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Friday, June 22nd, 2007

    Lauren Koslow & Shannon Burrell (Christine Fix,

    34th Annual Creative Arts & Entertainment Emmy Awards was invited to cover the 34th Annual star studded Hollywood Gala at the Kodak Theatre, June 14 2007. We had a challenging time with our schedule, and the must see, must cover events, but not one to back down from a challenge, Shannon Burrell and myself took it all in, flitting from one event to another with barely time to write about our experiences in between. I have to interject that meeting Shannon was also a highlight of the week for me. After working with him for a year, we'd never met! We became fast friends and had the best time together!
    As we previously reported, we had been both on the red carpet and inside the SOAPnet Night Before Party, but what we didn’t mention, for lack of time was that we’d also promised to cover the Creative Arts Awards as well… We had two fabulous events, both scheduled approximately at the same time and just two of us to conduct interviews and grab some shots of the beauteous soap stars.

    Chrissi holding an Emmy! (Shannon Burrell,

    We interviewed various actors and actresses at the SOAPnet Night Before Party and after the red carpet and one of the best parties this season, Shannon and I accepted our eco-friendly SOAPnet gift bags, (I was able to speak to someone from SOAPnet and thank them for the lovely gifts, afterward.) we ran off to find a taxi to take us to the Kodak Theatre, from trendy hotspot, Boulevard 3. With no time to spare, we literally ran up the escalator and right into the Hollywood and Highland ballroom, to find cast and crew of daytime’s best, not just including our beloved soaps.

    Susan, Ronn, Katherine & Shannon (Christine Fix,

    Cameras and digital voice recorders in hand, we wandered through the crowd to capture shots of the likes of Dylan Fergus and James Hyde of NBC’s and soon to become DirecTV’s Passions presenting, in addition to speaking briefly with Days Of Our Lives’ striking Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts), regarding setting up an interview. We couldn't help but take advantage of meeting Lauren and getting a few photos taken with her. Let me tell you, folks. She's every bit as beautiful as she is on screen! She's also very sweet. She told us she'd love to do an interview and said, "Goodness knows we could use it!". Lauren left, with the dashing James Scott (EJ Wells) trailing after her, calling "Lauren darling..." Since we figured that he was a little busy, we moved on to introduce ourselves to Bold and the Beautiful’s tall dark and handsome, Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester), the hilarious Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester) and the demure and charming Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Forrester). We originally thought that Katherine was Eileen Davidson, because of her hairdo. As Shannon explained that we'd both been fans since the first episode, Susan started to grin and with a wicked glint in her eye, she mimed shovelling … er.. something nasty! We all had a chuckle, and Shannon let them know that was all about supporting the soaps and getting the word out there for fans to support the soaps. Ron asked several questions about what we did on, and we felt as though we were the ones being interviewed for a change! All three were very gracious to take time out for us and we appreciate it. After the chat, we took a few photos, and wandered off.

    James Scott & Chrissi - Sorry so blurry! (Shannon,

    We found Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Abbot, Y&R) and Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester (B&B) consorting just outside the ballroom. We politely interrupted their fun and introduced ourselves and Michelle, true to her comedic counterpart, Phyllis, anxiously asked us if we were one of those sites that allowed actor bashing! We had to laugh and reassured both ladies that we had a very strict policy on actor bashing and don't allow it at all. They were happy to hear this. We chatted a while and took a few photos, before heading over to speak with Mark Bowey, the Graphic Artist from 'The Upside Down Show', who had just won an Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Design". We congratulated him and he graciously allowed us to take photographs of each other while holding his Emmy! We just wanted to say thank you again, Mark. We appreciate your generosity!
    During that time, I was to receive a call from Shawn Proulx from Toronto's PROUDFM, which is a radio station who contacted me in the hopes of dishing the scoop about Y&R and the Daytime Emmys. I didn't receive the call… cell phone issues… and when I looked up from my phone, there stood the delicious James Scott! Shannon had gone over to say hello to him while I pondered why my phone wasn't ringing, and James came over to say hello, and to have a photo taken with me. Unfortunately, the photo is a bit of a blur, but I promised some of the soap fans in the message boards that we'd post a few photos of ourselves with the actors - especially James, since he's a fan fave!

