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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

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    AMC Spoilers included!

    Before the actors met their fans for the All My Children Fan Club Main Event on September 25, they converged in the green room to answer some of the press' burning questions. I had the chance to chat up a couple of the actors about their characters and upcoming storylines.

    Walt Willey (Jack) set the tone for me when he shared there were signs up all over the place warning the cast not to divulge anything to anyone. This wasn't a problem for Walt, considering he's been gone on vacation, so he wasn't really sure what was happening for his character. He pulled the ABC rep over to find out for me, as well as himself, just what was going to happen for Jackson and Erica. As I was informed, "It's going to be a lovely love triangle, which everyone loves right? The way they're positioning it is, [Erica's] in love with Jackson, but why is she spending all this time and effort trying to help Caleb?" Walt also noted that Jack had been spending a lot of time with Krystal before he left on vacation, so it will probably turn into a quadrangle. Since Krystal has also been spending time with Caleb, we all agreed it's going to get pretty complicated.

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    Cornelius Smith Jr. echoed the All My Children decree for silence when I approached him about what's to come for Frankie. "I can't give away too many things, but I think Frankie is going to continue to have a friendship with Madison. He's going to continue to navigate and hopefully improve on his marriage to Randi, as well as try to manage a job, working overtime. So Frankie's kind of going through a lot. I think we're at an interesting place, not only with Frankie, but with everything that Angie is kind of going through with her blindness and pregnancy and [the fans] can stay tuned for a lot more drama. They continue to build the drama," he promised.

    What about the baby Frankie wants? Cornelius mused, "The baby issue is an issue for Frankie. Not necessarily an issue, but something that is on his heart. I don't think that's ever going to change, so it will be interesting to see how Frankie deals with that, how they deal with that in terms of, 'Hey, I want a family.' Frankie wants to start a family and he's ready for that next step, but there's a lot of complications and it's a very touchy matter for Randi, understandably, so we have to tread lightly, but it won't go away."

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    As for his co-star, Denise Vasi (Randi) gave her own insight into her character's decision not to have a baby right now. Since she's focused on her burgeoning modeling career, Denise feels, "It's not that she doesn’t want to have a baby, I think that she wants her first taste of being successful at something and it being something credible."

    In regards to Madison, Denise mused that Randi understands she and Frankie are friends, but she wants Madison to keep it that way, or else there will be problems. "I think she is just like any woman who would be a little cautious about another woman who might get too close to her spouse."

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    She also shared that she watches All My Children faithfully and one of her favorite characters is David. Like many of the fans, she hopes he comes back, as she stated, "We need that villain. He spices everything up. Even though, for Randi and people who are actually in Pine Valley, he ruins everyone's life, but as a viewer I'm like, we need that drama."

    Moving on to Christina Bennett Lind, she shared her thoughts on being recast in the fan favorite role of Bianca. "I've been having a lot of fun. A lot of the pressure I was feeling was sort of unfounded because the people on the show are so welcoming and the fans have been so supportive. I wasn't sure what to expect because I knew how beloved Bianca is and also how beloved Eden (Riegel) was. It was important for me to give them space to transition, but it was like there was none needed, especially for the cast and the crew. They've all been like instant family, which is great."

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    As for her storyline, she previewed, "There's some things coming up that are big, but they don’t necessarily just involve me. They are kind of a Pine Valley wide experience."

    The most forthcoming actor to dish on their storyline was Melissa Claire Egan who plays Annie. Before we got to any juicy stuff though, I asked how she felt about losing her co-stars Adam Mayfield (Scott) and Brittany Allen (Marissa). "I'm so sad because they're both amazing," she responded. "They're both such good actors, beautiful inside and out, that I'm not worried about them. They're going to be just fine. Adam's already doing a movie so they're going to be fine, but I'm going to miss them. Brittany lives like a block away from me, so I'll see her walking her dog. I'm sad, but excited for their next endeavor."

    We then got around to the good stuff and, as Melissa hinted, there is a lot more drama coming up for Mrs. Annie Chandler, who just can't seem to stay away from JR. "Scott's in trouble right now, so she's trying to keep her life from falling apart, which in the end, it gets really bad. It's going to be a really juicy month for the viewers. Things really start to fall apart and her whole life completely begins to unravel and she has a huge breakdown," she previewed.

    As for Annie's feelings for her husband, Melissa mused, "I think Annie truly loves Scott, but she can't help herself. She does bad things she knows she shouldn't do. She's one of those women who just can't help herself. I think she really loves Scott, but instead of listening to her brain, she listens to her heart and her desires. She and JR are like magnets to one another and they can't stop themselves, even though they know they would destroy each other. I think everyone can kind of relate to that a little bit. (laughs) Everyone has one of those."

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    - Lori Wilson

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