Interviews: 2010 Day Of Days Coverage Part 1.

Monday, November 8th, 2010

    Joseph Mascolo (Lori Wilson/

    The Day of Days fan event kicked off on November 6 at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, California. Most of the cast were in attendance to greet their fans, sign autographs and participate in a Q&A. Even though Kristin Alfonso (Hope) couldn’t be there, she sent a video message to the adoring crowd, dressed in her prison garb. Those who were able to make the event were divided up, so half of the cast could be backstage talking with the press, while the other half could mingle with their fans. Since they are so far ahead in taping, the actors couldn’t give away too much, but they happily shared their thoughts on what their characters are going through and gave some hints of what’s to come.

    First up was Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) who was happy to be at the event to meet the fans of Days of Our Lives. "It’s really quite lovely that folks care enough to come out and say hello. Let’s face facts. Any show that’s been on the air, television, for 45 years deserves something."

    He expressed his appreciation of being able to come and go from the show over the last 20 years when things got “too stupid” to perform in a play or other project. For right now though he’s happy with his character’s story and he shared that he even had a hand in getting Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Stefano together, as he encouraged TPTB to put these "villains" together. It turned out to be a good idea, as Joseph pointed out, "Everybody in the audience probably thought, 'Oh, God, they’re going to start killing each other,' and that's not the case. Without them knowing it, they're falling in love with each other."

    As for his new son, Chad (Casey Deidrick), who he has yet to find out about, Mascolo enthused, "It's very interesting and it's a lot of fun." He then joked, "The only thing, as I said the other day on set, the men on Days of our Lives are pretty stupid. They can't be with a woman more than five minutes and they impregnate them. You know, in this day and age you don't have to get everybody you're with pregnant in five minutes."

    Onscreen father and daughter duo Molly Burnett (Melanie) and Shawn Christian (Daniel) were up next. When asked what Daniel thought the fans' reaction to Daniel and Chloe's (Nadia Bjorlin) impending rift would be, he joked, "Someone's going to burn something down. Cars will be flipped over." On a serious note, he continued, "People are as insatiable and passionate as this couple. It's extraordinary and it's quite a compliment because people really are that passionate."

    Molly Burnett and Shawn Christian (Lori Wilson/

    When complimented on her acting abilities of late by another reporter, Molly responded, "I'm just working with amazing people. They come to the game up here, so you want to meet them." Shawn quickly chimed in, "And she does. She comes in. She's ready. Her heart's in the right place. She knows where she's going."

    Even though she couldn't give too much away, Molly did hint that her recent good girl ways might not last too much longer. "I'll probably be a little bit bad soon," she teased. It seems after she finds out about Philip and Chloe's affair, she "checks out" and "kind of snaps."

    As for another couple who is involved in a bit of a triangle, Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (Carly) explained that they were just as in the dark about what's going on as the fans are. When asked if Bo and Carly were the couple now with no threat from Hope, Reckell responded, "I'm not sure the writers ever decided what to do, so we're kind of playing it day to day. Hope being in prison is kind of throwing a wrench in everything. We're finding out as you do."

    Chappell did note she enjoys their triangle because, "They're all good people. There's some genuine love. I mean, he loves Hope, God knows, his great love, but Carly's a completely different thing, but it's still love."

    Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell (Lori Wilson/

    Even though Reckell admitted he's "getting it" from Bo and Hope fans who aren't too happy he's with Carly, he explained, "It's nice to have a layered, mature love story, which actually, both Carly and Hope, Bo has a lot of history with." He added, "There's a lot of maturity and levels to those relationships, which makes it much more fun to play."

    Moving on to a brother and sister team, James Scott (EJ) and Renee Jones (Lexi) were happy to dish on their dysfunctional DiMera family. When asked about their characters getting a new addition to the family, Renee speculated that her character will help Chad navigate the murky DiMera waters. "I've been there so I can understand completely what he's going through," she mused. "And I'm going to be the person who teaches him how he can still hold on to [the good] and still be a part of this family that has done some horrific things. You can still love these people. Eventually grow to love these people, not immediately."

    As for EJ, James felt his character would have a different reaction to his new brother. "I don't think he'll take it very well at first," he sighed. "But I would expect, not having read the script, I would anticipate there will be some serious problems, but ultimately they will probably find some common ground."

    He continued on about the idea of adding a new DiMera to the clan. "My perspective as an actor is it would be great to have someone [new come into the family]. I was terribly sad when Thaao Penghlis (Tony) left. I felt that left a really big hole in the show and in the [DiMera] family and I actually don't think it could be filled by Chad, but I think he can fill another area." In regards to Tony being written off, James added, "I felt it was very short sighted, but maybe it's me that's short sighted."

    James Scott and Renee Jones (Lori Wilson/

    When asked about EJ and Sami [Alison Sweeney], Scott joked, "She's so in love with him that she went and married Rafe. I'm no woman but I know enough to know that's how you work." He went on to explain EJ's perspective about his evil actions, essentially calling them reactionary to Sami's misdeeds. He summed up the couple saying, "They love well and they hate well. They also are able to hold different degrees of those emotions."

    The actor playing Chad, Casey Deidrick, had nothing but glowing things to say about joining said DiMera family. "I'm part of this amazing, horrible family. I wanted this from day one. I wanted this." He continued on, "I think they were kind of debating whether they wanted to go the Kiriakis route or the DiMera route and they kind of swung more on this side and I couldn't be more stoked to be a DiMera."

    Casey might love being in the family, but how will Chad react to learning he is a DiMera? "Basically I've been lied to my entire life. I don't know who to trust anymore," Casey explained. "Bottom line is, I think it's the same with every character, every character wants to be loved. Wants to have that affection and family. Chad doesn't have that. No matter what he says about being a DiMera, how much he pushes it away, deep down that underlying truth is that he wants to be loved no matter what. No matter what. Any character: EJ, Joe Mascolo [Stefano], Kate, I mean everyone. It's the same thing. Hopefully there'll be a point in Chad's life where he will be comfortable with who he is and accept who he is and move on."

    As for Camila Banus, jumping into the role of Gabi at the intense moment of confronting her sister Arianna’s [Lindsay Hartley] death was, "Difficult. Exciting though. It's great to be able to come in and work on some hard material and then try to prove myself to all these amazing actors that I can do it on the second day of work. It's hard, but exciting."

    Suzanne Rogers, John Aniston and Louise Sorel (Lori Wilson/

    Moving from the relative newbies to the veterans, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), John Aniston (Victor) and Louise Sorel (Vivian) all expressed their appreciation of being such a big part of Days of our Lives' 45 year history. John Aniston said, "It's amazing the show has lasted that long and we're lucky to have lasted as long as we have."

    Suzanne shared that in the 36 years she's been on the show, she's having the most fun right now. When I asked what she attributed that too, she quickly answered, "Him [referring to John Aniston] and the fact that the writers are writing it."

    Regarding the popularity of the Victor/Maggie pairing, she speculated, "I think it was a surprise. I know it was a surprise to the writers, I think. I think it was a surprise to the network. And it was a surprise to us. [laughs]"

    With that the first half of the interviews ended. Stay tuned to the second half where I talked with Eric Martsolf (Brady), Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Nadia Borjlin (Chloe) and more.

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