Emmy Red Carpet - Who Wore What, Who Said What?

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

    Marcy Rylan (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Soaps.com gives its readers a few quotes from the soap stars on Emmy day. Enjoy the photos of the gowns that match the shoes from our previous article and match the shoes to the gowns - 2007 Emmy Who Wore What? Shoe Fetish!

    Martha Madison (Belle Black Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives)
    Soaps.com: Who made your gown?
    My dress is by Marcasa and I love it. It's really comfortable.
    Soaps.com: And the shoes?
    Martha: The shoes are Michael Kors. It was actually really difficult to find shoes in this "antiquey gold". They were the only ones we found and that's great because I love Michael Kors.

    Marcy Rylan (Guiding Light)

    Soaps.com asked Marcy: Is GL going to take home the Emmy for best show this year?
    Marcy: I certainly hope so! It has been a great year for us. Ellen Wheeler (executive producer) pulled us all together earlier and gave us a pep speech that made us cry! She is so motivating and inspiring. She challenges us everyday to be the absolute best that we can be!

    Martha Madison (Belle Black Kiriakis Days of Our Lives)
    Soaps.com: Who made your gown?
    Martha: My dress is by Marcasa and I love it. It's really comfortable.
    Soaps.com: And the shoes?
    Martha: The shoes are Michael Kors. It was actually really difficult to find shoes in this "antiquey gold". They were the only ones we found and that's great because I love Michael Kors.

    Morgan Fairchild (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Morgan Fairchild (ex- Sophia Blakely Fashion House)
    Soaps.com reminded Morgan that we interviewed her for Fashion House and told her that we followed Fashion House from the beginning to the end. I loved it!
    Morgan: It was a fun show. If they could have made that network work, we'd have been the biggest hit they had. I still get emails from fans wanting us to do a sequel. A lot of people still didn't get that it had a beginning middle and an end, so they want to know when it's coming back, and well… it's not!

    Soaps.com: That's it. It's done! So what are you doing now?
    Morgan: I just finished one independent movie and a comedy like Talladega Nights. A lot of improvisation and a lot of fun!
    Soaps.com: What are you wearing tonight?
    Morgan: Thierry Mugler
    Soaps.com: And your shoes?
    Morgan: I think they're Versace

    We spoke with Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless), who met Shannon the previous evening at the Creative Arts Emmys.

    Shannon: This is Chrissi, my Editor-in-Chief.
    Melody: Are you the one in Toronto?
    Chrissi: Yes I am!
    Melody: This is my dear friend and Canadian Agent, Leloda Melokavitch. This is the... remember last night? (She asks Shannon.) I was thinking about you and wanted to introduce Leloda! (We chit chat for a bit…)

    Leann Hunley & Thaao Penghlis (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Abbott, The Young and the Restless ) wore a fabulous, Marc Bouwer, Silk Sapphire dress, Daniel Swarovski or Mary Norton handbag, Raffinity jewelry and her shoes were by Giuseppe Zannotti or Loriblu.

    Betty White (Ann Douglas, The Bold and the Beautiful)

    Soaps.com: Hi Betty, I am a huge fan!
    Betty: Well I appreciate that!
    Soaps.com: We loved you in the Golden Girls, loved you in Bold and The Beautiful. What was the biggest challenge going from comedy to daytime drama?
    Betty: We don't get any laughs! (Laughter) That's for sure, but it was a lovely experience. Not only had I never done a soap opera before but I'm so busy, I don't watch that much, so my admiration for those people... I mean they really work, they do and Susan Flannery and John McCook had been together for 20 years since the show started and they could so easily have made you feel like an outsider or the new kid on the block but they just took ya right in as a member of the family.
    Soaps.com: Now that's nice. Didn't I read somewhere where your housekeeper thought you'd finally made it since you were on a soap opera?
    Betty: Oh, my housekeeper. (Laughter) I've been in the business for 58 years and I've had 14 situation comedies, a couple of them big hits. A lot of stuff I've done, and my housekeeper said yeah that's fine, that's nice and I told her, "Oh, I'm gonna do a Bold and The Beautiful?" 'YOU'RE GOING TO DO A BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL?' (Laughter) Well I suddenly became a star in my home.

    Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera Days of Our Lives)
    Soaps.com spoke with Leann the previous evening at the SOAPnet Night Before Party. Leann was escorted by Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera, Days of Our Lives)

    Soaps.com: Good to see you again, Leann, Thaao. You look great! Who did your gown?
    Leann: Alan Del Rosario, and he's a wonderful designer.
    Soaps.com: And the shoes?
    Leann: Those are…. (Looks around as she has plumb forgotten!)
    Thaao: Days Of Our Lives! (Thaoo jokes)
    Leann: (Laughter) I can't remember. Oh, … Stuart Weitzman!
    Soaps.com: Can we get a photo of the shoes?
    There was so much laughter during and after this discussion that I couldn't make out what was said on our voice recorder!

    Minae Noji (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Minae Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee General Hospital and General Hospital Night Shift)

    We spoke with Minae on the red carpet at the SOAPnet Night Before Party the previous afternoon.

    Soaps.com: What are fans going to see as the biggest difference between GH and GH Night Shift?
    Minae: They are going to notice that it has more of an edge. Also, each episode will have a beginning and an end.
    Soaps.com: We're really excited for the premiere July 12th! We'll be watching!

    Jennifer Gareis (Christine Fix, Soaps.com)

    Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful)

    Jennifer's publicist, Thomas came to me earlier with Heather Thom and knew my name - very cool! Very nice guy, he introduced himself, gave me his card, as several did and we spoke with Jennifer.

    Soaps.com: Hi Jennifer,
    Jennifer: Hi how are you?
    Soaps.com: We're fine, you look wonderful!
    Jennifer: Thank you!
    We chit chatted about her clothes for a bit. She wore a beautiful charcoal blue gray dress from Printing, Martin Katz jewelry, and a Charlie Lapson bag. A card was given to me before we spoke with the information printed on it.
    Soaps.com: So do you think that B&B is going to take home best show this year?
    Jennifer: I'm hoping. I'm ready to go onstage and celebrate!
    Soaps.com: Are you guys going to have a big party if that happens?
    Jennifer: Oh sure!

    Readers? Let us know which gown was your favorite this year!

    Christine Fix and Shannon Burrell
    Editor-in-Chief/ Soap Journalist

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