38th Annual Daytime Emmy Interviews. Part 3.

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

    Kimberly Matula (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    On the red carpet.

    Welcome to part three of Soaps.com's 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. We caught up with a few more actors from "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "The Young and the Restless" before they headed into the awards ceremony. Read on to find out what they had to say.

    "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Kimberly Matula (Hope):

    Soaps.com: Is this your first Emmys?

    Kimberly: My second Emmys. I'm much more seasoned now.

    Soaps.com: A little more calm?

    Kimberly: Exactly, right? It's not as nerve wracking anymore. I feel like last year I was really excited and I was nervous, but this year it's so much simpler and much more laid back.

    Soaps.com: It's a beautiful dress.

    Kimberly: Thank you. It's a Nicole Miller. I love it.

    Soaps.com: Where did you get the jewelry from?

    Kimberly: You know what? I rented the jewelry actually. And the ring is my favorite part, can I just say. Big gaudy rings are like my chocolate. They're amazing.

    Soaps.com: Where do you rent jewelry from?

    Kimberly: You can go to RentTheRunway.com. It's an amazing website. I would advise anyone who wants to rent an article of clothing or jewelry to go there. They have wonderful, wonderful items that you can rent. It's great, you should check it out.

    Soaps.com: Do you enjoy coming out here to Vegas?

    Kimberly: Of course. It's Vegas. It's like a little mini-holiday. I sound British when I say that. A holiday. I don't know where that came from. It's a vacation.

    Soaps.com: Well, you know, you get out of town and out of L.A. for a little bit.

    Kimberly: That's what it is. That's what's happening.

    Soaps.com: Who are you pulling for tonight?

    Kimberly: Cirque du Soleil is performing tonight I believe and I am really looking forward to that. I wanted to go to a show while I was here, but I didn't have time.

    Soaps.com: Were you here for the weekend?

    Kimberly: Yes, I got here Friday and I'm leaving tomorrow.

    Soaps.com: Do you gamble?

    Kimberly: I do not gamble. I'm an awful gambler. Awful.

    Soaps.com: What do you do while you're in Vegas then?

    Heather Tom (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    Kimberly: I go to parties, which were amazing last night and I'll be hitting them up again tonight. I may, or may have, gone to "Thunder Down Under" with my mom. And it was brilliant. It was so much fun, so I recommend that too.

    Soaps.com: What can you tell us about what's going to happen with Hope?

    Kimberly: Oh, gosh. You can look forward to her being happy for a little bit because that's very rare in her life. So, yeah, she's going to be happy for a little bit and she's also going to be a little feisty.

    Soaps.com: What's her relationship like with her mother [Brooke, Katherine Kelly Lang] these days?

    Kimberly: She and her mother are great. Better than ever. Hope actually right now, her mother is going through a whole bunch of really terrible, terrible stuff and Hope is right there to take her back. Make sure she's there to support her mom.

    Soaps.com: And Hope's love life?

    Kimberly: Right now it's pretty damn rocky. She's got two guys, Liam [Scott Clifton] and Oliver [Zach Conroy], vying for her affection and one will be the winner. You'll just have to watch and find out.

    "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Heather Tom (Katie):

    Soaps.com: You have a beautiful dress. Did it take you a long time to get ready for this event?

    Heather: A couple of hours. Not too bad.

    Soaps.com: Congratulations on your nomination.

    Heather: Thank you.

    Soaps.com: Was it hard to pick out the scenes to submit?

    Heather: I had some good stuff this year. I felt pretty confident about my tape. I know all the ladies in my category and I'm such big fans of theirs. I'm rooting for all of us.

    Soaps.com: What's happening with Katie and Bill [Don Diamont]?

    Heather: So far they're still together. There's definitely some drama ahead.

    Soaps.com: What are your thoughts on what's happening with Daytime right now?

