Interviews: Day Of Days 2010 Coverage Part 2.

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

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    Day Of Days part two:

    After everyone broke for lunch and the actors took a breather from meeting their fans and talking to the press, round two of the Day of Days interviews began. The groups switched spots and we got a new batch of actors backstage to grill about Days of Our Lives.

    When Eric Martsolf stopped by to chat about his character Brady Black, he expressed his enthusiasm for playing him with more of an edge these days. "It's the best. I mean my soap career, my nine years that I've had, six of them was playing Ethan Winthrop on Passions, who was Dudley Do-Right," he recounted. "The do-gooder that couldn't do anything wrong. And now, finally, I mean, Brady was kind of going that way in the beginning too. He was just too vanilla. He was not doing anything really interesting."

    "So, finally they’re starting to investigate the back story that they created for Brady when I first joined the show," he continued. "I mean, he got addicted to cocaine, he got divorced from the love of his life...he went to rehab, he did manual labor, all this crazy stuff and it really hasn't been examined until now, how fragile the guy is. He's finally cracked. He's been pushed and pushed and pushed and been alright with it for two years, but now he's done, so he's fighting back. I, for one, think it's interesting that he's kind of a mutt in the sense that he's a Kiriakis, he’s a DiMera. His father John Black is a DiMera. He's kind of a Brady; Sami Brady [Alison Sweeney] is his sister. He's a culmination of all these different families, so him flipping out and doing things spontaneously, I think it suits him. I think it's time the complexities of his character were brought out and they're finally doing it, so I'm a happy guy."

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    When Arianne Zucker (Nicole) joined the conversation, she mused on Nicole and Brady's relationship. "What I love about Brady now is, he's been through so much…he's reached places where you just start to become and own who you are. It's not necessarily trying to be this perfect character, so it makes sense for the two. He's gotten a little darker and Nicole's gotten a little better, so the two make sense."

    When asked if they saw their characters' relationship lasting, they both laughed and mused on the idea of it coming to an end. Eric then summed it up by saying, "You never, ever say end. You never do, but a relationship that is as tumultuous as Nicole’s and Brady’s, it’s a roller coaster. There’s going to be ebbs and tides and I think that’s part of the fun of watching."

    As for the actress who plays Brady's ex, Nadia Bjorlin discussed Chloe's upcoming birthing scenes. She previewed that Chloe gives birth in the Horton cabin and Melanie [Molly Burnett] helps deliver the baby. Of the scenes, Nadia admitted, "I was a little intimidated and slightly horrified about the whole birthing thing," but she tried to inject some humor into them as well.

    She also confessed to enjoying playing pregnant and insisted her rapidly growing belly was realistic. She explained the baby bump came on a bit late, but declared it was accurate, as they used actual prosthetics made from molds taken from a real pregnant woman.

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    When the conversation turned to Chloe's relationship with Daniel [Shawn Christian], she said they have a great dynamic and are otherwise a solid couple, Chloe has just made a few bad decisions. As for the impending reveal of her one night stand with Philip [Jay Johnson], Nadia pondered, "When it will come out, it's like, how do you explain you’ve done all this for love? That you’ve really done a lot of bad things for love. It’s like a whole moral dilemma. It's like people watching will be like, well, I would do the same thing, or maybe they would crucify Chloe. It is interesting to have to play that too because you don’t really wish that on anybody. Especially when Chloe really does mean well at the end of the day."

    Next up, when asked how Ty Treadway [Dr. Walters] and Melissa Reeves [Jennifer] characters will be involved, Ty joked, "We get naked a lot. No. Not at all. Actually, I think we’re just going to meet and she’s instantly repulsed. [laughs]"

    On a more serious note, Ty previewed, "I'm instantly impressed by, I find out what family she's from and my character reveres medicine so I’m instantly impressed. And then we kind of get to know each other slowly. It's kind of where we’re at right now."

    "Jennifer [gives] him a hard time in the beginning," Melissa added. "She [runs] into him again and is like, 'Hey, I didn’t mean to treat you that way.' So they’re trying to find some common ground." Ty then surmised, "They’re taking their time and seeing what happens with it."

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    As a newbie to the show, Chandler Massey [Will] experienced his first fan event during the Day of Days afternoon. When asked what his thoughts were on it, he responded, "I’m having a blast. I was nervous, especially this morning when we started walking out, but now I’m having fun."

    Would he be open to a Will/Chad [Casey Deidrick] or "Chill," as they are affectionately dubbed, pairing so many fans seem to want? "I think I would actually. If that’s what they wrote," he replied. "I’m really happy with the stuff they’re writing now. Will is starting to have a love interest with Gabi [Camila Banus], but whatever they wanted me to do I’d be happy to do because I have a job and that’s the important thing."

    When his interview partner Galen Gering [Rafe] was asked about the direction his character was going in, he answered, "The stuff that’s coming up on the show, I think is pretty cool. One of the things that happened was, and I think it happens to a lot of people when they lose someone, they realize how short life is, they try to seize the day, take advantage of that moment and enjoy it. So this spontaneous act that Rafe does, which is coming up, which when I first read it, I was like, ahhh... and then I was like, you know what? This is great. Of course. Perfect. It makes so much sense."

    As for the faster pace the show has taken on lately, he enthused, "As an actor it’s fun because if you don’t like what you’re doing, don’t worry about it because something else is coming down the pike. Or get over it anyway. It’s a job." He assured us there was very little he's had to complain about since he joined the show.

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