    The Star-Studded Cast Of Presenters Included:
    Leven Rambin And Jeff Branson (All My Children) Martha Byrne And Marie Wilson (As the World Turns), Lesli Kay And Winsor Harmon(The Bold and the Beautiful), Lawrence Saint Victor And Jessica Leccia, (Guiding Light), Robin Strasser And John-Paul Lavoisier (One Life to Live), Kristoff St. John And Doug Davidson (The Young and the Restless), James Scott And Lauren Koslow (Days of Our Lives), Dylan Fergus And James Hyde (Passions), Paula Deen (Food Network’s “Paula’s Home Cooking”), Tanya Memme And Roger Hazard (A&E’s “Sell This House”), Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater Brian Boitano, Kevin O’connor (Pbs’s “This Old House”), Cathie Filian And Steve Piacenza, (Diy’s “Creative Juice” For Hgtv), Ben Bailey (Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab”), Brian Baumgartner (NBC’s “The Office”), And Jessica Lee Rose (“Lonelygirl15”).

    Lesli Kay & Michelle Stafford (Christine Fix,

    To read about James Lipton, check out the Lifetime Awards.

    Outstanding Achievement In Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design For A Drama Series

    One Life To Live * ABC
    Roger Mooney, Production Designer
    Ruth Wells, Art Director
    John Kenny, Art Director
    Martin Fahrer, Art Director

    Outstanding Achievement For A Casting Director For A Drama Series

    General Hospital * ABC
    Mark Teschner, Casting Director

    Outstanding Achievement In Costume Design For A Drama Series

    As The World Turns * CBS
    Margarita Delgado, Costume Designer
    Tracy Dorman, Costume Designer

    Outstanding Achievement In Multiple Camera Editing For A Drama Series

    Days Of Our Lives * NBC
    Mason Dickson, Editor
    Lugh Powers, Editor
    Marius S. Darrow Iii, Editor
    David Mawhinney, Editor

    One Life To Live * ABC
    Mary Ryan, Editor
    Teresa Anne Cicala, Editor
    Tracy Casper Lang, Editor
    Anthony Wilkinson, Editor
    Barry Gingold, Editor
    Vince Catania, Editor
    Larry Farina, Editor

    Outstanding Achievement In Hairstyling For A Drama Series

    As The World Turns * CBS
    Theresa Marra Siliceo, Key Hairstylist
    Lillian Cvecich, Second Key Hairstylist
    Veronica Bakalenik, Hairstylist
    Elena Roulenko, Hairstylist

    Outstanding Achievement In Lighting Direction For A Drama Series

    As The World Turns * CBS
    Donna Larson, Lighting Designer
    Nicholas Varacalli, Lighting Designer

    Outstanding Achievement In Makeup For A Drama Series

    As The World Turns * CBS
    Eldo Ray Estes, Key Makeup Artist
    Anette Lian-Williams, Makeup Artist
    Stephanie Glover-Mcgee, Makeup Artist
    Kimberly Braisin, Makeup Artist

    Outstanding Achievement In Music Direction And Composition For A Drama Series

    Guiding Light * CBS
    Robyn Cutler, Supervising Music Director
    Gary Deinstadt, Music Director
    Billy Barber, Music Director/Composer
    Ron Komie, Composer
    Brian D. Siewert, Composer
    Danny Pelfrey, Composer
    Chieli Minucci, Composer
    Mark Stephen Ross, Composer
    Kenneth Eberhard, Composer
    David Traugh, Composer

    Outstanding Original Song

    Passions * NBC
    Song Title: Love Is Ecstasy
    John Henry Kreitler, Composer/Lyricist
    Wesley B. Boatman, Jr., Composer

    Outstanding Achievement In Live & Direct To Tape Sound Mixing For A Drama Series

    The Young And The Restless * CBS
    Tommy Persson, Production Mixer
    Peter Mallard, Post-Production Mixer
    Manuel Moreno, Post-Production Mixer
    Dino Johnson, Post-Production Mixer
    Mikael Persson, Pre-Production Mixer
    Luis E. Godinez, Sr., Boom Operator
    Mark Beckley, Boom Operator
    Mark Mooney, Boom Operator
    Lawrence Freeman, Boom Operator

    Outstanding Achievement In Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control For A Drama Series

    All My Children * ABC
    Howie Zweig, Technical Director
    Michael V. Pomarico, Technical Director
    Adam Keith, Electronic Camera
    Tom Shepard, Electronic Camera
    Eric Johnson, Electronic Camera
    Robert Ambrico, Electronic Camera
    Mary Mcilwain, Electronic Camera
    George Montanez, Electronic Camera
    Frank Forsyth, Electronic Camera
    William Tynan, Electronic Camera
    Christopher Mauro,
    Virginia Higgins, Video Control

    Christine Fix

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