    Heather: I think there's an audience for this type of entertainment. I think it's sad we're losing two of our best shows. I was on both of those shows at one point. [She played Kelly Cramer on "One Life to Live" from 2003 – 2006 and crossed over to "All My Children" for a few episodes.] I have lots of friends over there. Hopefully, the ones that are surviving will continue to survive. I think that they will. Like I said, I think there's definitely an audience for this type of entertainment in the afternoon.

    Soaps.com: Do you think they'll be able to stay on network television?

    Heather: I don't know. I think that we as Daytime entertainment shows, we have to find ways to make ourselves new and relevant. I think Brad [Bell, head writer/executive producer of "B&B"] does do that with the show. He's constantly investing in it, constantly doing new technology and that sort of thing. Hopefully they can stay relevant.

    Garrett Ryan (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    "The Young and the Restless'" Garrett Ryan (Kyle):

    Soaps.com: Is this your first Daytime Emmys?

    Garrett: This is my first Daytime Emmys. It's amazing. I'm so grateful to be here. This is great.

    Soaps.com: Have you been to Vegas before?

    Garrett: I have been to Vegas before. Vegas is great.

    Soaps.com: What do you do when you come to Vegas since you can't gamble?

    Garrett: I can't gamble. I usually go to the pools.

    Soaps.com: What's happening with Kyle on "The Young and the Restless?"

    Garrett: I can't really give anything away too much, but there's a lot going on between my dad [Jack] Peter Bergman and Victor, Eric Braeden.

    Soaps.com: Are you going to stick around, because the woman who plays your mother [Maura West, Diane] is leaving the show, correct?

    Garrett: Yes, but I am going to stick around. Fortunately. Yes.

    Soaps.com: You were also in "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer." How was that experience?

    Garrett: That was so much fun to film. It's such like a crazy colorful, fun movie. That was great.

    Soaps.com: Did you go to the premiere?

    Garrett: Yes. I did go to the premiere. I play Judy Moody's [Jordana Beatty] best friend, so yes.

    Soaps.com: Was it like this?

    Garrett: Yes. It was just like this.

    Soaps.com: Have you been talking to the fans?

    Garrett: Yes, I have. It's crazy. They're like, "Garrett, can I get a picture of you?" "You play Kyle! You play Kyle!" I've been blushing like all day.

    Julia Pace Mitchell (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    "The Young and the Restless'" Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia):

    Soaps.com: You look beautiful.

    Julia: Thank you.

    Soaps.com: Did it take a long time to pick out your dress?

    Julia: Actually it did. Being a full figured woman in his business is very difficult. Lots of people want to give you dresses, but a sample size this is not. [laughs] It was very hard. My sister went to Neiman Marcus and picked this out for me. I said I'd wear some bright color.

    Soaps.com: Is this your first Emmys, or were you here last year?

    Julia: I was not on the show last year, but I came last year. It feels so much different to actually be a part of it. This is all new for me. I'm so happy. I feel so blessed just to come and sparkle a little bit.

    Soaps.com: Since you're new to the industry, what do you think of being on soaps?

    Julia: I think that it is so much fun. I did classical theatre so I'm like, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival to "The Young and the Restless." I'm like, this is like "King Lear." This is like the same stories, only hundreds of years later. I love it. Lots of memorization, but it's some of the best, hardest working actors in the industry and people don't know how much talent is right here.

    Soaps.com: Your character is going through a lot of drama right now.

    Julia: You know, baby mama drama is universal.

    Soaps.com: And with brothers no less.

    Julia: With brothers and they're great actors. I'm glad that she's a business woman too, so it's not like she's just sleeping around. She has a family and a career that she could probably handle by herself. But, history is not going to repeat itself like it did with Drucilla [Victoria Rowell] before. There might be a little twist in there, but I can't say all the details.

    Soaps.com: Who are you pulling for in there tonight?

    Julia: I have to say it would be really great if Debbi Morgan [Angie, "All My Children"] could win. She's somebody I always kind of looked up to and her show's ending and everything and her health. It would just be really nice to root for her.

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