38th Daytime Awards Live Blog: Red Carpet/Backstage.

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

    Chad Duell (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    Find out what happens on the red carpet, and backstage during the Daytime Emmys.

    Photos are slowly trickling in from the Daytime Emmys red carpet show. 2011 Daytime Emmys red carpet, backstage photos here.

    Soaps.com's Joel Amos and Lori Wilson are in Las Vegas, where they've been since Saturday, taking in a few shows and getting prepared to for the Daytime Emmy red carpet show and backstage reporting. They have taken their places on the red carpet and the first photo is, of course, Emmy.

    Lori caught a photo of Martha Byrne (ex-Lily, "As The World Turns," and creator and star of web series "Gotham," Catherine) making her way down the red carpet with soap fans lined up to catch a glimpse of the actress looking summery in blue.

    6.00 PM EST - Lori's seeing Stephanie Gatschet (Madison, "All My Children," and ex-Tammy, "Guiding Light" looking gorgeous wandering the red carpet with Peggy McCay (Caroline) and Eric Martsolf, (Brady, "Days Of Our Lives,") following.

    Lori just tweeted, "[Eric Martsolf] loves all the bad stuff he gets to do," when asked Eric's thoughts on the big fight between his character Brady and EJ DiMera (James Scott). It looks as though the color of royalty is worn by a few of the Daytimers, including Martsolf, who has donned a purple button down shirt with his suit. Fellow castmate Molly Burnett (Melanie) is wearing a glitzy purple patterned flowing gown and is that "One Life To Live's" Melissa Archer (Natalie) in a sexy deep purple dress? Who can tell after peeking over at ("Bold and The Beautiful's") Winsor Harmon (Thorne) in a white tux dinner jacket and black trousers. Very dapper!

    6.25 PM EST - Lori chatted with Justin and Adrienne's new son, Freddie Smith (Sonny) on "DOOL" who she calls "a cutie."

    Incidentally, Soaps.com's Deanna Barnert is also in attendance this evening, speaking with John Aniston (Victor, "DOOL") and the rest of the soap stars on the glamorous red carpet.

    Eric Martsolf (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    6.30 PM EST - Lori Wilson tweeted, "Just talked to ["All My Children's] Rebecca Budig (Greenlee). She wouldn't say if Leo is dead or alive."

    6.46 PM EST - Lori spoke with Ronn Moss (Ridge, "B&B) and his lovely wife Devin DeVasquez about who they're rooting for in the never-ending love triangle on the show. Surprise! Devin's team Brooke! Of course, "He [Ronn] remains mum."

    7.00 PM EST - Joel has been snapping shots of the darling and still gorgeous Suzanne Rogers, while Lori chats her up on the red carpet, in addition to her co-star and one of the funniest characters on "DOOL," John Aniston (Victor).

    7.10 PM EST - Lori just teased us with this: "Just chatted with Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin, "All My Chidren." Love him! He's excited about Zach's return." We're excited about you meeting Jordi!

    Haley and Lexi (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    7.13 PM EST - Lori's been chatting up Daytime's finest regarding the decline of our beloved soap operas. She tweets, "The consensus from the actors seems to be they have to find a new way to do soaps but there's still a demand."

    7.20 PM EST - Joel just sent a photo in of Stephen Nichols (Tucker, "The Young And The Restless") talking with Lori Wilson. Check the photo gallery for that and the others. Link is below and at the top of this page!

    7.24 PM EST - Lori tweeted, "Just met Tuc Watkins. So happy right now." Aw so sweet. Tuc's one of our faves too. The thought of no more David Vickers... well, let's remember, this a celebratory night, shall we? Stay away from dark thoughts.

    7.31 PM EST - Not long to go before the red carpet rolls up. Quick rundown of what a few of the stars look like... Jeff Branson (Ronan, "Y&R") went platinum blonde and is looking snappy in a black suit and black shirt. Judi Evans (Adrienne, "DOOL) is looking alluring in emerald green and diamonds dripping from her ears. In a word, "Hot!"

    7.37 PM EST - Bobbie Eakes (Crystal, "All My Children") is wearing an enticing gold number, which looks so glam, especially with her beautiful flowing hair. She reminds us of Jane Fonda in "Barbarella." We have a soft spot for Colleen Zenk (Barbara, "ATWT) who is rocking the little black dress and looking classy as can be. Is there a win for her this evening? Any predictions out there?

    7.47 PM EST - Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, "Y&R" is wearing a beautiful long white gown which looks dazzling against her glowing skin, and there's another beauty in white, Kristian Alfonso (Hope, "DOOL.") wearing a Romanesque dress with an up-do.

