charlie?

    Brian: Both Erika [Slezak, Viki] and I backstage would cringe. I love Kim Zimmer [Echo]. She's fun to work with and everything, but the whole idea of Charlie, just with total abandon, planting a big smacker on her…but we always attributed that to Charlie's major character flaw, which is his alcoholism and his inability to deal with reality that led to the alcoholism. So, it worked character-wise, but I wish the writers hadn't painted me into a corner because there was no way Charlie was going to dig himself out of that hole.

    Soaps.com: That would be tough. Fans do not like to see Viki wronged.

    Brian: Yeah. That's one thing about his show: You don't treat Viki bad. No. You just don't.

    Soaps.com: You can't come back from that. [laughter]

    "General Hospital's" Jonathan Jackson (Lucky):

    Soaps.com: Congratulations on your nomination.

    Jonathan: Thank you.

    Soaps.com: How are you feeling going in?

    Jonathan: I feel good. It's just fun to be here. It's an honor to be nominated and I'm excited for "GH." We got 21 nominations as a group. It's just fun to celebrate with your co-workers. Everybody works so hard throughout the year. It's just fun to take some time away and have a little party.

    Soaps.com: Did you know when you were doing those scenes [of Lucky confronting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) about their affair] that was what you were going to submit?

    Jonathan: No. I didn't because you just work day in and day out. You never really know. This stuff aired early last year. There wasn't really any other shows throughout the year as a complete show that felt stronger. I know back in the 90s they used to let you send in two shows, which was kind of cool because you could show something totally different in the second episode. But nowadays it's one show, so I thought, okay, I'll go with that one. We'll see. [He of course ended up winning for Outstanding Supporting Actor.]

    Soaps.com: There's a lot of changes going on at "General Hospital" right now. [His son broke in to say hello] With a new head writer coming in, do you know how that's going to affect your character?

    Jonathan: I don’t know a lot of the specifics, but everybody is really excited. I really enjoyed working with Bob [Guza, former head writer]. I thought he did a lot of great work. But everybody has a sense of optimism and just, you know, a different direction. I don't know the details, but I'm positive about it.

    Soaps.com: Your scenes with Tony Geary [Luke] are a highlight for any episode. You work great together.

    Jonathan: Thank you.

    Soaps.com: There's some worry Luke won't be able to be redeemed. What do you think about where they went with the story?

    Jonathan: Well, it's kind of Greek tragedy, you know. It's pretty heavy, but soaps have the creative freedom to do things that other mediums can't, so I think there's always a chance for some kind of redemption.

    Soaps.com: Aside from the people on your show, what are you looking forward to tonight?

    Jonathan: Just the show. I was actually really impressed last year with the whole entertainment. The music numbers…so I have a good expectation of what the show's going to be like.

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