    8.00 PM EST - Lori and Joel went backstage four minutes ago..."In the press room waiting for the show to begin. Ronn Moss, Jill Larsen and Kay Linder were all very passionate about the genre."

    Please follow Candace Young as she blogs the show itself, while we chat about who's saying what backstage!

    This has been Christine Fix handing it over to Lori Wilson!

    Stephanie Gatschet (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    Stay tuned for more live blogging backstage at the 38th Annual Daytime Emmys with Soaps.com, June 19. Remember, photos are still coming in here - Photos are slowly trickling in from the Daytime Emmys red carpet show. 2011 Daytime Emmys red carpet, backstage photos. As well, Soaps.com is taking footage of our interviews, which will be posted soon.

    8.09 PM EST
    It's Lori now. I just got off the red carpet and am backstage waiting for the winners. Waiting to hear from Jonathan Jackson and Heather Tom.

    8.19 PM EST

    Jonathan Jackson says it was all a blur and just tried to be ready. He's with his kids because he wanted to celebrate Father's Day with them and give them a good memory.

    8.20 PM EST

    Jonathan says it was difficult to do the scenes with Tyler (Nikolas) and Rebecca (Liz), but it's the job and they don't take anything personally. When asked about all the tragedy, he says he hopes the show will lighten up, but there's always a love between a father and son that's at the root of the story.

    8.23 PM EST

    The first thing Heather Tom does when she comes backstage is thank her boyfriend because she forgot. She dryly tells us we should set the announcers straight when she's told they announced this was her first Daytime Emmy win.

    8.25 PM EST
    Heather is excited about the stuff she's shooting and loves working with Don Diamont and Jacqueline McInnes Wood.

    8.38 PM EST
    Wifi isn't great backstage but will try to upload photos from the red carpet.

    Freddie Smith (Lori Wilson/Soaps.com)

    The last half of my entries mysteriously went missing, but here are the highlights from the rest of the backstage action:

    8.40 PM EST

    Ben Bailey was next to talk to the press. He said he really was in the bathroom when they called his name and admitted he did not wash his hands. When he left, he said he was going to do so.

    8.45 PM EST
    Maria Bell came back stage and promised it was not the last we have seen of Nikki. She also hinted that the next big story coming will involve a lot of their key players and said there was a lot to be excited about.

    8.50 PM EST
    When Dr. Oz talks with the press, he's asked if he will have Oprah on his show. He thinks he'll have her on sooner rather than later. He also admits weight loss shows aren't necessarily realistic, but they are helpful because they can give people hope and teach certain lessons. He credits his success to his wife, who rolls her eyes, but Dr. Oz is really sweet about it.

    10.00 PM EST
    After much pleading from the press Shemar Moore is brought to us. When asked if he would ever return to Y&R, he responds that he misses his time on the show, but the role has been recast and he's at a stage in his career where it doesn't make sense to do so. He is quick to point out that he will always honor the genre and credits Bill Bell for giving him his start and ultimately his career.

    10.05 PM EST
    Laura Wright shows up and is informed that she is only the second actress from GH to win Outstanding Actress. The first was apparently Finola Hughes. She didn't know that, but says it feels awesome to win. Her head isn't in the place to discuss the stories on GH, but said she's just the actor and doesn't get paid to write the show. She wished she had thanked Bob Guza in her acceptance speech, but also said she looked forward to Garin Wolf's work. When asked about her dress, she credited her daughter with helping to choose what to wear.

    10.10 PM EST
    When Scott Clifton addressed the press, he declared that he was truly surprised to have won, based on what the wonderful things he heard about his competition. He also said he was happy to win for his work as Liam, because he didn't feel he was deserving when nominated for his roles on OLTL and GH.

    10.17 PM EST
    Brittany Allen was beaming when she came to the microphone. She confirmed that it was 'interesting' winning when she was no longer in the role of Marissa, but shared that all the cast and crew have been supportive and that she was happy for Sarah in the role. She will be heading to Canada to film the zombie/comedy movie Dead Before Dawn, which she indicated was very different from her work on AMC.

    10.20 PM EST

    Last, but not least, Brad Bell and the cast and crew of B&B took the podium. When the fantasy of the island berry storyline is contrasted against the realism of the homeless storyline, Brad says he tries to be unpredictable and show range. The inevitable question regarding the future of Daytime comes up and Brad notes it will never be like it once was because soaps have a lot of competition these days, but there is a future for Daytime. They might have to be reinvented, but soaps will have a great future.

    Thanks for hanging out with me tonight. I had fun bringing you all the Daytime Emmy backstage action.

    - Lori Wilson

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